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Here I am again,
Letting my emotions take the wheel,
Hit and run,
Crash and keep going until I’m taking my last breath.
Why am I like this?
Why do I get so angry at the most minor inconveniences? 
Why am I so quick to lose my temper?
Why do the smallest of things tug and rip at my heartstrings so relentlessly?
I love til my heart’s content,
I give everything I have,
I’m rewarded for it constantly,
I’m praised and commended, constantly.
Why is that never enough? 
Why can’t I be happy with just myself anymore?
Why is it that the second I’m left to myself my glass heart shatters,
My world stops spinning,
And all I see is red?
When did I grow to be so codependent?
When did I stop loving myself,
And when did I forget how to start? 
I don’t lose, I don’t fail,
I’m good at all that I do, 
I acknowledge my worth, 
So why can’t I embrace it?
When did I stop respecting myself, and how do I go back? 
I will find out, 
I’ll fix myself,
I’ll live for no one else but me once I learn to love who I am again.
I’ll regain my confidence, 
Reverse my insecurities and bask in my flaws,
Prioritize self-respect, self-care, self-love.
I will remember how it feels to be happy in my own skin,
One day, I will.


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