Marvelous Chase (dream) Read Count : 16

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
 I'm running through the woods. I'm using the full moon to light my way. I was planning on going barefoot but he said for me to wear my Docs. I keep smiling at how long his shirt is. It's a white button up shirt that feels so soft again my skin. 

I'm running as fast as I can, twigs snap me as I'm running past. I see a spot that I'm going to hide at. I hear him laughing somewhere, and snile to myself in the hidden spot in the shadows.

I can hear him running and hear him laughing. He starts looking around, using his night vision on his phone. When I brought up him using night vision, he said it was cheating. I told him I didn't care. I see him turn his back to me and I start creeping away keeping on the shadows.

I step on a twig, it cracks loudly and I take off running as fast as I can. I hear him yell for me, but I keep running. I feel like my legs are going to collapse underneath me. I'm sweating up a storm, grateful it's autumn and not hot.

I'm hiding in a spot behind a fallen tree. I hear his footsteps getting closer. My body starts trembling because of the cold ground, my sweat drying, and my exposed skin to the air. I try to control my breathing.

"Come on out, Princess. Your Josh is needing you. Come on, beautiful princess." He says almost singing. I smile seeing him standing in the moonlight with a huge smile on his face. "Last request, princess. Come out now, or the punishment will be worse." His smile widens as I duck down.

He jumps over the log and pounces on me. I start giggling as he kisses my neck, squeezing my tits. My body relaxes under his touch. He sighs happily, pulling my closer to him. 

He stands up, pulls me up, hugs me tightly, then we kiss deeply. Feeling our bodies trying to fuse together. He turns my head gently, unbuttons the shirt slightly, then biting my shoulder. My knees start to buckle under me for the pleasure mixed with pain, due to his teeth sinking into my skin. His tongue moving along the teeth imprints on my skin. He whispers "Run, my little princess. One last chase."

I less t my body into him and moan softly. "What did you say, Hunter? You're done hunting?" 

He squeezes me tightly to his chest, and whispers "I will never be done chasing you. Run, my little princess." He gives me a gentle push so I get the hint. My feet take off running and I turn to look at him but he isn't behind me. 

I stop, trying to look around even though clouds have moved in front of the moon. I start walking then I feel arms wrap around my waist and he starts laughing. I feel cold metal against my leg and i jump. 

He start unbuttoning the shirt and turns me to face him. "Princess likes getting caught, huh?" He takes the knife and carefully cuts my bra until it falls off my body. He picks it up, stuffing it into his pocket. "Can't have someone finding this..." He folds the knife up and places it on his pocket. 

I smirk and stomp on his foot, taking off running again. I see a Luna moth sitting on a tree and I stop in my tracks, admiriy the beauty. I reach out my hand and it walks onto my hand. I smile watching it walk up my arm, it's fuzzy body tickliy me. I giggle in complete happiness. 

I've lost weight, toned up, hair has grown out, and I'm living my biggest fantasy. Having my lover that has uprooted his life to come to me. We work together at the same company, and nobody can believe I've snagged him. I always take lunch to him and we sit in the office talking and being cute.

I'm watching the moth still dancing and I start humming a song, almost like I forgot that I was supposed to be hiding. I hear a noise and turn around, there he stands. "I made a new friend, Beloved." I say happily. He walks closer and the moth just keeps dancing. I try to get the moth to climb on the tree behind me but it stays. I look at the full moon and smile. "We will both break if we don't stay together, huh Beloved? My arms were made to hold you. My lips were made to kiss you."

Right after I sigh, having this moment is happiness with my life, he pins me against the tree, tearing the shirt and I start fighting a little. He growls as he kisses me. 

He adjusts his pants and starts rubbing his hand against me. I look in his eyes and start whispering sweet lines. He grows after each one. He shoves me to the ground and starts kissing my body. "I'm going to eat my good girl's pussy under the stars. I know you are going to shine brighter."

I moan as his tongue starts lapping at my wetness. He gently inserts a finger and I cry out his name, wrapping my legs tighter around him. He groans as my pussy grips his finger, licking my clit, and sucking it gently. I cry out again, arching my back. He looks up at me as the clouds part and the moon shines on both of us. 

He keeps his finger inside me and starts kissing my thighs, making his way up to my lips. He whispers in my ear softly "Are you going to try keep me out the remaining time? Or is my good girl craving her Daddy?" He keeps fucking my pussy with his finger. "Your pussy amazes me.. I can tell she's not greedy. She is just so behaved. My beautiful girl." He kisses me and i unzip his pants.

"Need you. Fuck the timer." I moan under his touch. He nods, positioning himself on top of me. He cradles my head softly, "My Beloved... My love.." i whisper feeling him at my entrance.

"Call me Josh tonight, baby girl." He rams his entire length inside me, causing me to scream in pleasure mixed with a little pain. 

"Josh.. Josh... Josh, I'm close already..." I look in his eyes, glowing with love, happiness, completeness, and lust in the moonlight. He nods, quickening his pace, knowing exactly how to mange me orgasm quickly, he knows exactly what to do and when to do it. 

He keeps staring deep into my eyes, I'm cupping his face, my moans and squeaks are answered by his growls and groans. Our bodies moving in perfect harmony. The moon shining on us, like the Goddess is blessing us.

We lay on the cold ground, entangled in each other, laughing, kissing, and cuddling. He kisses my forehead. "Princess, I'll never get tired of chasing you."

I start giggling, wrap my arms tighter around him. "You better not stop chasing."


  • Jul 12, 2024

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