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I'm laying in bed, watching a movie when my phone starts vibrating. I pick it up, thinking it's my friend that's dealing with some things.

"Hey, princess. I've missed you. Feel like chatting or texting?" I smile reading his text. 

"I am missing your voice... I think text would be best though." I reply. 

Few seconds later he's calling. I answer and he doesn't say anything. We're just breathing and I start giggling. "Good thing you made a noise first. I thought I was going to have to growl for you, princess."

We start laughing. "I'm happy you didn't. I would have to moan your name then."

His voice gets the serious tone that he knows turns me on. "My name or would you call me Josh? I'll call you Ally."

"You did promise to chase me through the woods... You have the shirt picked out? If I call you Josh, will you get jealous?" I know he can tell I'm smiling and blushing. 

"I would just give your pretty neck a hand necklace." He breathes deep. "Of course, I'll be jealous. I only want my name being called out by that pretty mouth of yours. Your beautiful, soft lips parted... Breathing heavy... Princess, you better run.. I want to chase after you. You have no idea." He starts whispering  and I whimper. 

"Stop being such a tease.... Please." I have my eyes closed, my body feeling warm like his breath is on my neck and his hands on my hips.

"I'm not going to be teasing you in a few weeks. I have a few meetings set up, hotel booked, flight lined up, and all I need is time to pass faster... I can't wait to hug you and grab that ass off yours." He groans like he's stretching. 

"I still think you're teasing. You'll fly here on business and want to just get laid and never talk to me again." I'm half joking and laugh softly. 

"I'm going to smack you for that." He says seriously. "You better have bought heels like I told you. Did you order that dress you linked me?" His voice betrays his smile. 

"I can't walk in heels... I did buy the dress, it's arriving tomorrow. I did buy new Docs though." I start watching the movie, and we start breathing at the same rate, length, and time. 

"Princess...." He whispers into the phone. "We're breathing the same again... You pointed that out and now I can't stop noticing it." He sighs and we just breathe.

I start laughing at a scene in the movie. I start explaining what happened, he starts laughing with me. "Damn. We're fucked up." We start laughing more. 

"Oh, princess... We are so fucked up." He starts whispering again, slightly growling. "So, have you finished the book yet? You still want me to be your Josh? What was the other guy's name?"

"Zade. No, haven't finished it yet. I needed to stop reading for a little bit because I couldn't stop touching myself thinking about you doing those things.. Being my stalker, sneaking into the house, watching me sleep, being my yandere... Possessing me." I notice my voice turned seductive. "Josh... Baby...."

He groans. "What name are you saying, my princess?"

"Josh... Will you be my Josh, baby?" I whisper sweetly into the phone. 

"No. I won't be your Josh. I'll be better than that guy. I would burn the world for hurting you. You have no idea how beautiful you are, how intelligent you are, how wonderful you are. I've heard you when you're at work, trying to keep me from hearing you. Those patients are so lucky to have you. The way you talk to them, you're... You're so amazing. No wonder they love you." He sighs again. "Say my name, princess."

I say Josh again. He groans softly. I say Josh again, Fr groans louder. I whisper his name and I hear his breath catch in his throat. "Are you trying to imagine what I'll sound like screaming your name?" He growls softly at my words. I sigh softly. "How I will sound like when you're on top of me, legs wrapped tightly around your hips, and you slowly go inside me the first time... The way I will sound feeling you, whimpering as I press harder against your body..." 

"Who's the tease now?! Huh, princess?" He clears his throat and i can hear glass clinking. "Seriously, princess... I mean it, Kitten."

"Daddy.... I want to please you... I want to be on my knees, looking up at you. May I kneel in front of you?" I giggle. 

"That's it, princess.. You asked for it.." He starts saying the lyrics of a song I mentioned when we first started talking as being my utmost secret want. I want to be loved like the way the song describes. He starts inflecting the words just like the song. My breathing starts to quicken, my heart starts to pound, and I swear I'm starting to sweat a little. 

"If you start saying the other one..." I try to sound tough, but I know I could like a puppy wanting attention. He starts saying the lyrics to the second song. My heart drops because instead of saying her or she, he's saying 'you' and my eyes start to tear up. "You... You.... You're..." I finally manage to get out when he finishes.

"Yeah, princess.. I did. You deserve it. Just wait for the surprise I have for you." He starts breathing heavy and I hear him moving around a lot. "So when we meet, I would like for you to stay with me.. In my hotel... At least 3 days... You're off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday right?"

I sigh. "Yeah. I work Monday night though." I start looking at the calendar and debate how screwed I will be if I call in Monday. I could say my bestie needs me or something. I have PTO I could use. "I could call in Monday. Say something came up, I have PTO saved it..." 

His voice perks up. "Really? I mean if you need cash, I can give you some..." My eyes get wide and i know he can tell. "Princess.... I mean it. I like you. I know, your situation is... Complicated. That's why I haven't mentioned this in a while... I do mind, but I mean... You'll be mine soon. All mine. I've been looking to transfer anyway. Plus, your corporation is hiring for insurance. That's what I've been doing. My daughter is 17, going to college in a few weeks. She could always come visit me. I've been looking at houses in your area."

I gasp softly. "So you're going to be okay, sending me home knowing damn well what's going to happen?" I sit up, not looking at anything, but picturing him in my head sitting in front of me. 

"I mean, you said it's been over a year... It's been.... 18 months. 6 since one of them touched you." He sounds slightly sad. "If I lived closer, you'd be in my bed. I wouldn't bitch about your craft supplies. Your craft room doesn't have storage, you need shelves. There's too many things that room is used for." He starts going on his tangent about M. He overheard an argument one night we were talking and was livid.

"Babe...." I try to defuse his thoughts. 

He keeps going, his voice being more aggressive, and between my legs start tingling. I start rubbing myself as he's going off about how I'm his princess and deserves to be given that treatment. I moan softly and hear his breathing change. "Princess... Do just like I taught you, baby girl." I moan slightly louder. "That's my good girl. Making me so proud. Feel good and let Daddy hear you." He starts crooning, his accent getting thicker. 

We start the only way we can be intimate, reaching rather quickly to the finish line. We both finish at the same time as we both laugh softly. "I'm nervous about meeting you... You really haven't seen pictures of me..." I say sheepishly.

"Princess, I've told you..." He sighs deeply. "You are, absolutely perfect for me. Your body in the pictures you've sent are just.. Perfection. I mean the ones you've sent in scrubs. I saved the one where you were in black scrubs, scrub top lifted up, showing your T-shirt. Your curves are just..." He sighs again and I can hear him smiling. "Exquisite. Your body is exquisite. Your frame, hips, height, I still get hard when I watch the video of your shadow walking. You do walk with your hips." 

I'm blushing and cleaning up. "I just worry about you not liking my face.." I sit on the bed and fight back tears, breaking my own heart thinking about how he could just leave my life and never turn back. The way he's shown me acceptance, love, support, encouragement, and just been a huge positive influence on my life. "I'm worried you'd stop being my friend..." I almost whisper.

"Did Josh stop being her friend when Ally needed comfort? No. He didn't. Did Josh encourage Ally to live here best life? Yes. Did Josh threaten to leave? Is your Josh going to leave you, baby?" His voice is stern and I start aching to feel him. 

"No, my Josh won't leave. My Josh won't give up on us. My Josh won't stop loving me. My Josh will chase me in the woods, destroying everything out there threatening me." I roll on my side and sigh. "My Ryan.." He growls hearing his name. "Ryan is better than Josh. He has better ideas. He protects me better.. He wouldn't put me in dangerous situations. My Ryan will always..." I sigh again, listening to his breathing matching mine. 

"Learn the songs that make you feel loved. Your Ryan will always, and I mean always my princess, chase you through the woods. The moment you say stop, I will. My God, princess... Is it the 9th yet?" He groans.

"When you're here... Do you really want me to spend the night?" I whisper. 

"Yes. We're going to have delivery, cuddle, kiss if you want to, and you better not forget that dress. We are going on a business dinner with clients. The hotel has a spa that we're going to. You're going to be pampered and your makeup will be done." He starts laughing. 

"What's so funny?" I giggle.

"After the dinner, I'm going to ruin you. I'm going to love watching your makeup melt from your sweat." He growls loudly. I shiver and whimper. "I'm going to pick you up, pin you against the wall. My sweet, princess."

I whimper again and whispers his name. He whispers mine back. "I can't wait... Bring an extra suitcase. You need a stuffy to sleep with after you go back home."

He laughs and starts asking about the store i took pictures of all the stuffed animals and all that really cute stuff. I start giggling and talking about the store. He says "We're going to go. You'll get whatever you want. It'll be your birthday present." 

I start feeling weird about it and try to argue I can buy my own stuffies, cute stuff. He argues that I'm the princess, and the King will spoil his princess. 

He starts to yawn, so we say goodnight and hang up. I put my phone down right then it vibrates. I see his name on the screen and tap the message. My body shivers, my eyes tear up and I sigh. 

"I know you're nervous. I know you're scared. Princess, I mean it. You are my dream come true. I love you. I wanted to save the first time saying it for our first hug."

I keep reading the message when another one comes in. 

"Princess, I can't sleep now. Are you okay? And yes, I mean it. Meant every word." I can feel his nervousness.

"My Josh.. I love you too. I keep reading your message. I mean it too. Is it the 9th yet? Also, you haven't said it  The first to say it when we're together, gets the first orgasm." I snicker at the message and hit send.


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