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Why do I stray from love so pure,
Why seek the thrill, yet feel unsure?
Why does my heart, in shadows play,
Why can't I find a steadfast way?

Why did I turn to ex's friend,
Why do these fleeting passions blend?
Why do I chase what’s bound to break,
Why leave a trail of hearts to ache?

Why does the new girl catch my eye,
Why does her glance make spirits fly?
Why does temptation grip me tight,
Why can't I stay within the light?

Why in the village does she stand,
Why do I long to take her hand?
Why is her presence such a lure,
Why do I falter, lose what's sure?

Why with the neighbor, hidden tryst,
Why did that moment feel so missed?
Why was the passion void and gray,
Why can't I find a love that stays?

Why does this cycle never end,
Why do I hurt the ones who mend?
Why do I seek what can't be found,
Why do I circle round and round?

Why can't I change this broken path,
Why can't I halt the aftermath?
Why does my heart betray the true,
Why can’t I stay with love, with you?


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