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What exactly happens after you die?
Do you go on to a much happier afterlife?
Do you pass through the dimensions and start anew?
Do you reincarnate and become a separate being?
Does your body decompose and transform into something else?
And if nothing changes do your shriveled up and rotting parts at least contribute to bettering the world you’re leaving behind? 
Would anyone care if I died?
And would they care because I really meant something to them,
Or would they care because I’ve left them lonely,
Because they pity me,
Or because they needed me to help shoulder all the burdens they’re unable to and now I’m just gone.
Would I truly be missed?
Is there anyone who loves me that much?
I have many that I cherish to that extent, 
many people I feel I couldn’t live happily without.
I want them to live their lives to the fullest capacity, 
die with no regrets, 
in a peaceful manner, 
and preferably after I’ve already passed on. 
I couldn’t learn to live without those that are so precious to me,
I don’t want to live content with myself without them present, even if that’s what they would want for me,
So I want to leave first, 
I want my loved ones to live on, free and fulfilled.
Is there anybody out there who shares my sentiment, but for me?
Is there anybody who wants me to live?


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