The Boy With Swordskin Read Count : 27

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

Was it a flatline or a silver lining?

Was there more gold than glitter?

Would we have men march to war So that boys could come home?

My Son is the last man

The first step is a toe teasing water

And there is a crack in the ice 

The old wound will open again

Everything that starts to rust

Turns to dust

Did you know a sword can die?

The Gods marvelled over their bodies and made a museum in the sky

Everything that isn't gold will start to mould 

And then they won't be so bold

the spades won't be able to dig themselves out

When the Earth cleans out its banks

This race did not have eat or pillage from the

sea and so the Triton flooded with tears for his children

That all men had emerged from the sea

But he had shared some counsel with his children 

And he taught them how to navigate Neptune

Only one boy paid him heed in the hour of need 

And he floated on the face of a world wrinkled beyond recognition, like a portrait of Dorian Gray

the boy shared his tears with the Triton

And with a sigh, he said

"If I was a diamond, I would never die"


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