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What’s wrong with me? 
Why do I love as though I’ve been deprived of it my whole life? 
A minute apart feels like hours,
When we argue I feel my world crashing down, 
When you hang up the phone I feel bitter, almost vengeful,
I want your full attention,
I want your heart to belong solely to me,
I want to be the only thing you see when you close your eyes,
I want to take over your dream state, 
I want no one to matter to you but me,
I want your world to revolve around me,
I’m selfish, and I hate that it’s out of my control,
I want you to be happy, 
I want you to be free,
I want you to be at peace with yourself, 
But I also want to be your everything, as you are mine.
I’m obsessed.
I’m addicted to you, your smile, your laugh, the sound of your voice, your presence, your being.
I’m so irrevocably in love with you and I’m never going to be able to express that to you the way you want me to,
But I can give you my heart,
I can shower you with love and affection,
I can spoil you,
I can be a shoulder to cry on,
I can be a shield to you, protect you from the monster that is our world,
I only ask for your love in return,
I only ask that you be mine,
As I’ve already given myself to you,
And now I’m forever yours. 


  • i enjoyed this.

    Jul 03, 2024

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