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"I'm serious, Mouse. We should have a "night shift family" breakfast one day. We can all leave here, meet up somewhere and rest breakfast. Come on, if you bring it up, everyone will agree. You're like the little sister everyone agrees with. Come on." Michael says while we're outside chatting and smoking. Well, I'm using my vape and he's smoking. "Seriously, what the fuck did you do to Derek? He's pacing by the windows like he's checking on you. You fucked him, didn't you?" He starts laughing. 

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I'm laughing, leaning back in the chair, feet on a pillar on the main walkway. "Honestly, nothing. Hugged him when we went to get drinks and snacks on his first night shift. Dude. Why did you call in?! I needed my buddy to back me up!" Micheal is laughing, playing on his phone, and smoking."Oh. He will probably ask about the lap dance... Jason talked about it..." 

Micheal looks up at me confused. "Why would he ask about it? He jealous or something? He gonna beat my ass? Look at him! He's pacing by each window like he's checking on patients, but he keeps starting at you. Not very subtle is he?" Micheal keeps laughing when Michelle walks outside. 

"How do you feel about a "might shift family" breakfast? There's a few places we can all meet up at after work. . Micheal had that idea but thinks I should ask everyone because I'm the little sister that nobody says no to." I start laughing, naming places we could go within a 10 minute drive. Michelle agrees.

"So if you're the little sister, what am I?" Derek's deep voice breaks through our laughter and plan making. "I'm going as well. I'm night shift, right?" He winks at me. 

"Ummm.. What do you want to be?" Michelle asks Derek. I start cracking up, leaning on Micheal. Derek makes a face as I'm leaning on Micheal and whispering in his ear. 

"Little Mouse? Tell the class what you were just discussing please..." Derek mutters softly, gravel in his throat. My body immediately starts aching for his touch, but I try to hide it. I been my cheeks turning red when we make contact. 

"I said you're the Daddy. Not father, but Daddy..." I say "Daddy" in such a way it could be called obscene and provocative. I look in Derek's eyes, trying to give the best puppy eyes I can, but also nibbling on my bottom lip. 

Michelle and Micheal are talking amongst themselves, Derek leans close to my ear and whispers "Only if... Only if I can kiss your lips, look deeply into those eyes, then kiss you again, pinning you to the wall so everyone knows who's Daddy I am." His hot breath on my neck beckons a soft whimper and I decide to gently drag my teeth across his ear. He grabs my hand, stands to the side of me, looking in my eyes,

I keep looking in his eyes, moving on my lip more, feeling my face start to burn with a blush, and stands up in front of him. I'm watching them talk, across from us, and reach behind me, feeling a nice bulge starting to grow in his pants.  I try not to gasp, but I'm happy as hell knowing I'm warranting this kind of response from his body. "We're going to get in so much trouble..." I whisper to him. "So, you're the Daddy at the breakfast..."

He laughs softly and starts to lean closer to my neck. "Fuck, Mouse... Your perfume always makes me want to pounce on you.. What is it? I'll buy stock so you never run out.." I fight back a moan, feeling his breath on my neck. "I get jealous, Mouse... I kept wondering if you flirt with everyone or just me... So, be a good girl and only flirt with me..." He softly growls into my ear.. I pull away, breathing heavy, wishing we were anywhere but work at this moment.. "Aww, little Mouse? Getting flustered? 251 is still empty, right? It's storage, right?" I nod my head slightly. "Okay... Go inside, wait for me.." 

I look into his eyes, shiver, feeling goosebumps down my spine. He smiles at me and I realize it's going to hurt so fucking bad when whatever we have right now ends.. I have a major crush and it could easily turn into love. I feel him brush his lips against mine barely and smell his gum and cigarettes. I just want to devour him, but I'm too passive to make that first move..

"Go on, little mouse.. Scurry inside. I'll be inside, soon." He growls in my ear smiling against my neck at the double entendre. I shiver again, a soft whimper in response. "That's my, little Mouse... Go inside, sit at the desk, and drink your water until I'm standing next to you." I nod and whimper again. He rubs my lower back and slides his hand down feeling curves. "Curves of perfection... I'm going to worship you, if you're a good girl.. Now, last warning, my good little girl... Go inside, drink some water. You need to stay hydrated, mouse." I nod, breathing heavy, walking inside like I'm on autopilot.

"Hey, you okay? You look kinda funny... Kinda off... You sure you're okay?" Micheal asks running up to me. 

"Dude.... Fucking hell, dude... I thought I was smooth... Damn. He's smooth." I whisper. "I thought I was a flirt..." I start shaking my head walking to the bathroom. I go in, and sit in the toilet with my head in my hands as his voice is echoing. 'curves of perfection.'

I text Michelle asking her to come to the bathroom. Age knocks softly on the door and i let her in. I start telling her about the statements he made and I'm staring at her completely blankly.

"Honey... He likes you. He likes you as in wants to get to know you. Last week, he was real quiet and almost moping around. He kept asking questions and you, trying to learn about you. Of course Naomi wasn't happy and she brought up more cupcakes. Then here you come in at 2 am, laughing, because you knew we wouldn't have pizza, carrying food for everyone. He walked out right before you got here. He was so pissed off at himself when he came back in and realized he just missed you. Derek really has an interest in you. Enjoy the attention."

I sigh, shake my head and look at her in her eyes. "I'm really attached already... The way his eyes look when he's looking at me... Like he's taking in an absolutely divine sight. I'm not divine! I'm... I'm.... Not artwork. I am not on the level of artwork, divine beauty he deserves..." I place my head in my hands and sigh deeper. 

Michelle pats my back and whispers "Maybe take him for lunch one day and talk about this. Text him maybe?" I nod and start pulling myself back together. We walk out and she starts calling me "Derek's crab dinner" and we're laughing so hard we lean into each other. 

"Oh my Gods... Look at him. He does that look every time I'm near someone." I whisper. 

"That's a hungry man right there. Just hope your birth control is still working. Don't name the kids after me." Michelle laughs louder and I blush. We walk up to the desk, chatting about the new sourdough I'm starting. Derek perks up and starts asking questions. 

He stands next to me, leaning closer to my face, until I glance around and see we're alone. I press my lips softly against his, and I feel the spark of electricity jolting through my body. I look in his eyes, he pulls me in and kisses softly again. He pulls away gently, holding my entire being on his next breath. 

I grab him hand, almost pulling him down the hallway to the storage room. I fumble with the keys but get the for open. He pushes past me, grabbing my waistband in my pants, pulling him into the room, not taking his eyes off mine. We're both breathing heavy, each breath full of desire, longing, excitement, nervousness, and almost love...

He pushes me against the wall, lifting my left leg to his waist, pushing closer to me, so I can feel him almost melting into my body. "My, my, my those eyes like fire. I'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre" i start whispering, barely louder than our breathing. He growls softly, pushing harder against me, just staring into each other's eyes. 

"Take me to your Eden, my little Mouse. Take me to Eden.. You know my desire..." Derek kisses me deeply, our mouths knowing each movement the other will do, our tongues dancing against each other. He growls into my mouth, lifting my other leg but I pull away. "Just want to see how you feel like that, mouse. Let me... You won't fall." I relax enough for him to pick me up, still worried he will hurt himself. He pushes me harder into the wall, my hips wrapped around his waist, me cupping his face, looking into his eyes. 

A million emotions start rushing through me. Feeling him holding me like I weigh nothing, him effortlessly making me like I'm the most beautiful entity he's ever seen. I start tearing up and he nods. Tears start flowing down my cheeks and he pulls me closer to him, devouring my lips. I start to whimper, my body craving more of him. 

"Vessel was spoken to by Sleep... You're so those songs..." I sure you regret those words, feeling like an absolute loser and the most stupid woman ever. 

"You're my Alkaline... You're my undiscovered element.. I'm caught up in your design. I need you, Mouse." He starts to softly whisper "Alkaline" by Sleep Token and I start crying harder, pulling him closer, cursing the layers of fabric between us. He carries me to an end table, sitting me on it like I'm feather light. 

I shake my head, looking into his eyes. I point to the chair which he looks at. I stand up, pulling my pants and panties down but he stops me. I look confused and whimper softly. He picks me up again, a surprised squeak escaping my lips. He sets me on the table, pulling my pants further down my legs. We kiss more until I start grinding against him and his hand starts exploring my body, his touch elicits a moan to creep out of my mouth. 

"I like other bands than just Sleep Token" I muster out between moans. He smiles and makes a purr noise in my ear, my body starts to quiver and I start trying to pull away. He pulls me closer. 

"Hannah... You've got me in a chokehold thinking about this moment since I laid my eyes on you. You were being all obnoxious, laughing loudly, just lighting up the room. You made your few rounds of greetings to patients walking around... You were like an angel... Just floating in.." Derek's voice cracks. "I just wanted to drag you away and I swear "Rain" started playing somewhere... Oh baby. Tighten again. Just like that, my little mouse..." Derek starts pushing his fingers inside my wetness, growling softly with each of my moans. I cover my mouth, rocking my hips more, fighting against screaming so loud every living thing will feel how I'm falling into absolute paradise from his fingers.

"Inside... Inside... Please?! I want to tighten on you." I moan out, fighting against another wave of pleasure, trying not to release.

Derek shakes his head and lifts his shirt, pressing my face into his cloud of aromas of Heaven on his skin. He smells like a the way used bookstores on a rainy day feels. A hot drink, smell of books, coziness. Almost home. 

He starts edging me, moving so perfectly, looking into my eyes. After he realizes I'm fighting back, holding back, he presses his beautiful hand around my throat. He growls like a hungry wolf in my ear "You will not deny me of this. You will let me see your face in absolute bliss. You will give me your sweet orgasms. No denying me, my baby girl." 

I look into his eyes, biting my lip as I'm cresting over the edge and pulls away at the last second. I'm breathing heavy against his chest and absent mindlessly start licking and kissing. My body recovering from the intensity it was feeling. 

"Why did you pull away? Baby girl.. Oh fuck your tongue.. Oh fuck.. Hannah..." He runs his hand through my hair, making sure the hand that's saturated with my juices doesn't touch either of us. "Baby... Hannah.." He slightly pulls away from my touch. 

"I didn't want to get loud and make a mess... I always make a mess... I squirt.... Well, gushing is more like it." I start to blush and his eyes darken. 

"Oh baby girl... Don't tease. I'm dying for a drink... Let me dip into your beautiful fountain, savoring your nectar.." He starts the dance with his fingers but he's kneeling in front of me. I squeak, pulling away from his touch. He takes his shirt off and smiles at me. "Saturate me, princess. Baptize me as your knight, princess." He starts devouring me with a force I've never felt before. He's licking, sucking, nibbling on the perfect areas, like a starved man. 

My back arches, i cover my mouth, look down into his eyes and just release. Damn the repercussions. Damn his wife, of he has one. My body shakes and I look in his eyes again. I just feel my walls crumbling and I realize I'm home...

He keeps licking me until he says "I've cleaned you, Princess. We have to do that again." My breathing has returned to normal and all I want now is to feel that bulge.. He starts praising me for letting him drink me and I start sobbing in his arms. "Oh my princess... What's wrong, baby girl?"

I can't find words to explain I haven't felt beautiful, the touch of a man, or felt desired in over a year. My emotions are high due to stress, and I'm falling in love. "Do... Do you pull at the chains? Or do you push into constant aching? Each and every day Do you wish that you loved me?" I start regretting quoting yet another Sleep Token song... I hear his heartbeat quicken and feel his body start to tremble. I don't look up when I hear him take in a sharp breath. 

"Princess.. Princess... Did you?" He whispers and his voice cracks. It causes me to look up quickly. His beautiful eyes are filled with tears. "I want your dark signs. I want your darkest impluses. I want your Eden... I want you. Since we first met.. I watched your body react to me that day. You tried to play it cool.." He takes a deep breath and exhales. "I don't wish, I'm already there." My heart skips a beat. He smiles softly at me. "Not married, divorced. 3 kids, older though.  20,18 and 16. I'm 43. All boys. Their mother and I were highschool sweethearts. We both knew we were unhappy. We just went through the motions. We started having an open marriage. She developed feelings, so we parted. Still friends. She's remarried, has another 2 kids. I've just worked. Mostly had hookups, they'd last a couple months then we parted."

I'm staring at him, half naked, his chest still glistening with my fluids. He smiles and taps my leg handing my pants to me. I smirk holding my panties. I shove them on his pocket and whispers in his ear softly "A thank you gift. Return them when you need me."

He throws them at me. "I need you. Do you mind? Just for a moment?" I shake my head, watching him pull himself out. I gasp at the girth and he looks embarrassed. "Not big enough?" I stare at him, not able to say it's borderline on too big. He whispers "Nod for not big enough, shake your head for just right." I shake my head, but I know my eyes are huge. "Nod is you think it's too big or" i immediately start nodding my head quickly. "Oh. Really? I know you have great muscle control. Damn. The way you..."

I wrap my legs around his hips, pulling him close, guiding him inside me, trying not to scream. He puts his undershirt in my mouth and smiles. I smile back and moan while biting on his shirt. He starts to slowly push inside me, groaning with each second. "Harder... Claim me as yours" I say muffled. He looks in my eyes, almost not believing what I just said. I nod, giving permission again. 

He grabs my hips tightly and starts an intense rhythmically dance with our bodies. I'm fighting back another orgasm quickly and he keeps our eyes locked in to each other. He starts slowing down until he's barely moving. I sigh happily, whimpering, rubbing his cheek. He lays his forehead on my chest and breathes in my smell. 

"Derek?" I finally utter after removing the impromptu gag from my mouth. He looks up with sweetest, love filled eyes. "Do you mind being s couple with me? I mean it's okay if you don't... We can just be a hookup or if you prefer."

He grabs my face, kissing me passionately, pulling me closer to him. He looks in my eyes after breaking the kids gently and starts thrusting hard inside me. Grunting, growling, gritting his teeth. "Yes. Be mine. This one will be for me.. I'll owe you princess." I tuck my head against his neck, kissing, licking and softly sucking ass not to leave a mark on his flawless skin. He tilts my head to face him and he bites my shoulder. I can feel him throbbing incredibly hard, knowing he's close to release. 

"Inside me, Derek. Honor me with your release, my love. Give me every last drop." I almost chant in his ear with his thrusts. "Give me all that you give...If you want to give
Then give me all that you can give. All your darkest impulses. And if you want to give me anything. Then give give in again." I smile against his lips as he pulls away to growl, thrusting harder inside me. 

"Call me Baby... Tell me I'm yours " Derek starts to plead desperately. "Let me be only yours."

"My baby. Mine. You're all mine. Claim me. Own me as well. Harder, destroy me." A moan escapes my lips and I realize it was louder than I cared for. He nods and starts sucking on my collarbone. "We were made for each other. Mine.. My only." He pulls me closer and releases inside me as I squirt on him. 

We look in each other's eyes, start kissing, and he caresses my cheek and starts rubbing my cheek. "I've dreamt about this for months..." He whispers. I start giggling and he looks at my watch. Guess how long we've been here ."

I smile and shrug. "45 minutes?" He shakes his head. "An hour?" He shakes his head again and I start getting nervous "2 hours?" 

"20 minutes." He says and starts laughing. "So we can say we were on lunch." We both start laughing and start changing up. I find wipes and start wiping the table, embarrassed by the mess I made. He starts sensing I'm not feeling happy and he hugs me from behind. "Were you my baby girl just now or my sub?"

"A bit of both. Only 20 minutes?" I ask, looking deeply into his eyes. 

"25 now that we're all cleaned up and not smelling like sex." He hugs me tighter and starts singing "Take Me Back to Eden" in my ear softly and I feel my body softly succumb to his touch.

We walk out like we didn't just confess love to each other mere moments ago. Jason shoulder checks me and laughs. "Going to lunch? Micheal said we're having a family breakfast after work. You going, right?" I nod and smile. "Good. Alison is coming to meet everyone." 

I smile bigger and start talking about how I can't wait to meet her and how I still have the blanket they gave me years ago. He laughs and looks at me funny as Derek puts his arm around me. "Yeah.... You're the first to know." He nods and winks. 

We all continue our nightly duties like every other boring night. Except that Derek finds me, pushes me into hidden spots from everyone, picks me up, presses me against the wall, and kisses me deeply. Every single time we both say "my arms belong around you." 

When we all clock out, we're standing around our cars, discussing the minor details, smoking, and nobody mentions the way Derek keeps his arm around my waist nor the fact I'm being my usual loud, silly self. 


We all finish and are pitching in money for the tip and bill, Derek clears his throat. "Everyone, thank you for including in your nightshift family. I have to say, the last 3 months working with you all has brought me more happiness, than working at the hosptal for the last 18 years. So thank you. And Hannah is mine now. Let the rumors begin." He raises his coffee as a toast and we all follow and cheer. 

I look at Derek, amazed he is my boyfriend now.


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