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I'm standing outside, using my vape, walking around the courtyard, blaring music through my earbuds. I'm focusing on the music, calming my breathing. I'm annoyed with this work assignment tonight. New nurse is training, he keeps trying to make jokes with me, but I don't find them funny. 

"You know, Hannah... He thinks you're younger than you are and is trying to make friends. I'm surprised you're not making comments like you normally do." Michelle, my work Aunt says lighting her cigarette. I smile at her and blow out the vapor from my vape. "Cherry slushy?" She looks at me and laughs. 

I nod and sigh. "Why is he trying to be friends? I don't like him. I mean, I want to climb him like a jungle gym, but there's already rumors about him and the company bicycle. No thanks, man. She was trying to spread rumors I was after Benji after they broke up."

Michelle starts laughing and chokes back tears. "You would break Benji just with kissing. He was freaking out one night you said something like 'Only if you choke me, Daddy' to Jason as a joke. He looked concerned and was bitching nonstop about it. I kept trying to be the motherly figure and explain you're just open with what you like, want, desire, and you also joke with friends. Does Jason still call you kitten?"

I start laughing and start skipping songs on my playlist. "No, he calls me Mouse now. He heard Elisha call me Mouse, asked why and I told. I've been called Mouse for years....." I stop talking when I see his frame walking out the door. 

Michelle turns slightly and starts snickering. "Your boyfriend's coming."

I snicker and whisper "If he was my boyfriend he would be calling in sick the day after to recover..."

He walks up lighting a cigarette "Recovering? You sick, Mouse?" He winks. 

Michelle gives me her look saying "Go get it, Tiger." while watching him bulging his muscles every time he takes a drag from his cigarette.

"Name is Hannah. You can read right?" I point at my name tag. 

"Yeah, Hannah. But there's a pin of a mouse and Nyarlathotep. Right? Nyarlathotep? Lovecraft?" He smiles the smile all the females have been swooning over. 

I nod. "Lovecraft is God. Well, God in the horror genre. So which character is your favorite? If you say Cthulhu, I'm allowed to kick you as hard as I want anywhere, whenever I want..." 

Michelle snickers and starts to light her second cigarette, he pulls his lighter out before she gets hers lit. He turns back to me, smiling, and Michelle mouths "Mount him now!"

"Actually, Cthulhu is great but he's overdone. My favorite? Damn. He.... Like the story." He smiles and offers me his pack of cigarettes. I look at them and see they are the brand I used to smoke.

"No thanks. Trying to quit. So I'm using "Vegan sticks," thanks anyway. Him? Really? So Nyarlathotep. If you read it and analyze the magic he uses, Nyarlathotep. Another shape or version. Nyarlathotep could be Lovecraft's view on humans... We all have this dark side compared to people. The Ego, Super ego, and Id. Total psychology and duality of humans. I can be sweet as fucking cupcakes here, but my mind could be more warped than Silent Hill in the nightmare world. Alyssa's realm.." 

I take a drag from my vape and notice he's staring at me. His eyes don't leave me as a song starts playing on my phone that Michelle and I start singing and doing a stupid little dance. When it's over we all walk inside the building.

Michelle starts texting me "Girl, he keeps staring at you. It's Naomi comes up here with her fuck-me-cakes watch him refuse if you refuse.."

I text her back "Rumor is Naomi has already tagged him."

Michelle texts "Walk down the hallway to Jason. He'll follow you. Dare you."

I start laughing, look up from my phone and see his eyes dart away from my direction. "So I'm tickling his brain or his cock? He doesn't know what to make of me. Poor boy gone shy. He thinks I'm psychotic." I get up and start walking to Jason to show him a new tattoo I found online and made me think of him. 

Jason and I start talking about tattoos when Jason whispers "He's here staring at your ass. Better stop dancing to Sleep Token."

I look over my shoulder at him. "Yeah? What's up?" 

His cheeks blush a crimson and shakes his head. "Just doing my nurse rounds..."

I turn, lean against the table and feel a courage going through me. "My ass is on your rounds?"

He clears his throat. "Uh. I wasn't staring... Just waiting to ask which room Thatcher is in. Morphine time..."

I cross my arms and smirk. "Shouldn't you know your patients, Mister Nurse?"

He blushes darker and Jason snickers softly behind me. He walks off and I notice he flexes his muscles, like he's trying to do some mating ritual. 

"Damn. What did you do to him? Give him a lap dance like you did Micheal? Drinking Ghost drinks again?" Jason starts laughing. 

"Always drinking Ghost drinks. I'm fueled by Ghost drinks, Sleep Token, and smut... And Ghost the band... And German industrial so I can give lap dances." I wink and Jason starts laughing. 

I head back to the Desk and close my eyes, listening to "Rain" by Sleep Token. I mouth the words, getting lost in the music when I feel something graze my knee, causing my eyes to fly open. 

He's standing in front of me, smiles and says the next verse of the song. I feel myself smile, much to my chagrin. Michelle elbows me gently in the back and I keep smiling. 

"Cupcakes!!" Naomi shrieks through the silence. My smile drops because she annoys me because of her ego.

Michelle and I among and a few others turn down cupcakes. He takes one, saying they smell good, waits for Naomi to turn and tosses it on the trash. He winks at me, takes my earbud out and starts singing softly "My, my, my those eyes like fire.. I'm a winged insect, you're a funeral pyre." I snatch the earbud back and skip the song. "'Take Me Back to Eden' to such a beautiful song. You ever met someone with funeral pyre eyes, little Mouse?" He whispers in my ear and I fight against goosebumps, shivering, and squeaking... 

Michelle texts "Naomi is coming. Stop flirting with her man." She starts laughing and he tries to look at my phone. 

"So... He, huh? Is that your favorite story by Lovecraft? I think mine is "Cats of Ulthar." I like how the cats get even..." I smile at him slightly. 

He smiles, I notice he ignores everyone that comes up to the desk, only looking at me. I try not to blush and giggle as Naomi tries to talk to him, but he just glances at her, nods slightly, and looks right back at me. He starts talking about his favorite Lovecraft stories, ones he read in college, ones he's read since college, movies he's watched, and asks me my favorite movies. 

He starts laughing when Michelle answers for me. I nod, agree with her, he laughs harder and places his hand on my knee. Naomi leans over the desk, tries to fix his hair, but he pulls away and looks at her funny.

"Why are you trying to touch me? You tried the other night as well? Why not go touch Benji or Jason? They're more your level." He sounds arrogant and annoyed. 

"Well, it's just your hair is messed up and I know you look better with your hair." Naomi tries to fix his hair again, he grabs her wrist, pushing her away gently, not using his brute strength on her. He glares at her and I feel my mouth start to hang open watching this go down. She is trying to act like they're lovers, he's acting like he's done with the flirting.

"The way he's acting, staring at you, and focused on you I'm going to go out on a limb and say she's the one starting the rumors. He seriously keeps looking at you like you're water and he's dehydrated." Michelle texts and I look at her. She nods.

He stands up and says "I knew you're the one starting rumors. Being kind is not flirting. I held the door open for you not because I wanted to be near you, but to be nice. Get over yourself, Naomi." He starts to walk off, turns and calls out "Little Mouse, come on. I'm not done talking to you. Michelle, bring the little mouse." 

My face instantly starts burning watching him walk out of the building. I look at Michelle, trying to send my thoughts. 

"I know, Mouse... I know Hannah... He sang the song, likes the stories you do and is pretty awesome..." Michelle kicks playfully at my shoe and i follow her outside.

He's standing by the door, smoking, when we walk outside. He starts ranting about how throughout his orientation Naomi kept flirting and he just thanked her and continued his work me. She has ruined her personality by being a bitch.vHe stomps his cigarette out. He starts ranting about Ruth, Naomi's mother and a nurse that he did orientation with for day shift. He requested to go to nightshift because he says he'd go postal if he had to work with Ruth and Naomi. He lights another cigarette, lighting Michelle's cigarette for her. 

Michelle leans over and whispers "He's really into you... Ask him to go to the gas station at 1am. He will drag you out of the building." I start laughing. He looks at me curiously.

"Hey, Meadows.... I was wondering if you knew where Grey's was. The gas station. As long as you wear your badge, you get 10% off." I start feeling nervous but try hard but to show it. 

"No, where is it?" His eyes light up and he smiles, his shoulders visibly relaxing. 

"On Main street. Near 5th Street. I'm making a 1am snack run, they always make pizzas for us. They call at midnight, and let us know how many. Wanna go with me?" I glance at Michelle who is grinning like a proud mother watching her daughter taking her first steps.

"Sure. I'll drive. Or you can drive my car. I don't care. Either works." He points to his car.

I nod and wave at Jason walking out the door. "3 pizzas. Veggie and extra cheese for the mouse, pepperoni, and sausage and bacon. Be ready at 1. I'll leave money for my drinks. I'm buying Benji drinks too. Naomi started her shit with him again. I fucking hate how she is playing those mind games." He shakes his head, looking at me. 

"Should I go give him a lap dance? Got the perfect song..." I start laughing and watch Meadows blush and almost look jealous. I start half singing and Michelle joins in, both of us laughing, leaning on each other. 

Jason starts laughing and says "Sure. Only if I'm first. Let him have sloppy seconds." He looks at Meadows, smiles slightly, nods. "Hey, I'm Jason. So you're the new nurse? Rn, right?"

Meadows nods and offers a cigarette, Jason refuses. Jason looks at me and smiles. "You like our soon to be little mouse nurse? She's doing what she says is the cheater classes... Accelerated courses. She works 4 days a week, goes to school 3 of those days. If you ever want to get in her good graces, buy her energy drinks.." 

I start laughing. "Yeah, energy drinks makes the feral heathen bitch come out and lap dances all around! Grab my hips, Daddy!" I grab Jason's shoulders and act like I'm shaking him. "i said grab, not grasp, you fool!" 

Meadows starts turning crimson, Michelle cackles and says "Hey. 20 dollars is 20 dollars."

I look at her shocked and whimpers "You mean I could get $20?! Damn! I'm giving it for free. Think it could be considered community service?"

They all start laughing and we walk inside. Emily and Hope meet us at the desk and say they're going to lunch. I tell them about the pizza and they start laughing and say they'll just take some home. 

I start doing rounds with Michelle being my nurse guidance. We start talking about Meadows as he walks up, jingles his keys. "Let's go, Mouse..." I look at Michelle and she nudges me with her shoulder. 

I grab my wallet and we walk to his car. He hands me the keys and says "Play the one song that you feel is perfect for a lap dance..." 

He holds the door open for me and I get in, smelling how the car smells like his cologne, wondering if it's not cologne or just air freshener. He starts the car, connects my phone, then smiles. I put on the song I often dance around to when feel flirty... 

"Seriously? Nina Simone? Would have never guessed that in a million years..." His face glows in the soft lights and I start singing with the song. He almost looks like a wolf grinning at its prey with the lights and shadows dancing on his face. 

"Don't fucking fall for this dude. He's bad news. Don't fucking fall. Don't fucking... Touch his cheek and sing this part coming up..." Goes through my head. I reach out, start rubbing his cheek, whispering "Oh Daddy, love me good... Daddy, love me good..." He leans into my touch, looking at me with darkened eyes, glowing like the full moon...

So if a sudden the song gets cut off and I look at my phone. Jason texts "Get 2 raspberry teas instead of 3. Get 2 Sprite for Benji." I laugh and quickly skip the song, feeling like I will be playing with fire and he will be throwing gasoline on both of us, even if it's just a workplace flirtatious relationship.

I start driving slowly, making sure he understands the directions. He lights a cigarette and just watches me tapping the steering wheel, singing softly to "Alkaline" by Sleep Token. "You know, this song is you, little mouse." He whispers as the song ends and I turn the car off. 

"What?" I look at him shocked. Wondering if he found my social media account, posting my darkest inner thoughts, about my darkest impluses, darkest desires. "What did you say?"

He gets out, opens the door for me, the moonlight dancing around his muscles flex as I take his hand. "Oh. Put your foot on my knee, Mouse. Your shoe is untied." He says softly. He leans me against his car, pressing against me, i feel him twitch against my thigh as he lifts my leg up to his knee, he ties my shoe. "My eight year old niece has those same shoes. Either she has huge feet or you have tiny feet." 

I pull my leg out of his grasp, trying to hope the night air will make my cheeks stop burning. "Yep. He found that account somehow. He somehow pieced it all together.. He somehow knows I'm that account...A few have mentioned it as how disgusting the posts are... Maybe he realized the few times I've played the same songs? Fuck, gotta try to hide more..." Goes through my head as he rushes in front of me to open the door. I smile softly and walk in doing introductions to the Officers getting coffee and pizzas. He stands by them, watching me grabbing drinks. 

"Killed anyone tonight, Hannah?" Officer Treadway asks laughing. 

"Not killed anyone fully. Only killed your wife's pussy. Ask her to teach you that tongue trick that made her grab the headboard and call me Daddy." I smirk and he starts laughing, patting my shoulder. "Hey Maggie. New nurse, Meadows... He's going to be the pizza bitch now." The cashier starts ringing up the drinks and Gavin brings the pizza out, Maggie keeps looking at Meadows, watching him shuffling his weight, flexing his muscles, and being sexy. "His name is Derek."

Maggie nods. "You should be riding him in the back of that car... He has a Sleep Token tattoo on his upper arm. He came in for gas and sodas only wearing his scrub pants and a undershirt. You two are crazy. That band is weird."

"You're weird. You don't understand the message from Vessel or the lyrics. Sleep is giving us a gift through Vessel... Ask Hannah.. Her favorite song is probably "Give" or "Jaws." Ask her about the emotions it brings." Derek says, pressing against my ass, i feel him twitch against me, grinding softly, trying to keep from showing any emotions.

"His favorite is "Take Me Back to Eden" if you want to get in his pants tell him his eyes are funeral pyres and you want to jump in, carrying his sword to him to Valhalla in hopes his spirit will bestow the honor of sitting with his ancestors in the Great Hall." I smirk at the confusion on Maggie's face. I shiver when Derek leans close to my ear, breathing heavy. 

"Bringing a sword to your Master means you sit at his table, on his lap, higher honor than sitting at the table." He growls softly as everyone is talking and laughing. 

I turn, look at him, knowing my face has my thoughts written all over it. He winks, grabs the bags of drinks, and opens the door for me. I open the back passenger door for him to put everything in but he puts everything in the front seat. I look confused at him, trying to process what his actions mean, when he grabs me in a hug, growling softly as he smells my hair. I hug him back, shocked at how muscular he really is. I break from the hug, handing him his keys. 

He moves everything to the backseat and holds the door open for me, closing it only when i put my seatbelt on. He gets in the driver's seat, starts messing with his phone and puts on "Give" by Sleep Token. He keeps glancing at me, tucking hair behind my ear, singing softly. I feel my body start to ache for him. I'm only hoping my face isn't glowing in the dark. 

Michelle meets us outside, grabs the pizzas, and she whispers "You okay?"

I nod and whisper back "I'll tell you later.. He hugged me.. Like smelled my hair, growled, hugged me..."

Her eyes get big and she places the pizzas down, grabbing my hand, and we rush outside. I hurry up trying to tell her all the highlights. Me singing Nina Simone, him trucking against my thigh, then my ass, then the statement about bringing a sword to Valhalla... Her eyes keep bulging out to the point I wonder if they will pop out of her head. 

"You're joking...  He didn't do or say those things... Right? You're joking.." Michelle doesn't light her cigarette, staring at me.

I nod, watching the door to the courtyard, seeing him walk past a few times. "Truth. Completely the truth... Why the fuck does he like me? It's because he hasn't worked with me and thinks I'm fucking everyone, right?"

I jump hearing the door and turn my head quickly, feeling like I'm telling deep dark secrets. "Aww... Did the little mouse miss me that much?" He winks, lights a cigarette, offering to light Michelle's, which she giggles every time he does it. "Little Mouse telling secrets? Telling that I let you drive my car?"

I nod. "It's really nice. The seats warm up and it's really cool." My brain drawing a blank. "The backseat would be perfect for me to ride him one night." crosses my mind but I don't say it. Michelle seems to read my mind and asks any the backseat. 

"It can hold 4 golden retrievers." Derek says proudly. 

"You are totally a golden retriever boyfriend." I say without thinking. 

"My sister rescues them and I dogsit them sometimes." He smiles like he's really proud of the fact he can handle four dogs. 

I nod, and for the rest of the shift am abnormally quiet, trying to compartmentalize if I'm reading too much into everything or if he really is into me..


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