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Let’s talk about sons of Adam,
Descendants of Noah,
How caring God made them,
So charming and energetic,
They are just so amazing in every aspect of their life,
They are always strong in every circumstance.

Come what may,they are ready to face it,
In the midst of hardship they find a way to put a smile on a face,
They are just so good set of people.

It is so easy living life with them,
They are so cool and creative in what they set to do 
They make women mental,they know how special we are to them.
They stand through all hardships circumstances notwithstanding.

This lines are the least out of thousand of words in my head I create for them 
They deserve to be taken care of too,
Not all are bad,don’t be discouraged by those toxic people,
To all men out there I doff my hat,
Huhh you are still seated 
C’mon kindly stand up and give these amazing men a standing ovation.
They deserve much more.....

©️Synonymous Writes


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