The Tears I Cried For You Read Count : 36

Category : Poems

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The tears I cried for you, like rain, fell hard and true,
A deluge of sorrow, a heartache anew.
Each drop a memory, a moment we once shared,
A grief so profound, my soul was scarred.

In your absence, I wept, my eyes a fountain deep,
Longing for your presence, my heart did creep.
Into the darkness of loneliness and pain,
Where shadows of our love forever remain.

The tears I cried for you, a river's endless flow,
A mourning for what's lost, a love that could never grow.
Yet, even in sorrow, my love for you stays near,
A bittersweet reminder of joy and heartache's lingering fear.

The tears I cried for you, a testament to our past,
A love so strong, it lingered, forever to last.

©️Synonymous Writes


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