The Echoes Of My Shattered Dreams Read Count : 31

Category : Poems

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I'm a girl of hope,familiar with sorrow's embrace.
Standing tall, I face the next phase with a steady pace
In this realm, a facade I cannot confront
I've journeyed far enough to start afresh.

My shattered dreams, a treasure I once held dear
Now painful reminders of what I could never clear
I need a bandage for my scars, a scarf to bind
My shattered dreams, a heavy burden to carry on my mind

My ear drums ache, filled with the whispers of my dreams
Echoes that haunt me, screams that pierce through my skin 
I'm scared beyond measure,lost in this empty space
A void that gapes, lacking the experience I crave to trace

My dreams are shattered, the pain will forever remain
The echoes will haunt me, a bittersweet refrain......

©️Synonymous Writes


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