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In shadows deep, where dreams are cast aside,  
A boy of twenty-three, with hope denied,  
In lands where corruption stains the light,  
And burdens crush with unjust might.  
No path to tread, no voice to heed,  
In the forgotten echoes of his need.  
A world that looks away, blind and numb,  
Where boyhood struggles but seldom succumbs.

Manhood beckons, yet the way is bleak,  
No laurels for the boy, just tears to streak.  
While banners fly for the girl child's pride,  
His struggles unseen, his dreams denied.  
In the clamor for equality's cry,  
His silent plea fades beneath the sky.  
A narrative woven, a tale untold,  
Of boys left behind in shadows cold.

The weight of expectations, heavy to bear,  
Yet no one listens, no one seems to care.  
In the corridors of power and decision,  
His plight remains a whispered vision.  
For every step forward, a step astray,  
As the boy child yearns for a fairer day.  
Not against empowerment, nor girls’ ascent,  
But for inclusion in the journey spent.

Raise his voice, not to drown another’s song,  
But to stand together, where both belong.  
For in the struggle against inequality’s plight,  
We find strength in unity’s guiding light.  
Let compassion bridge the widening divide,  
Where neither boy nor girl is denied.  
In this symphony of rights and dreams anew,  
Let us embrace each other, me and you.


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