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In KB's embrace, where love's melody blooms,
She stands petite, my babychumps divine,
In her eyes, galaxies quietly loom,
A universe of love, endlessly entwined,
Her laughter, a symphony, pure and true.

Her touch, gentle as the morning's first light,
Fills my days with warmth, my nights with peace,
In her presence, everything feels right,
Her smile, a beacon that will never cease,
She's my harbor, my solace, my delight.

Through valleys low and mountains high we tread,
Hand in hand, our souls forever aligned,
In her heart, I've found my eternal bed,
Where love's tender whispers are defined,
She's the poetry that dances in my head.

Oh, babychumps, my love for you cascades,
Like rivers that rush to meet the sea's embrace,
You are my sunlit path through tangled shades,
In your love, I find my sacred place,
Forever bound, in your love's serenades.


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