A Journey Of Unrecognized Fatherhood Read Count : 41

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On this Father's Day, a poignant sigh,
I recall the absence, the void, the cry.
Lost my own dad when I was but a child,
Left to wander in a world so wild.

I've grown now, a man at twenty-three,
Trying my best, yearning to be
A father figure, strong and kind,
But today, it seems, I'm left behind.

No cards, no gifts, no warm embrace,
No recognition of my paternal grace.
Though I strive to guide with loving care,
Today, it feels like no one's aware.

Yet in my heart, I hold the flame,
To nurture, protect, and never be tame.
Though unrecognized, I stand tall and true,
A father in spirit, through and through.

So on this day, I'll quietly say,
To all the fathers, in my own way:
I understand the love and sacrifice,
And in my journey, I'll pay the price.

For my dad who's gone, and for my own plight,
I'll cherish the moments, day and night.
And hope one day, they'll come to see,
The father I've become, meant to be.


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