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How can I or anyone for that matter be happy, if we are made to feel unwanted, unloved or never enough.
Humans are social beings and as such we seek comfort and companionship in others, only to be left feeling utterly alone but it's these moments that helps us to discover who we are... as we try moving forward though the road ahead may seemed rough. 

If I knew love, I wouldn't feel unappreciated, I wouldn't seek the approval or validation from others or care so much about their opinions of me.
With a fragile ego that gets bruised easily, I take everything personally even when I shouldn't, it's not the image of me I want people to see.
I realized I care to deeply and because of that I do too much at times trying to form and keep a friendship going, when one misstep and that person won't think twice about working things out, they'll leave immediately. 

Does restraining one's anger have negative lasting effects on us as an individual? a lesson I haven't fully comprehend is that being good doesn't always mean you are going be liked by everyone or any one person. 
If I knew what to do in any given situation, I won't feel like I'm giving so much of me only to receive so little, what I can't do is take things to personal for everything happens for a reason. 


  • Me and My Thoughts.

    Jun 16, 2024

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