Stevie's Race To The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 1 Read Count : 65

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
The school bell rang as Stevie rushed late to class. High school was the last place on earth Stevie wanted to be. The other girls were mean and the boys never cared much whether she was there or not. Eastwood High was full of clicks and Stevie never paid attention to the high school dynamic. She was always buried in a book off to the corner listening to the chatter around her. As the teacher started talking Stevie pulled out her notebook and began to sketch. Ever since she was little, Stevie has always had a love for art.  In recent days, her love had become more of an obsession. She would wake from a retched nightmare and sketch the monsters she saw. The vibrate her phone made on the school desk startled her back to reality with a single text. A text from Ivy. Stevie’s best and only friend. The text read “Are we still up for coffee at Monty’s later?”. Stevie replied with a simple “yes. 7:00”. The rest of the school day went on as slow and boring as usual. Ivy found Stevie at lunch and went on about a history paper she had due but hadn’t started yet. When Stevie got home from school her aunt Alice was out. Alice was the legal guardian of Stevie. When Stevie was 12 her family was caught in a house fire and Stevie was the only survivor. Her mom, dad, and brother Jason all went down with the house. She lost everything that day. She was Jason's biggest fan and having an older brother was like having a best friend who couldn't leave you. until he died. If it weren’t for Aunt Alice taking her in she would have had to move to Florida to live with her grandparents. Alice thought it was best to keep her where she grew up. That way Ivy could be there for her and she wouldn’t need to move school districts. Stevie didn't know it yet but Alice's main concern was keeping Stevie safe and hidden from the world's darkest nightmares. Alice was a nurse, she worked 12-hour shifts and was barely home but looking after Stevie gave her purpose. Stevie made herself a sandwich and walked upstairs to get ready to meet Ivy. She wore tight blue jeans, a black top, and heeled boots to match. Her hair was nearly as dark as the top she was wearing. she was beautiful. Her mother would often say she resembled snow white, the way her soft red lips matched her fair white skin. Stevie heard a car honking from the street, she looked out her bedroom window to see Ivy pull up in her white Honda. when the girls arrived at Monty's they were surprised to see how busy it was. Montey's was the center of New York. It was the best coffee shop within a 10-block radius. Stevie and Ivy sat down at a table and ordered their usual. After moments of talking, Ivy noticed a friend from across the room. She excused herself and went over to say hello. Thinking it might be a while, Stevie pulled out her sketchbook. head buried in book, she barely noticed who sat down across from her. when she glanced up she was shocked to see a handsome boy wearing a leather jacket with jet-black hair and more tattoos than she could count. "hi, I'm Axel." Stevie stared at the boy confused. "I like your sketches, what are they of?" asked Axel. Stevie thought it was odd this random boy sat across from her, especially one who looked like Axel. She put her hands over her paper. "Do I know you?" she asked. There was something about this boy. He was a complete stranger however she felt as if she knew him. Ivy approached the table and as she did Axel rose from his seat. As he walked past Stevie he put his hand on her shoulder and whispered "When you realize your sketches mean something, call me". He handed her a card with his name and phone number on it. "what was that?" Ivy asked. "no clue" Stevie answered. 


  • Jun 12, 2024

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