Treasured Presence: My Eternal Companion Read Count : 41

Category : Poems

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In the dance of life, she's my guiding light,
A friend so true, a beacon in the night.
With laughter's melody, she fills my soul,
Completing every part, making me whole.
Her presence, a treasure, beyond measure's hold.

In her eyes, I find a universe untold,
Love's gentle whisper, a story unfold.
Her kindness blooms like flowers in spring,
In every moment, her joy does sing.
With her by my side, life is a beautiful thing.

She's the rhythm to my heart's sweet beat,
In her embrace, all worries retreat.
A love so pure, it knows no end,
My dearest companion, my forever friend.
With her, life's journey, I eagerly contend.


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    Jun 17, 2024

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