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Slaves can be very very very Disobedient so why I’am like Chickhen-Shit when that happens that owner has to step in and teach a Her Slave manners and discipline hardcore Style so Understand Slave how a Professional Mistress feels (Chicken-Shit) when a slave of Her is very Disobedient and doesn’t Obey her .

When the slave is getting His or Her Sesion with the Owner during that session the slave must be totally naked and in front of the owner with each hate about totally down towards the feet of the Owner so the owner understands the slave is going to give up His or Her body Control to the Owner with (Thousand Percent) control and full attention to learn and to listen in the session. When the session begins the Slave manipulated and come more obedient to his or her Owner also at the same time being female dominant owner to gain trust over her slaves in a BDSM Relationship..

So that in a BDSM relationship It’s understandable and of high importance for a Owner to step in teach her dirty Slaves discipline and manners , so the Slave is serving His ir Her Owner in public or or outdoors or in home of a Owner It Feels Safe and full protected by a Owner because then the owner knows it is willing to do anything for it’s Owner.

Humiliation , Clearing , Shopping , Car wash , Driveing around , Homework

Collecting kids from school, Etc type of things the Owner will eventually see in a Slave when that Happen the owner thinks that the owner has the Slave under-Control ,,

Unit One)

The Punishments from the Slave Owner is important to Slave because when Slave doesn’t show of Obedience or Good Behaviour to His or Her Mistress they will receive a punishment or discipline so that means the slave will learn His or Her lesson and not make the same mistakes twice in front of the Owner so this will make the Slave learn and realize who is in control of their body and life to become more Obediente , more Disciplined & have more Good Behavior towards its owner to receive delightful Rewards from the Owner.. but the Slave has to remain Nake until the Slaves Owner the designs to let them get dressed and be dressed but not until the Slave has Authority or Permission of the Owner .

Until Two)

The Slave naked in front of his or her Will NOT BE allowed to Stroke themselves until they have been issued permission or authority to do so by their Owner and even if Slave had customers or visitors stay in Owner House then the Slave would have Of extra Strong Behavior beause the Slave would so it’s beloved Mistress Nake including the Owner would make the Slave very Useful the Her Lady Femdom Friends or visitors , Customers . Also that slave will always be knelt naked at Mistresses feet while their are Femdom Friends or visitors , Customers in the Mistress Place. Whether it be a Small Town House or a Apartament or a Country Cottage.


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