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Girl I know it might never be a you and me, I know I might seemed to lack confidence but I do wished we could be together. 
How can you love what you can't have, let go of what you never had, love who doesn't love you back yet you can't seem to have eyes for another. 
Girl I've tried not having thoughts of you, I've tried not loving you but I nor you understands the inner workings of the heart. 
There are other girls who are as beautiful, intelligent, smart and also amazing but they'll never be you and I can't help loving you, I want to move on but I don't know where to start.
How can I smile when I haven't had reason to, how can I lie and say I am happy when my life feels empty without you.
Music is a medicine for the mind, sometimes feelings do change with the passage of time but when you wholeheartedly love someone, love becomes eternal that much has to be true. 
Just as clouds soaked up water to form rain, when it comes to my attention you do the same, girl you are the reasoned I believe love is worth giving a try. 
I want to not care for a girl who would choose another guy over me anyday but her voice, her eyes and her beautiful smile are easy on the ears and the eyes, I believe those attributes were my reasoned for saying Hi.


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    Jun 04, 2024

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