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As I rise with the sun I opened the curtains to open the door, the beautiful morning breeze hit my skin and got ready to take on the day.
It's 4 am not a single sound just my cat and I, water on the electric kettle, a single water tealight in the middle of the table surrounded by plrose pedals and a of the desktop lamp on.
5am preparing my bags to head out to work, a couple of cars on the road, the driver arguing on the phone and my cup of coffee on my left hand.
There she was a soft spoke lady with a green tulle dress on, her flowy curly dark brunette hair and her beije heels on making her 4'11" height become 5'
Such a pretty lady no one would thought she's tough, with a single word out of her mouth and a whole rooms would turn around; showing me that one doesn't need to raise their voice to make themselves be heard.
The printer sound louder than car engines, sheets on a box taller than mountains, people complaining about the old computers, and people running around to get their jobs done.
7am the boss has arrived, greeting everybody with a good morning, every up from their desks with fake smiles on, as he walks to his office people are continuing on with their work and the cafe downstairs opening their doors.
 3pm and finally work is done, getting ready to go home, the pretty lady in the green tulle smiles and ask me for a favor; I helped to place some boxes in her car and the day went on.
Next day same routine, same route, and same working pase. 
The pretty lady now in a pink dress waiving hello at me, as I'm running to my desk, printers still being loud, she picked up a pile of paper and ran to the printer machine and everyone lining up behind.
It's 7am and the boss is here asking for faster pase as we're trying our best to get our jobs done, I bought 3 coffees one for me the other for the pretty lady in blue and one for the bossy annoying boss. 
3pm The work is finally done time to go back home thank God tomorrow is saturday and we have a free weekend.
The pretty lady now in pink went near my desk invited me for a reunion with other colleagues, as I agree the boss heard us speak and sign himself up for a chilling day with his workers. 
Deems light, rustic look and a host escorting us to a table.
The pretty lady now in jeans and a teal tulle blouse on took out a bottle got ready to toast as everyone calmed down; we thank life, the boss, and everyone there, karaoke time, boy was it a crazy night.
Sunday morning my sheets felt so warm 4am and the alarm rang boy! dis I felt like throwing it against the wall, put the sheets over my head and waited till 5am.
5am my cat went to hit my head, I got up went up the stairs placed food on his plate, placed some water on the tealight and opened the windows for the sun to hit my skin.
10am went for a run and there she was in her porch the pretty lady in tulle, with a red dress, her pretty jewls and black heels on.
Hey there! I know you greeting me; we talked for a while and continue with our days,look at this I made a new friend.
Next weekday same routine, and I have a new friend; the pretty lady now with a yellow tulle dress on greeting me hello and inviting me to her house, what a fancy place she have unlike my small apartment, her house was a dream, felt good being there.
Nice home you got there who would have tought we live in the same town; she smile and said I prefer your place, mine is so big and no one to share it with 
Ha ha I wish there were less people at my place, as we spoke for some time her dog jumped up and gave me it's toy.
Oh boy it was such a heavy white poodle , unlike my small cat it shure was a sloppy boy.
The pretty lady smile apologetically as she took her dog off me,
Bad Lucena shame on you for greeting guest wrongly.
Lucena what a weird name for a pet apparently it means light in Latin. 
I guess we both like antient names since my cats name is pesius a Greek name.
So tell me Mary Rose what have made you left your birth place ? 
She told me the story of her life, we aren't different afterall, my family and I left our Native hometown for the very same reason.
The beauty of this place bringing two people together she from France and i from Ecuadorand creating new bonds.
We spoke some more and went our separate ways till the next day.
Woke up made two cups one for her and one for me as we went off to work, same routine there, after work we went and have some food and went on with our days. 
I can say that my home have another person in it and his is the story of how the pretty lady in tulle became my good friend.


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