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I like the birds chirping in the morning.
I like the sun That hits my skin in the afternoon.
I like jumping from balconies and open windows like the squirrels do from tree to tree.
I like the flowers of spring and the white snow of winter 
I like the taste of wine as much as the colors of autumn.
I love being friends with thieves and songs in foreign languages.
I am not from here nor from there; wasn't born here and I don't know the place of my origins.
I have no future and my past is long gone, just being happy the color I wear.
I identity as a beggar of time,I know that I'm not eternal.
My age is just a number that doesn't define me and the stars are my only guide. 
 I like to run barefooted in the fields because just like me they too will be disappeare.
I am not from here or there just a passenger of life.
I like the rain hitting my skin and the wind drying my it.
 My future is unknown indeed but today I decide to be happy or sad
Emotions are just a state of mind, and like the weather changes so do they.


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