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Our first time meeting eye to eye

While walking the murky streets of Cuenca, Spain; I was admiring the panoram of las casas colgadas, when something in the coner of the alley spotted my eye. I slowed my pase down as my glare went all around taking in the scene, I didn't want her to notice my strong stare, for she was a new sight for me to intake yet I did not wish to intrude with my imprudence. 

She notice and smile as she walked and stood next to me; she took a deep breath in “I didn't always looked like this you know, I was once just like you, young & curious, but you see time has passed me by”( L)

“oh ma’am how rude of me, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad”

“No no child, I get your curiosity for my aspect isnt the nicest, nice to meet you” she extended her hand as she spoke, although it looked rough it felt so soft.

“so, how is it living here, as a tourist I can't see the other side of the coin, but I'm sure you can”

“ I suppose it's nice, but my only advice to you is” she pause for breath “as long as you can live, time waits for no one she is unforgiving”

We talk for what felt like an eternity to me; when arriving home, her words still resonated with me. I didn’t get what she was trying to say “live”. I am alive arent I? wondering what she meat by this, as I pase back and forth in my hotel room.

I was so confused, to the point that I started to question everything I’ve done throughout my life; how can such a lady have a impact of my life?

Live, live, live, the words pouding in my head, like a drill on a concret road; ringing and repeating itself inside my brain like an alarm bell; living in my head, not paying rent.

Seeing you again 

I wonder how can such a strange stranger have this kind of impact on me; whether good or bad, now you're part of my life and I got to know more about you.

Maybe it was the words that were being potrayed out of her mouth, maybe it was the shock of her aspect, or perhaps the hand I needed to hold in my life.

After visiting one of the the earliest Gothic architecture created in the XI to XII century of medival Spain, the cathredal located in plaza mayor. I headed down to the museum of science of Castilla la Mancha; since it was 2 min away by foot why not go and learn about renewable or solar photovoltaic energy, they are our future methods of aquiering energy afterall I thought while walking down the road. Time went so fast and slow at the same time; it felt like that since I was stopping by every shop that intrigue me to buy pretty stuff that I can take home with me. When arriving at my destination I had a good time, stayed till 6pm since days are longer here, I figured it wont hurt; I still had time to shower and go to the taberna Albero for some drinks. While walking back to the hotel room, a thin shadow appeared in the alley, hesitant yet curious I get close towards the shadow, while walking towards it a soft voice spoke to me.

“we meet again dear stranger”

“yes child indeed we do, you still look the same as yesterday and one day you’ll see yourself in the mirror and wont recognize yourself.

“ what do you mean”

“ well you see child, we all grow and change everyday, my next advice for you is….You have one life and its time for you to move foward, fly, the nest can be warm but so can a new flock, go on & find your passion”

We spoke some more & what felt like days were mere hours. Nothing more nothing less, hours that makes battlegrounds of yesterday, minutes that enjoy dying,and seconds that have opened my eyes.

“Find a new flock” what could that possibly mean. I thinking while scratching my head. I've been alone for so long that I've forgotten the warmth of another being next to my bed, a good morning voice, or even a nag telling me to wake up and grab the day early. I've seen my solitude in a positive way: be by-myself & do what I want; no rules no guide; just me to answer to, but was this alright? Was it a right decision on my part, to be alone, to have no guide and no one to love? How can such a person have an impact on my life; change the course of my future with simple words. Is she an angel a devil, or the right guide i needed to fix myself. Perhaps she wanted me to understand that out of the negative things that happens to us during our short stay we can grow out of them; people would call them lessons or experiences. Maybe I'm looking too deeply in her words; she might have been killing time, or perhaps maybe a little of both. Whatever the reason may be, she changed my life, and from this trip a new version of myself was born.

Aid comes to you when you least expect it, whe you think that no one will hear you deep in the hole, out of the darkness a voice will appear revealing the light [a way out]. Resilience is key, life was made for those who can withstand the most tubulent winds; it’s only for the strong ones. Alone you can win battles but together, you can win the war; we all have a soulmate, our other half waiting for us, if we walk blindly we might miss them. Accept change, although it may seem scary, weird, or disruptive it will move you to another latitude, prehaps the one you need to be in. Lastly, sometimes to reinvent ourselves we need to pave new road. eternity may not be in our reach but until the end, it’s wise to be forever be changing.


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