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Kimberly palmer age 17 

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A New Beginning

Chapter 1

I sat on the stairs of what was yet again a new school. I didn’t quite understand why my mother and I had to keep moving, but I did know who was to blame. I asked my self constantly why my dad was the way he was? Every night before bed and every time we moved, I would pray that this would finally be the end. But I knew better than to believe my mother and I could ever settle down in a place we could someday call home. I also knew that despite all the promises made to my mother and I dad would never quit drinking. I didn’t quite understand it all, I had many different thoughts going threw my head but i did know that my mother and I just couldn’t live with a drunk.

 It didn’t take me long to know that my dad would never change. As I thought back to how things had been for my mother and I. Not a day went by that dad didn’t come staggering through that front door around 8:00pm. I just couldn’t stop wondering why life was so unfair and difficult for some. Was there a reason my mother and I were chosen as one of those less fortunate or was it just, as some might say, luck of the draw. Well in this case there was no luck about it. We got stuck with the short straw. I wanted to help my mother but how what could i do i was just a little blue eyed, blond haired boy what kinda help could I possibly be. Lots of thoughts and unanswered questions ran wild through my head. I was getting tired of the same old pattern: a new town, new school, new people, new friends, new place they would never call home and in some cases, a new state. My thoughts were interrupted by four older boys

“Hey kid, what’s your name, boy?”

I said nothing. I could already tell by the tone of voice that the boys were bad news. The older boy was a lot taller than I was but also quite short compared to the other three boys that stood there next to him and maybe a bit older. The boy had hazel eyes and red hair. He had freckles all over his face and a big pimple on the side of his abnormally large nose. When he laughed he snorted like a pig. 

“What’s the matter, boy can’t You speak?”

At this time a boy about a year or two older than I  started our way. He wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short either he had dark brown hair that curled at the ends much like my hair only mine was very blond. He had sparkling brown eyes and was thin. The boy was taller than me but shorter than that other boy.

“Hey why don’t you leave the boy alone he is probably just nervous just moving here and all. Not that he would talk to you at all anyway not very many people do.” 

He knew what he just said wasn’t really nice but giving who he was talking to the boy didn’t really care. Billy was the next to speak. 

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Know It All always coming to everyone’s rescue. Come on Jimmy, let’s go find someone else to pick on.” 

The boys then took off as the two of us stood there watching as they searched the playground for other young children they could harass. I turned to the boy and smiled.

“Thanks for having my back. There’s not very many people in my life that care enough to do much of anything for me.” 

The boy chuckled smiling. 

“No problem. Just pay no attention to him or his friends. The best thing you can do is ignore them. You can’t let them get to you. If you react or let them see they’re getting to you you’re giving them exactly wont they won’t and that only makes things worse. His name is Billy Jones. People call him BJ for short. He is the head of the schools Bullying Club. If you want to call it that.” 

He smiled at me big. He had such a nice smile.

“My name is Carter and you must be that new boy my uncle said would be joining the class.” 


I shrugged 

“Yeah probably my name is Mason.” 

Carter returned my smile by smiling back at me. 

“Well, it’s nice meeting you Mason.”

 I smiled big. It had been such a long time since I have had a real conversation with another that wasn’t my mom.

“Yes it’s nice to meet you too Carter.”

I took a deep breath. It looked to me like Billy was intimidated buy you.” 

Carter nodded. 

“Yeah it’s a long story let’s just say he was picking on a kid last year and I didn’t like that so I intervened. Well that quickly turned into him and I getting into an argument. He then said something that hit me in a way I can’t explain and I reacted in a way I have never reacted before. Bye the time we went our separate ways I had given Billy a nice big black eye. he hasn’t really messed with me again since then. He may be older and taller than me but he is not stronger.”

 I smiled and we both laughed. I was impressed by his story and he knew it. I looked around the aria then back at Carter there was just something I was dying to know. So as much as a part of me would have rather not none I asked Carter any way. 

“What is Billy’s problem? Why does he have to be so mean?” 

Carter laughed and shook his head. 

“I don’t know. His mother is a lawyer, and his father is a Detective. Actually my dad is also a detective. Ironically Billy’s dad and my dad happen to be work partners.  His little brother Colton is my little cousin Tanner’s best friend. He wants to be a detective just like his father. You are going to love that kid. He is your age and he is the nicest most respectful boy you have ever met.”

I smiled 

“Well I guess not everyone turns out like either of their parents”

Carter smirked it was clear he agreed. 

“Actually Billy is turning out to be more like his uncle Judd Jones. My smile changed to a frown, my eyebrows lowered slightly as well. 

“You mean the Judd Jones.” 

Carter chuckled. I guess he found my comment funny. 

“Yup you know him?” 

I shrugged. 

“Not exactly but I have heard of him. He is in the same line of work as my father although I can hardly call what they do work. My father makes his money by breaking the law and running from  the law while at the same time harassing the Police.”

At that moment we transitioned into a new topic

“Hey look over there their” 

I turned my head to see a boy my age walking our way. I looked at Carter shocked. 

“That’s Billy’s brother Colton?” 

Carter smirked I noticed he did that a lot 

“Crazy enough yeah” 

I was still shocked 


I didn’t take my eyes off of him as he approached us with a smile.

“Hi boys” 

Carter smiled

 “Hi Colton this is my new friend Mason Mason this is Colton Jones” 

Colton smiled and offered a handshake I accepted excited to get to know him. I didn’t know what to say. It just didn’t seem possible. Here was little Colton Billy’s brother who didn’t in the least bit, look anything like Billy. He was my age and had a great smile a lot like Carter’s smile. He was short like both me and his brother. He was about the same height as me. He had dark blue eyes and brown and somewhat curly hair. His voice was sweet and his laugh was very unique. His face was clear, not a freckle or a pimple, unlike his brother whose face was covered with them. He had to be one of the best looking and most attractive boy in the school. His brother on the other hand was bye for the most ugly in the school. Also I had notest he didn’t snort like a pig when he laughed.

“It is really nice to meat you Colton”


“Yes it was really nice to meat you to Mason”

Everyone smiled

“Common we best be getting to class my uncle will have a fit if we are late.”



Chapter 2

Tonight My mom’s new friend Scott Anderson took mom and I out to dinner. It was cool to get to meet his 3 year old Daughter Emma. She was so cute.

“I’m sorry my son is a bit shy when it comes to men he hasn’t exactly had the best experience with them.” 

Scott Smiled and nodded

“By men you mean his father?”

My mom looked at Scott surprised

“What makes you think that?”

“I am a detective remember. I see a lot of this kind of stuff. This type of thing comes up in my line of work almost every day reading people and just knowing things without any explanation of how I know it is what makes me such a great detective.”

At that moment A familiar boy in My new life approaches the table after being absent for most all of the conversation.

“Mason stop being such a big chicken and relax my father isn’t someone you need to be so nervous around.”

I looked at him surprised

“Carter I didn’t know it was your dad that was taking us out tonight.”

Carter smiled

“No me neither. Sorry I am late, my mom just dropped me off. I never get to see my mom. She is mostly absent in our lives. She comes to visit about once a year.”

I smiled

“I didn’t know you had a little sister either”

Carter shrugged 

“Yeah I guess my family hasn’t come up much in our conversations but she is one of the best things in my life I can tell you that”

Scott and my mom looked at each other both unaware that the new friend both boys went home to tell them about were there sons but it didn’t take either of them to long to figure it out they were both surprised they didn’t make the connection sooner but until now my mom and Scott’s friendship did not involve much discussion of their family's my mom would refer to me as her son and my dad as her ex and Scott mentioned a couple times that he had a couple kids.

We all sat down and had a fantastic dinner. 

Mom And Scott stopped as they watched Carter and I splash around in the mud puddles. Scott  in the Parking lot laughing and chasing each other I felt like a kid for the first time in I don’t even remember how long. My mom smiled as she looked at Scott who was holding onto Emma’s hand so that she would not take off.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw Mason so happy honestly it’s been awhile since I myself have  had such a nice time out”

Scott Smiled 

“Yah well they seem to be having a lot of fun”

My mom laughed

“Yes they do.”

Mom and Scott just stud there for a while with a smile on both their faces talking.

“Well I guess I should get going home now it’s getting late I should really get Mason home”

My mom said 

“Yes certainly is as well I have to say it is way past Emma’s bed time good bye you guys have a good evening”

Mom Smiled once more

“Goodbye Scott I hope u guys have a good evening”

Mom looked over at us boys 

“Come on son time to go home”

I ran across the parking lot to my mother who was at the car.

“Oh My look at you your all covered in mud”

I waved good but to Carter then looked at my mom

“Sorry mom”

Mom smiled 

“That’s alright son but you will be getting striate into the bathtub when we get home.”

For the next couple week’s mom and I found ourselves spending a lot of time with the Andersen’s. We had a lot of fun going to movies, getting dinner and other things like that. They were some good friends to have around and the four of us made some great new memories.

However about a month later things changed for use all.

Mom came to pick me up at Carters when she arrived I was still off playing with Carter

“I know it’s tough on Mason. The last thing I want to do is put him through all this again but we don’t have any other choice. I just can’t land a good enough job to pay off all the debt my husband left us with and settle my boy and I down in a town where we can make our home. I won’t what’s best for my son but sometimes it’s just not possible.”

Scott looked at my mom and thought for a moment 

“The boys have become best friends and you and I well I like to think that we have become good friends two wouldn’t you say.”

My mom looked at Scott and shook her head 

“Yes Scott your son has been there for Mason and you have for me and for that Mason and I will be forever grateful.  We could never even begin to find a way to pay you back for all you have done.”

Scott Smiled 

“Yes you could.”

Mom looked at him confused 

“I am afraid I don’t what  you mean Scott”

My mom said

“You could repay us by not moving, you can repay us but stay. Look I can give you a job at the station, food in your tummy’s and a ruff over you and Mason's head just until you get that debt paid off and your feet back on the ground. We have a spare bedroom you can sleep there and Mason can share Carters room with him.”

Mom shook her head

“Oh know I couldn’t  you see you both have already done so much for us we don’t want to be a burden to you and your kids

Scott Smiled and laughed 

“Mss. Cooper you and your son could never be a burden to us. Carter will be thrilled to have Mason around and Emma well she will just love the fact that there will be too more people in the house to spoil her.”

Mom looked down at the ground

“You have  given us more than you ever should have had to already.”

Scott shook his head and smiled

“Don’t be silly Mss. Cooper you're more than welcome to stay here until things settle down until you two can get a place of your own.”

Mom was at a loss she didn’t know what to think

“Well thanks for the offer Scott really that is very thoughtful of you I will tell you what I will think about it ok.”

Scott nodded 

“Take all the time you need, the offer isn’t going anywhere just let me know what you decide.”

My mom smiled 

“I will Scott.”

Mom then turned and yelled up the stairs to me.

“Common son we best be getting home it’s getting late and you have school tomorrow”



Chapter 3

Well mom decided to take Scott up on his offer and before we knew it the four of us were all living under the same ruff it was great Carter and I loved the idea of living together and sharing a room but as always when people spend that much time together sometimes they can get into it.

“Now boys that will be quite enough”

Scott said sternly 

“He started it.”

Carter said

“You’re the one that went into my things without asking”

I said in an irritated tone.

“Yah after you took my DS off my bed without asking”

At that point Scott broke in  to the argument 

“I don’t care who started it I am ending it”

Scott snapped Scott then drew a deep breath and looked at us both 

“Now boys I want both of you to not say another word and listen to me. It sounds to me like you’re both just as much at fault. Carter I must say I am pretty disappointed in you you’re the oldest. I thought you would be the bigger person here.”

“Yah the bigger person.”

I said in an in ur face kinda way

 Now Mason he may have gone through your things without asking but you took something of his off his bed without asking that makes you just as much at fault as he.  

I’m sorry Scott I just I have never had something like a DS before I was interested in how to play”

Carter looked at me

“Then you should have asked I would have shown you how to use it but u didn’t and now it’s busted”

I’m sorry Carter I didn’t mean too”

I said feeling bad for what happened

Scott drew a deep breath

“Now Mason When you first came to this town you wore nothing more but a frightened little boy about to start a new school which would be your 4th school in the last 6 months.  Your mom and I agreed that you guys could stay with us for as long as you needed too. But this is my house my rules. I expect you to carry your own weight and help out around the house. I also expect to  follow the house rules and respect Carter's things the same way as you would expect Carter to respect yours. Now boys we are going to be living together for a while so I suggest that the two of you shake hands and make up or it’s going to be a ruff couple of months for the both of you”

Carter and I looked at each other 

I then apologized again to Carter and we worked it out and before we knew it we were back to being buddies again. Soon after Scott took us both to get our own DS’s and a couple games. Carter and I agreed to share the games and Carter showed me how it worked. It took me a little bit but I soon figured it out there actually was very little to it just a couple buttons. I realized hand healed electronic video games were very easy to operate and play. 

We had a lot of fun with them but soon the weekend was over and it was time to go back to school

“Hey Mason, I heard your mother was dating Carter's dad.”

I shook my head as Billy a pro he’d Carter and I

“They're not dating BIlly, they're  just good friends.”

I said

“Oh Is that what they’re calling moving in together these days”

I glared at Billy 

“it’s temporary until mom and I find a place”

Billy laughed 

“Yeah sure it is”

At this time I wanted nothing more then to punch Billy in the nose and Carter new it

“Don’t let him get under your skin Mason that’s what he wants he wants you to react he probably even wants you to hit him so he can go tell the principal and you will be the one that gets in trouble, not him. Just ignore him and common we have better things to do then argue with Billy”

As we walked away I looked at Carter

“Do you think Billy might be right, do you think my mom and your dad would ever get together?”

Carter Smiled 

“I don’t know but I think that would be kinda cool if they did”

I smiled 

“yeah me too”

Chapter 4

”Hey dad”

Carter said as we entered the house 

“hey Carter”

Scott said as Carter ran up  stairs 

“ Hears the mail Scott”

Scott smiled

“Thanks Mason”

This whole time I did not once look at him or make eye contact with him I avoided as much interaction as possible 

“Shore I will be up in my room if you need anything”

I said as I was walking away

“Ok sounds good Mason”

Scott said as  I raced right straight up the stairs to my room and fell back on my bed.  I was the only one in the room. I wasn’t quite sure where  Carter took off too.

I lay there for a minute before  sitting up on the end of my bed, my legs dangling off the side and looking at the one envelope I didn’t give toScott. 

It was addressed to me As Mason Cooper which was strange because first of all I hadn’t been Mason Cooper for six months now I guess when you live under the same ruff as another family and do everything to gather people start to see you as a part of their family.

When we moved in Scott agreed to let us take the Anderson name for reasons that are hard to get into right now. My mom and I had our reasons for taking the Anderson name It started with the kids at school and before long everyone referred to me as Mason Andersen .Though the change wasn’t legalized my mother and I decided to let this change was for the better and any new people that came into town the Andersen’s introduced us to as an Andersen instead of a Cooper first I didn’t understand this but I eventually realized why this was. Let’s just say it had everything to do with my father.

What was even stranger about this envelope was the postal stamp. The letter had been mailed from Neelbrid which was the next town over only about three or four miles east of here. I opened the envelope and began reading the letter.

I was so involved in the letter that I didn’t even hear Carter enter the room.

“Mason, I have to get Grace ready for her nap. Can you mail this letter for my dad?”

I didn’t know what to say

“I’m busy”

I said in a panic

“Busy with what? “ 

I knew I had to think quickly to come up with a Acceptable excuse.

“I’m trying to study for the big test.”

Carter looked at the paper in my hands

“Oh that must be the study sheet in your hands?”

I shrugged it was obvious that Carter was suspicious and that made me uncomfortable

“What else would it be?”

Carter smirked

“Well I need to study to let me see it we can study it together. Give it to me and I will quiz you then you can quiz me.”

Carter was definitely quizzing me but not for the big test he was testing me in a much different way. And I was not prepared for his questions.

“Umm no that’s alright I think I have studied enough already.”

I was hoping Carter would leave it at that but it was clear Carter was not giving up.

“You can never get enough studying Mason there is no such thing as over studying.”

Carter knew I was lying and I know that he knew.

Didn’t you say you had to get Emma ready for her nap”

I said trying to destroy Carter and steer him away from the paper in my hand

“You know your mother would do that if we told her we had work to do.”

There were very few excuses left that I could come up with at this time

“Yah but I don’t have any work to do I could pass this test with flying colors I know all the answers and any way you did say that you needed someone to mail that letter.”

Carter glared at me 

“Yah well ok then I will go tend to Emma I guess you just do your thing”

At that moment I felt some relief 

Why are u just sitting there you got a letter to mail?”

 Yea I know there is just one thing I have to do first It will only take a minute”

Carter stares at me very suspiciously

“Whatever just make sure that letter gets into the mail”

 After Carter left I quickly slid the letter back into the envelope and slipped it under my mattress before grabbing the letter off Carter's desk and going downstairs.


“So how well do you think you did on the test Mason?”

Carter asked me as we walked home from school 

“I don’t really know”

“Well you definitely passed right?”

I shrugged 

“Like I said I don’t know”

Carter Smiled 

“well you seemed pretty confident that you knew all the answers last night.”

I realized we were back to Carters own little quiz clearly he had no intentions on letting this go

“Well yeah but it’s a little bit different actually doing the test  and than we have to wait for your uncle Benson to grade them.”

Carter studied my face

“yah I guess you’re right.Hey where are you going The house is this way?” 

I looked at Carter

“you just go on ahead I will be home soon there is something I have to do”

Carter wasn’t buying anything I was saying he new something was up he just wasn’t sure what it was

“Ok but don’t forget you have homework and chores tonight and you know how my dad gets if your late for dinner”

I drew a deep  breath

“Don’t worry I will take care of it”

After that I quickly took off to mail that letter for Scott that I did not get to last night hoping and praying that no one would know the difference. I felt bad that I failed to get it done when I was asked but I knew know one would know the difference.

After dinner that night I polled out the letter to finish reading it and of course once again Carter just happened to walk in except this time I was pretty sure he had planned this one.

“Let me guess you are studying again for another test and that paper is the study sheet right?”

I was starting to get very tired of this game


I said 

“What test is it I don’t remember hearing about one coming up this week”

“Oh no you wouldn’t have because it’s one we have next week Mr. Benson is giving me a head start”

Carter just shook his head he too was getting tired of this game and tired of my excuses 

“Yah except for he’s not” 

I looked right at him

“How could you possibly know that Carter?”

Carter Let out a sigh

“There isn’t really a test next week is there?”

I gave Carter an annoyed look

“Of cores  you don’t think I would make it up do you?”

Carter shook his head

“I know you made it up ok because I talked to my Uncle there isn’t any more tests for the foreseeable future”

I was stuck I didn’t know what more I could say after a long poss Carter Shook his head and looked at me 

“common man you have been lying and making excuses for 2 days now I know that and you know I know that so why don’t you just try telling me the truth.what is going on Mason?”

I just shook my head and looked at the ground 


“ look Mason you don’t have to tell me but if you don’t tell me I will just go downstairs and tell my dad that your hiding something and then you won’t have a choice but to tell us both”

I looked at him surprised 

“You wouldn’t do that?”

Carter looked at me

“Yes I would I don’t want to but I would because something tells me it’s important and you are much better off telling someone than keeping it to yourself.  I would do it because I care about you.”

I drew a deep Breath and handed the not to Carter  when he was done reading it he drew a deep breath and looked at me

“Mason we have to tell my dad you know the rules he needs to know about this”

I snatched the note out of Carters hands

“No Carter please if we tell your dad then he will feel like he has no choice but to tell my mom and this will only upset my mom”

Carter shook his head

Mason you're asking me to keep something from my dad that’s almost like asking me to lie to him”

I drew a deep breath

“ Carter your dad was the last detective to put my dad away and he didn’t even tell me about it”

Carter looked at me 

“Ok so he kept it a secret a lot like what you are doing now.  Mason that doesn’t make what your doing now alright”

I took a minute to think about what Carter had just said

“Yeah I guess you're right”

Carter Smiled 

“I know I am right. I also know my dad is growing on you Mason I know  you are starting to love him like he is your own father and I understand why he has been more of a father to you these past nine months that you have lived here with us then you father ever has in 9 years”

I took a minute to think about what to say next

“Let’s say that’s true let’s say he is growing on me would you be ok with that”

Carter chuckled

“Of cores I would Mason I already consider you my little brother”

There was a moment of silence before Carter broke the silence 

“look you got to tell my dad the truth”

I drew a deep breath

“I know and I will but not yet. Please don’t tell him I will tell himwhen I am ready I just need a little time”

Carter thought a moment 

“Why are you so afraid to tell my dad”


I shrugged

“ well for one it will devastate my mom and for two I want to believe my dad would never hurt anyone but he has become so unpredictable I no longer have any idea what he’s capable of telling Scott could put all of us in danger!

Carter shook his head

“Mason not telling him also puts us all in danger no matter what your dad is a threat to all of us and became a threat to all of us the day you and your mom moved in here at least buy telling my dad he can protect us”

Mason looked down at the ground

“Yes but showing Scott that note could be that final thing that pushes my dad over the edge. Look  you Scott and Emma became a threat to my dad the minute we started becoming a family. My dad wants us to be a family and in my dads mind he thinks that with you Scott and Emma in the picture he will never get that chance”

Carter looked at mason

“My dad can take care of him self Mason and so can I”

Mason shook his head 

“I don’t doubt that and I believe that you and Scott are not afraid of my dad I am sure you would put up a good fight against my dad I know you and Scott can defend yourselves bu Emma Can’t what happens if he goes after Emma to get to you and Scott. You know people like that usauly always go for the weakest link”

Carter looked at me again he put up a front but I could tell he was worried about what I had just said

“My dad will protect us he will protect all of us and anyway we don’t know for sure your dad will try anything in fact more then likely he won’t. There is a very hi chance that those are all just empty threats”

Carter drew a deep breath

 “ look I think it is best that my dad here this from you I understand you are afraid to talk to him about it but you have to Mason he needs to know”

I looked down at my feet

“Your right I am scared because your dad has been the closest thing I have to a father and I haven’t been honest with him. I kept this from him. I made him think that I gave him all the mail when I really kept a letter for myself and never said a word to him about it. He will have every right to be mad at me for that even punish me”

Carter nodded

“That maybe true I agree there is a good chance my dad will not be happy that you kept this from him for so long and it is possible you could get in a little bit of trouble but you and my dad will work this out you just need to be honest with him and it will go a lot more smoothly if your the one to tell him. However having said that I can only keep quiet for so long my dad will not be too happy if he finds out I knew about this and didn’t say anything.

look Mason I hate to do this but given the situation here and the Severity and importance of that letter I have no other choice. If my dad doesn’t know within the next 2 days I am going to tell him myself ok you have 48 hours to come clean Manson I can’t give you anymore then that not with how much time has already gone by since you received this it’s important Mason you need to talk to my dad ok so if you don’t tell him within the next 48 hours I will have to tell him myself deal.”

I smiled slightly 

“Yes you have a deal thanks Carter”

Carter shrugged

‘Whatever, just know the longer you wait the More dangerous things can get This is not something you want to be keeping to yourself you will feel so much better once you come clean to my dad’

Chapter 6 

“Hey Scott” 

I said as I entered the station

“hey Mason what brings you hear I thought you and Carter wore walking home after school” 

I nodded and looked at Scott

“we were Carter just went ahead”

I looked at a picture on his desk of me Carter Himself my mom and Emma

“Are u and mom going out tonight?”

Scott Smiled he and my mom had been officially dating for several months now 

“Yeah actually we are. I figure that together you and Carter are both old enough and responsible enough to look after Emma for a couple hours while your mother and I are gone but I am going to have the Neighbor come by for a little bit so that your kids are not by yourselves.

The next thing I said I clearly did not think through very well 

Good because you shouldn’t trust me I am not mature enough to help take care of Emma and you shouldn’t trust me to be.

Scott looked up at me surprised and I knew at that point I had no choice but to do what I came there to do there was no backing out now

“What does that mean Mason?”

I drew a deep breath and looked down at my shoes

“Look ok you're at work and i know you're busy but do you think we could talk for a minute? I need to tell you something, it's very important.”

Scott Smiled

“Of cores son what’s on your mind”


I looked down at my shoes and hesitated

“I have to admit something something I am not proud of this is hard for me to admit but I got to tell you the truth and your not gonna like it you might even be mad”

At that point I started getting teary eyed and Scott noticed this Immediately Scott drew a deep breath 

“Mason what’s going on son”

It was clear to Scott that he wasn’t going to like what I had to say.

“I haven’t been honest with you Scott I have been keeping something from you something very important something I never should have kept from you”

Scott nodded and sat back in his seat.

“Ok son well why don’t you start from the beginning and tell me what that important thing is that you haven’t been honest about”

Scott could see the fear in me and I was surprised buy how patient he was being as he waited for me to be ready to go on with my confession.

“The other night when I brought you the mail. I didn’t give you everything. I kept a letter from you a letter that was addressed to me and I didn’t tell you cuz I was pretty sure ik who it was from so I kept it from you and I snuck it upstairs with me”

Scott looked at me and nodded

“Ok and why did you do that son?”

I continued to look down at my feet 

“Well I had me reasons honest I did”

I saw the look on Scott’s face and new I had to continue with my explanation  

I got a letter that I took up to my room  I read it and well it was from my dad Scott I know I should have told you ik we all had an understanding that if dad contacted any of us we would tell each other right away I broke the rules and I am prepared to accept the consequences for my actions. Scott I am really sorry for what I did”

Scott looked at me 

“Where’s the letter now son?”

I reached into my pocket, polled the letter out and handed it to Scott. Scott read it

Dear mason

 I hear your mother is seeing someone. At first I thought nothing of it but then I found out who she was seeing and  I couldn’t help but write you this letter. You're probably wondering how I found out about this and about where you are and where you're living but I know a lot about you and your mother let’s just say I have my ways and I have my connections. I don’t know if your mother ever told you this but that man you and your mom are becoming so close to well he was the last cop to ever arrest me. I broke free and no one has been able to track me down sense. I guess by now you have figured out that I don’t approve of this relationship between your mother and Mr. Scott  Andersen. I don’t find it healthy for you or your mother. Now I know at times I may cause you to question it but I hope that you and your mother know that I always wanted what was best for you and your mom that was why I walked out just until I knew how to have a family. but don’t worry son I know where to find you. I want to come home to you and your mother. I won't be a family again. Someday soon we will be a family again. It will seem as though nothing has changed. I will see to it that we will be together again soon, just the three of us Even if It kills me. As long as no one stands in my way now one will be hurt but whatever happens two your new family will all depend on what you chose two do with this letter.  

Love you always                                     


“Well son your dad is clearly trying to Intimidate you in this letter you really should’ve come to me with this immediately”

I took a deep breath

“I know Scott and I understand that your mad at me For keeping this from you”

Scott drew a deep breath and thought for a minute 

“what finally brought you to tell me the truth son”

I tried to look at Scott but could not bring myself to do so.

“well Carter did actually you see he found out about the letter and I made him promos not to say anything he agreed but he told  me that if I didn’t tell you within the next two days he would”

Even though he tried to hide it I could see the anger it was clear that Scott was not happy with me.

“He threatened the whole family Mason and you didn’t think that was something you needed to bring to my attention right away?”

I looked down at my shoes

“I’m sorry Scott”

Scott drew a deep breath 

“ are you telling me that Carter new about this and didn’t tell me either”

I drew a deep breath and shook my head

“Don’t do that ok Scott Carter didn’t do anything wrong and you know it. I know you're mad at me right now and that’s ok I understand why you are mad at me. So be mad at me don’t try and find a way to be mad at Carter ok it’s me who did wrong here not Carter”

Scott slams his hands down on his desk startling me just a little

“Your right son you did do wrong and I am upset”

Scott said sternly as I whipped my eyes Scott drew a deep breath and sat back in his seat again

“Do you think the family is safe from him?”

Scott shook his head

“I don’t know son, one thing I can tell you for sure is that my team is going to investigate this. They will track your father down without him being any the wiser pinpoint his exact location and keep tabs on him. They will do everything they can to make sure your father doesn’t succeed with any attempts to contact or visit you and your mother. But here’s the thing: Mason I need to be able to trust that you're going to be honest with me if he contacts you again. If he does, I need to know you will come to me immediately. That's the only way I can keep you and your mom and the rest of my family safe. Mason this is important and I know you know that.”

I looked up at Scott

“As long as we are talking about being honest with each other why didn’t you tell me you were the last Person to put my dad behind bars”

Scott drew a deep breath 

“Because son your mother didn’t want me to we both thought it was best if you didn’t know any of my history with your father your father and I go way back and one of these days I will tell you all about my history with him. However that is not important here what is important is this letter I need you to promise me that you will be honest with me if anything like this happens again and not keep it from me.”

“I promise I will never do this again Scott and I will definitely let you know if he reaches out again or about anything involving my dad”

Scott nodded 

“Ok that’s good enough for me son

I looked at Scott 

“Is that it?”

Scott Smiled 

“Yes unless there is something else u need to tell me”

I smirked

No Scott I have told you everything I just I thought maybe you would.....”

Scott interrupted my thought process

“You thought I would punish you didn’t you”

I shrugged 

“Well yeah I guess I did”

Scott Smiled and Shook his head

“ I can’t say I didn’t consider that son but I think this whole experience has been punishment enough don’t you agree”

I smiled

“Yes Scott I do”

Scott looked at me and smiled

“I am proud of you son. I know  this wasn’t easy for you. Despite the fact that you kept this from me for so long you did the right thing coming clean I am proud of you for doing so now why don’t you run on home”

I nodded as Scott went back to his work and I headed for the door then I stopped and turned back Towards Scott

“Hey Scott”

Scott looked back up from his work 

“Yes son”

 I took a minute to think about how I wanted to say this.


 The other night when Carter and I were talking he said something quite interesting and well I was just wondering sense your the closest thing I have to a dad and sense you and my mom are getting so close and sense I don’t think my mom and I are going anywhere anytime soon I was just wondering if you would be ok with me calling you dad sense you have been such a good dad to me over the past 9 months or so.”

Scott Smiled

“Of cores son I would be honored if you would call me dad”

I ran over and gave Scott a hug and with that I left the station and headed home.

Later that night Mom and Scott were talking in Scott’s room

“I can talk to him if you would like”

Scott Smiled

“Nah I don’t think that is Necessary”

Mom looked at Scott 

“Scott his actions put us all in danger had he given you the letter when he first read it you guys would probably already have eyes on Jedidiah”

Scott Smiled as he put his arm around mom

“I know and so does he. Look I came down hard on him ok Mason knows what he did was wrong and I guarantee he will never do it again”

Mom smiled

“Ok if you say so”

Mom said as Scott kissed her

“ I really should be getting back to my room now”

My mom said as Scott kissed her again

“ yes you could do that or instead you could just have a sleepover right here in my room”

Mom Smiled and shook her head

“ what about Emma?”

Scott looked at her with a smile

“ you and I both know she gets up in the middle of the night what if she has a bad dream and wants you”

With a big smile Scott brushed moms hair away from her eyes

“Then she can sleep in between”

Mom Smiled and looked at Scott

“Are you sure u want to start getting her in that habit we will go to bed every night and wake up with a Pumpkin In between us”

Scott chuckled

“Your right she is quite a little pumpkin”

Mom laughed

“Ok you win I will stay in here tonight”

Scott Smiled

“Good now let’s get some sleep shall we’

Chapter 7

“Ok Billy do you think you can be nice long enough to watch the boys for a few minutes while I run over to the neighbors?”

Billy turns up his nose

“Yes dad”

Billy's dad smiled

“Ok I will be back as soon as I can I am trusting you Billy”

Billy looked over at us

“Yes of cores Dad we will be fine I promise”

Billy’s dad smiled and walked out the door

Billy sat down at the table and worked on his math homework. It was very quiet, it was just Billy me and Carter. Billy’s father was watching us while our parents were out. Billy was struggling to get his homework done after waiting really he last minute to start taking the assignment seriously after his dad informed him that if his grads did not improve he would be going to summer school. However the quiet didn’t last long. About ten minutes past and there was a nock on the door Billy answered it.

“What are you doing here?” 

Billy asked 

“Just came to visit is all” 

Billy rolls his eyes

 “You and I both know that’s not true.” 

the man at the door didn’t seem to care. Much about what Billy was saying.

“May I come in?” 

Billy shook his head

 “You know you’re not welcome here you need to leave now my dad will be home soon and believe me you and I both know if he catches you her it won’t end well” 

Again the man Just ignored Billy’s comment. 

“I see the house hasn’t changed much since the last time I was here.” 

Again Billy shook his head. 

“Why exactly are you here?” 

The man Smiled. 

“Oh Billy my boy we both know why I am hear”

he said pushing his way into the house. 

“I  might not be the most liked kid at school Uncle Judd. I don’t deny the fact that I have made mistakes but you might as well give up now because I am nowhere near as bad a man as you. Look ik you want me to be but i am not you Uncle Judd and I don’t want to be like you I am not anything like you and I never will be so just go home and leave us be.”   

This man really didn’t care about anything Billy was saying              

So while I am here I might as well ask you about those Andersen’s.”

 Billy looked into his uncle's eyes

“So that is why you're here how did you know they were even here”

Judd smirked

“Look son I don’t care about the other one just Elijah”

Billy looked over at us

“ first of all don’t call me son ok second of all I have nothing to say to about  Mason”

Judd smiled  in a very creepy way

 “Fair enough I will find out what I need to know soon enough anyway.” 

Billy looked at him as if anything he ever said surprised him any more but still he had his attention now. 

“What are you talking about?” 

Judd smiled and shook his head. 

“Oh you haven’t heard?” 

Billy glared at him

“Well then I guess it’s only a matter of time before you do so I it is well just tell you. see I have a new partner and well let’s just say he is interested in that boy there.” 

Billy was Off guard for a split second 

“wait partner?” 

smiling once again Judd looked at his Nephew. 

“Yes that’s what I said.” 

Now Billy was actually surprised. 

“And by partner you mean someone with equal power as you?” 

Judd laughed. 

“You’re a lot smarter than your teacher gives you credit for, kid.” 

I shook my head and glared at him. 

“You have never worked that way before.”  

Judd just stood there. 

“There’s a first time for everything this guy isn’t just any partner” 

Billy shook his head

“Ok fine I will engage you on this for just a second.How did you guys meet”

“Oh yes that’s a neat story you see  like me he came to town looking for someone family. I was able to help him with that as I said before he is quite interested in Mason”

Billy remembering things he had heard about my past was able to connect the dots.

“I am not gonna ask you again leave now uncle Judd”

Judd smirked and shook his head

“Ok then my job here is done anyway until next time then kid”

Billy looked at me as he shut the door

“That’s why you and ur mother so quickly took the Andersen name and told everyone you were Andersen’s to protect yourself from your fathers friends and Enemies”

Right then I realize Billy and I had a lot more in common than we ever thought

“Yeah mom and I new we would be safer that way it would make it harder for our dad to track us here the only one who knows this though is Carter and his dad So please ik this is asking a lot Especially from you but can you just keep this to yourself”

Billy Smiled 

“Mason My uncle didn’t come here to say hi. He came here as a favor to your father. Look your secret is safe with me ok. It’s like I told Judd I have done somethings some mean things but Mason I would never put you and your family in that kinda danger”

I looked down at the ground every bone in my body wanted to trust Billy  but it was so hard given he and I’s history.

“Look if you mean that then I could really use your help with something”

Billy looked at Mason

“What are you thinking Mason?”

Mason drew a deep breath

“Well I am thinking we need to tell your dad and  mine ASAP. See I promised my dad I would not keep anything like this from him again. He was very upset when he found out about the letter. I don’t want to know what he will do if I keep anything more from him, especially something that has to do with my dad.”

Billy nodded 

Chapter 8

“It must suck being in this situation?

Scott shrugged

“Yah it does but what can we do you know we will get by just as we always do”

Scott said filling the babysitter in on the issue. we didn’t hear anything from rather Judd or my father since that day at Billy’s. 

It was comforting knowing my mom and I had Scott and his team looking out for use and the babysitter was up to date so she could keep a closer Eye on Emma I didn’t believe that my dad would hurt Emma or anyone else but my dad had become so unpredictable it was hard to really know what he was capable of.

“hey do you know when that report is due”

I asked Carter on our way home from School that next day

“ I believe she seed it was due sometime next week next Friday I think”

I thought for a minute.

“ Yah that sounds about right I guess”

I say as we enter the house 

“Hey Evelyn”

Carter sais to the babysitter 

“Hey boys how was school?”

Carter and I both looked at each other and smiled


We both said at the same time

“Where’s Emma?”

I asked

“Upstairs in her room now that you boys are home I will go say buy to her then be on my way”

I nodded 

“Sounds Good Evelyn thanks”

Emma came downstairs and Evelyn said good buy to us and left soon after Evelyn left there was a nock on the door I answered it

“Oh hi Cole”


Billy’s little brother Colton  Smiled

“Hey guys”

Carter Smiled

“Why don’t you come on in Cole”

Colton Smiled and entered the house gently closing the door behind him

“Thanks guys sorry if I am interrupting anything I just had to get out of the house for a while”

Carter and I looked at each other

“ of course your always welcome here you know that Cole is everything ok at home?”

I asked

“ yeah Dad and Billy are butting heads”

Carter looked at Cole

“But things are ok though right?”

Colton drew a deep Breath 

“It will be Its just that Billy has been doing a very good job staying out of trouble but today he picked on some younger kids and one of them actually had the nerve to tell the principal the principal called dad and well let’s just say dad wasn’t all that happy when we got home from school”

Carter and I looked at each other 

“Sorry to here that Cole it’s hard to have to listen to two people argue”

Cole smirked

“Yeah you would think I would be used to it buy now but it’s been a while sense Billy and dad have come to blows”

Carter looked at Colton

“So there having a pretty good argument then”

Carter asked Colton shrugged 

“Dad told Billy he was going back to Counseling and Billy didn’t like that much but to be honest things were a lot better when Billy was in Counseling and during that short time he was staying out of trouble at school and otherwise now Billy is falling back into that old pattern and dad wants to put an end to it before Billy goes to far”

Just then the door opened

“Hey boys, Colton”

“Hey Mr. Anderson”

Dad smiled

“when are you gunna just start calling me Scott I have known you all your life there is really know need for that Mr. stuff”

Colton Smiled 

“Would you like to stay for dinner?”

Scott asked Colton

“ thank you for the invite but no I should probably get home Incase I need to stop dad from killing Billy”

My dad looked down and smiled

“Yes your dad seemed quite upset when he received that call from the principal today is everything ok at home”

Colton Smiled ever so slightly 

“It will be Billy isn’t to thrilled about  going back to counseling but I don’t think dad is gunna really give him a choice”

And with that Colton left!


Chapter 9

“Hey long time no see Anderson”

Dad shook his head

“ Don’t play games Jed just tell me what it is you won’t. 

Jed looked at dad

“5 million in cash”

Scott shook his head

“O yes because I carry that kind of money in my back pocket”

Jed laughed

“You still have that same old sense of humor you have always had don’t you Scott”

Scott looked at Jed

“ I don’t know what you think your gunna pole here Jed but you should know that know one in this room is in the mood for your games” 

“Look man all I need is that money and then I will leave you and your family alone I will even leave town and let you go on living happily my ex without any trouble”

Scott shook his head

“Do you realize how difficult it is for even us to get our hands on that kind of money”

Dad shook his head 

“you know what actually never mind  maybe you just want to tell us why you need all that money?”

Jed looked down at the ground 

 “You don’t want to know the answer to that Scott bottom line is if you want to save your family if you want to live happily with my ex and continue raising my son as your own you will get me that money.”

Scott shook his head 

“How about instead I just arrest you I mean why not you have threatened my family many different times and caused heartache to my entire family not to mention all the laws you have broken over the years”

Jed smirked

“O my good friend you know you have nothing to hold me on you know my lawyer would have me out in a matter of hours”

Scott shook his head

“I am not your friend”

Jed once again smirked 

“maybe not anymore but we used to be best friends in remember”

Scott looked at Jed

“That was a long time ago you have changed we have changed we are not the same people we were then”

Jed Smiled 

“Remember Prom night you pushed Becky and I to dance together that night.”

Scott Smiled 

“ of course I remember I also remember how long you waited for that first kiss. You fought so hard for her You wanted her love so bad and you would have done anything to get it that night. That was understandable because she was the most popular girl in school.”

Jed smirked 

“All the guys wanted her and they wore all shocked when she left Drake at the last minute on the dance floor to dance with me she chose me that night.”

Scott shook his head

“ we all thought that nothing could tare you to apart. Than came graduation and we all went are spirit ways. She was your high school love the first girl you ever kissed”

Jed looked down at the ground

“5 years ago Becky and I reconnected and she ended up pregnant with my second son that was the start of our issues with Masons mother. I thought Becky and I could make things work but  After Becky took our son and walked out the door I went back to try and make things work with Mason and his mom”

Scott shook his head

“What happened to you man  m you had a great life and a great family that you just threw away and for what this life of crime.  You have changed Jed I don’t recognize you I don’t know who you are anymore or what you have become”

Jed looked down he didn’t know what to say

“Look Jed you and I were best friends but like I said you changed I don’t know who you are anymore but I do know that you and I are now on opposite sides of he law and I need to protect my family so it’s important that you know I will be working on getting that evidence you pointed out I don’t have. You can’t cheat the law for ever Jed I will find the evidence I need to put you behind bars furthermore we will not be giving you any amount of money and if you ever threaten my family again you will have me to deal with and believe me it won’t be plesent!”

Jed Smiled

“we will see I look forward to our next chat”

Jones smirked listening to this conversation was entertaining but it was about to get even more interesting as Jones looked toward the entrance.


Jones said quickly Scott immediately looked up 

“Son what are you doing here I thought you and Carter were going home after school”

I was stunned when i saw that Jeddah was there Jeddah looked at Mei immediately turned to Scott

“Why is he here?”

I asked as Jed looked down and smirked 

“It’s nice to see you Mason”

Mason looked up angerly. 

“Yeah well it’s. Not nice to see you”

Scott looked up surprised

“Mason That was not nice I want you to apologize to Jed for being so rude”

Mason looked at Scott

“Why would I do that?”

Scott looked at Mason displeased 

“Because like it or not Mason Jed here is your father and you need to be respectful”

Mason shook his head

“Jed is not my father Scott you your my father Jed is nothing to me”

Scott opened his mouth to say something but Jed stopped him

“Look Son I know  your upset what I did to you and your mother was not cool and you have a right to be upset but I hope you might be willing to let me try and make up for that”

Mason looked at Jed

“I am not your son and your not my father Scott has been more or a father to me then you ever have been. You were never there when I needed a dad and I don’t believe you ever will be.”

Jed looked at Mason 

“That is all true but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you mason”

Mason shook his head

Rather you care about me or not isn’t the point the point is you walked out on mom and I and left us with nothing I am not sure I can ever forgive you for that”

Jed smirked

“I would love to stay and talk more but I really have to get going”

And with that Jed walked out the door

Mason looked at Scott

“Why did you let him walk out of here”

Scott drew a deep breath

“I didn’t really have a choice son”

Mason said nothing he just shook his head and walked out the door everyone still in the station looked at Scott. Scott shook his head.

“Alright guys shows over let’s get back to work”

 Chapter 10

“Jones you have anything yet?”

Dad asked 

“No nothing yet boss I have yet to find anything Incriminating that we could hold Jedediah on but we have guys keeping an eye on him if he slips up we will catch him”

Scott shook his head

“How can that be you and I both know he has broken so many laws your really telling me we can’t find evidence tying him to even just one of those crimes?”

Jones looked at Scott

“What can I say Boss Jed is good at covering his tracks”

Scott and Jones just looked at each other 

“ Look Scott I know this is personal for you but let me tell you as your friend you might have to figure out away to make peace with the fact that unless Jedidiah slips up again he is gunna walk I am sorry but that’s the hard truth here Scott there’s just nothing any of us can do about that.”

Scott didn’t say anything instead he just turned and walked away Jones new he had upset Scott but he also new that with a little time and space Scott would realize he was right!

Latter hat night mom was cooking dinner and Carter and I were playing video games when dad entered the living room

“Mason the garbage hasn’t been taken out the dishwasher hasn’t been emptied and your half of the room is still a mess I asked you to do these things a while ago”

Mason didn’t even look at Scott


Scott shook his head

“So when I ask you to do something I expect you to do it”

Mason ignored Scott and continued playing there game

“ you know what this Attitude you have been giving me lately is not ok Mason and your defiance is very un called for”

Mason rolled his eyes this angered Scott even more

“Ok fine if that’s the way ur going to act you can spend the rest of the evening in your room”

Mason mumbled a few things under his breath then stormed off upstairs. A little bit later Carter came up to there room

“What is going on with you all dad did was ask you to do your chores and you gave him and attitude”

Mason looked at Carter

“I don’t want to talk about it”

Carter shook his head

“I don’t really care if you want to talk about it or not Mason u have been acting out and picking fights with dad left and right”

Mason shook his head

“Dad didn’t like the way I spoke to Jed and he has been on my case ever sense”

Carter shook his head

“Ok well I hate to say it mason but I agree with dad here from what I heard you were very mean and rude to Jed you know dad doesn’t like us being rude to anyone even if they do deserve it”

Mason looked down

Hey Carter thanks”

Carter looked at Mason

“What for”

Mason smiled 

“Just thanks”

Then mason headed downstairs dad was in the living room in his recliner.

“Hey dad do you think maybe we can talk for a minute”

Dad looked at Mason

“Yes of course mason what’s up?”

Mason looked down at the ground suddenly filed with a lot of guilt it didn’t feel good at all to him.

“I  just want to say that I am sorry for the way I have been behaving and I am sorry for the way I talked to Jed”

Scott set his glass of wine down on the coaster that sat on the end table next to his recliner.

“I appreciate that son”

Scott then drew a deep breath

“ look Mason ik it was hard for you to see Jed and ik it’s hard for you with him staying in town but just because something is hard and upsetting doesn’t mean you can be rude and disrespectful do you understand that”

Mason looked down at his feet 

“Yes dad I do”

Still looking at his feet mason took a breath

“I know this is hard for you to dad with him being in town and all and you not being able to do anything about it. Ik you and Jed have history and I know you used to be close”

Taking another breath of his own Scott looked at Mason

“Yes it is despite everything Jed has done to you to use to this family and dispose the laws he has Brocken Jed and I go way back we were best friends I have known Jed sense we were your age and I know who he is he is not a bad guy he just took a bad turn and has made some poor choices”

I thought about what my dad had just said then smiling I looked up at him

“Do you want to play some Mario kart?”

Dad smiled 

“Sure son”

Chapter 11

“Hey Dad what are you reading?”

Dad looked up from the letter in his hand

“Oh this is a letter and invitation to our high school reunion it sounds fun it been a while sense I have seen my class mates”

Carter looked at dad

“Does that mean your going?”

Dad Smiled 

“Yes I think it will be good for me to see everyone again and a lot of fun to see where everyone is at in there lives now”

Carter Smiled

“Jones was in your class right?”

Dad smiled 

“Yes he was I should talk to him about us car pooling”

Carter and I Smiled it was nice seeing dad so exited about something 

Later that night I was talking to Carter

“ have u ever seen dad so exited about something like this”

Carter didn’t even look up from his book

“Nope I have not”

I continued talking

“Do you think Jones will go with him”

Carter shook his head still not looking up from his book

“ yes look I told you already I am trying to study for tomorrow’s test ok I don’t have time for this right now”

Just hen Emma entered our room with one of her tea cups from her kitchen set 

“Enyone want a cup of tea”

Carter drew a deal breath and dropped his pence on the table

“Not right not Emma”

Carter said

“But I want you both to have some tea with me”

Carter drew another deep breath

“Look will you both just please leave get out of the room”

Carter snapped clearly very frustrated

“Your kicking me out of my own room”

I asked carter

“Yes, Yes I am ok”

Carter said looking at me I smiled.

“Common Emma lets go see if your dolls want tome Tea”

I said to Emma


Emma said very enthusiastically

I smiled and and Emma and I headed across the hall to her room signal from Carter and I’s room

Chapter 12

“Becky is that you?”

Scott asked pulling the shopping cart of to the side just a bit

 “Scott how nice to see you again it’s been so long”

Scott Smiled 

“Yes it has been and this must be Gabriel”

Becky Smiled 

“Yes it is”

Gabriel looked at Scott with his big blue eyes

“Well he is a great looking little boy and my goodness look at that very blond hair and those curls are so cute”

Becky Smiled and looked at Gabriel 

“Thank you Scott”

Scott nodded

Your welcome so I here you and drake are thinking about getting Engaged now”

Becky nodded

“Yes we have been talking about it for a little while now.Drake is is looking for something’s around the store if you stick around a minute you might get to see him.”

Scott smiled

Well I am glad you and Drake were able to get back together after everything that happened specially in high school you remember prom night right

Becky Smiled and shook her head

“Oh yes prom I won’t ever forget that night”

Scott looked at Becky

“ No and neither and I bet neither will Drake you broke his heart that night”

Becky looked down

“ Yes I know it was quite the night the look on Drakes face when Jedidiah and I kissed I was not sure he would ever forgive me”

Scott Smiled and shook his head

“No me either and now Drake is practically raising Jed’s son what a turn of events”

Becky and Scott both smiled at each other 

“Hey are you coming to the reunion on Friday?”

“No Drake and I have decided to just stay in for the night. see just moving back hear and all we have been busy”

Scott nodded

“I understand”


Scott said

“Gabe will be starting at a new preschool soon and Kindergarten next fall”

Scott Smiled

“They grow up fast don’t they”

Becky nodded

“Yes they do”

Scott Smiled 

“I wish you would change your mind though about The reunion”

Becky looked down at the ground

“Scott please don’t make it any harder than it is you know I want to be there but Drake doesn’t wont history to repeat its self I am doing him a favor here buy not going”

Scott looked at Becky

  “ Have you seen Jed at all lately”

Becky looked at me surprised but the question

“Have you lost your mind?” 

Scott Smiled and shook his head

I don’t think so no why”

Becky looked at Drake 

You know what seeing Jed would do to Drake”

Scott Smiled and put his hands in his mpockets

“Well yes but I mean he is your sons father”

Becky shook her head

“You and I both know Jed has never been much of a father”

Scott looked at Becky 

“It’s been nearly four years sense Gabe has seen his father and Jed has made not attempt to change that”

Scott smirked

“Have you given him the chance too”

Becky shook his head

“He has our number he has never so much as given me or his son a call”

Scott looked at Gabriel 

“He is in town you know I saw him not that long ago”

Becky nodded

“Well that makes it worse then doesn’t it he knows where we live and he hasn’t even tried to come see us”

Scott smirked

“Well I mean he knows you have made a life with Drake maybe he isn’t comfortable with just stopping buy uninvited”

Becky laughed

“You really think Jed cares about things like that”

Scott Smiled

“Well believe it of not Jed is human”

Becky and Scott once again looked at each other

“He has lost his way Rebecca he just isn’t Jed any more in fact I don’t know who he has become”

Becky shook his head

“I will tell you what I will talk to Drake about coming to the reunion I think it might be good for both of us to see all our old class mates”

Just then Drake returned dropping a few things into the cart

“Hey Scott nice to see you it’s been a while”

Scott Smiled

“It’s very nice to see you to Drake hey I have to get home the boys and Emma are probably driving there mother crazy buy now waiting for me to get home and make dinner”

Drake smiled

“Well good to see you man say hi to the family for me would you”

Scott Smiled

“Of course oh and once we get the reunion out of the way now that your back living here in town we should talk about getting the boys together I am Sure mason would love to have a relationship with his little brother”

Becky and drake smiled

Yes of course I thing that would be great for both Gabriel and Mason”

They all smiled at each other  waved and said goodbye as Scott payed for his Groceries and headed out the door!


 Chapter 13

“Oh Jeddah glad you could make it tonight. Everyone is just hanging out and talking about things catching up you are welcome to join us”

Jones looked at Scott

Scott what is going on here?”

Scott Smiled 

“I invited an old friend to our reunion after all it’s his reunion too”

One of our old classmates Steve looked at Scott and shook his head 

“You should drag that man out of here in cuffs?”

Steve said Jones drew a deep breath

“Scott can I talk to you outside for just a minute”

Jones asked 

“Of course”

Scott said as they stepped out of the room

“What are you doing?”

Scott looked at Jones 

I am afraid I don’t know what you mean Jones”

Jones shook his head

“Common Scott when we found that video of him driving a stolen car you told the whole station to arrest that man on the spot if any of us so him around”

Scott nodded

“I did didn’t I sham on me for going agents my own orders.You know come to think of it I am not the only one that disobeyed that order am I Jones?” 

Jones looked at Scott surprised

“How did you know about that?”

“Detective  Martin Mraz told me”

Jones shook his head 

“He wasn’t supposed to do that”

Scott nodded

“So you don’t deny it then?”

Jones drew a deep breath

“No Scott I don’t that was like 2 weeks ago.”

Scott looked at Jones Yes and I have known about it for a little over a week now”

Jones looked at Scott

“So why are you just bringing it up now”

“ well You know  Jones I was kind of hopping that given our friendship and our history that maybe you would tell me yourself you know if my son can do it I would think you could as well”

Jones drew a deep breath

“So that’s why you have been acting a little more irritated then usual you knew and you were waiting for me to come clean?”

Scott didn’t say anything he just nodded

“Look Scott I wanted to tell you I did but this job is everything to me It is what puts the food on the table for my family and more importantly I didn’t want to risk our friendship on a moment of weakness. I thougt at the very least you would take me off the case and next to you knowone else knows Jed as well as I do”

Scott drew a deep breath

“Well that doesn’t matter now what’s done is done. We are at our high school reunion we should be out there with our friends and classmates. Jones you and I both made a choice based on a personal connection to Jed after tonight Jed is a free man. We have know evidence that he stole that

 Car just that he was driving it there could be a perfectly exceptable explanation for that but even if there is not”

Jones smirked 

“Yeah right I am sure he has a great split nation as to why he was driving a stolen car Scott”

Scott shrugged

“Well even if he doesn’t  after tonight everything we might have on Jed diapers. As long as Jed keeps his nose clean he will never do any time  we are giving him a chance to pull himself together the rest is up to him

Jones and Scott both smiled

“common lets  go back in side and have some fun with our friends and classmates I think we are doing the time Capital tonight”

Jones Smiled

“Oh yes the time capsule I put in that badge my dad gave me when I told him I wanted to be a detective like him”

Scott Smiled

“I put in my lucky Baseball that I had sense I could swing a bat that ball got me threw middle and high school baseball and because of that ball our high school team took first place all four years. And Jed put in a bat to go with it”

Jones Smiled

“ yea Jed didn’t have much that was of value to him or memorable so he put his old baseball bat in there he said it would help make your ball not feel so out of place. Other then you and I Jed didn’t have very many friends”

We went back inside just intime to here that song come on that same song that Becky had left Drake for Jed on all those years ago. Not much was said nothing really needed to be when Jed asked Becky if they could have this dance for old times sake and that spotlight shined down on hem just like that night the kiss afterwords was inevitable! And though Becky wanted to give Drake an explanation when there eyes met they both new that no explanation would be necessary. Yes it was a magical moment but yes at the same time it sucked and this time people felt very bad for Drake but we all new know matter what Drake would always be in Becky’s life and he would always be a father to Gabriel. Even if Jed was back in the picture everyone new Becky would never take Drakes little boy away from him. Drake was there to hold her hand threw labor, he was there to here his first cry,  he was there for his first steps, he was there to here his first words, he was there when Gabriel got hurt and was crying, he was there for all the happy moments listening to Gabriel’s little giggles and he would be there for Gabriel’s first day of Kindergarten and he would be there when he graduated high school and went off to college!

“Mommy mommy”

Everyone heard as Gabriel came running in!

“Evelyn why would you bring him here I am sorry ik this isn’t Ideal but I got a phone call it’s a family emergency and I just really have to go”

Becky drew a deep breath

Ok know you know what that’s fine really I understand he can hang out here with us for a while thanks Evelyn”

“No thank you Rebecca for 


And with that Evelyn took off

“Evelyn is Gabriel’s baby sitter huh what is she the only babysitter in this town cuz she is also Emma’s”

Scott said

Becky laughed 

“The only good one anyway”

Becky said looking at her son 

“I think I should take him home now this was a fun evening guys. Drake I will call you later I really think we should talk”

Drake nodded as Becky and Gabriel headed toed the door Becky stopped just shy of the door

“ you know what how would you like to come along with us Jed I think Gabe would love to have some time with you and get to know his father you can help me read him a story and tuck him in tonight”

Jed Smiled


Jed said and then the three of them left drake looked down at the ground 

“You know I think I am going to get going to dislike that little show right here I had fun tonight it may sound crazy but I am glad you talked us into coming tonight Scott goodnight everyone”

We all said goodnight to Drake as he walked out 

Chapter 14

“Common Mason hurry up Gabriel will be here any minute now”

Emma’s head shot up quickly

“Wait Gabe is coming?”

Emma asked

“Yes Emma we are going to watch Gabe while Becky and Jed go out”

Mason smiled 

“I think it’s good there going out they got a lot to catch up on and work out but I really feel like Jed is turning his life around now that he has something to fight for”

Scott Smiled

“Now Emma hunny i know that you and Gabe are close but I need you to try and remember that He is also here to spend some time with Mason ok”

Emma nodded

“Yes daddy”

Scott new he would have to help Mason threw out the day getting time with Gabriel without Emma being there all the time but it was doable and Scott new how important it was for Gabriel and Mason to spend some time together.

For the next few months Gabe came over often it was very nice for me to get to spend sometime with and play with my little brother but I think Emma enjoyed it more then I did.

“Who was that on the phone Mason”

Dad asked as we sat around the table for dinner

“ Oh it was Jed he and Becky are taking Gabe to the Amusement park this Friday and he wanted to know if I wanted to join them”

Scott sat back in his seat

“Just the four of you”

I nodded

“Yes just me him Becky and and Gabe “

Scott drew a deep breath 

“Well do you want to go with them”

Scott asked

I thought about it for a minute until recently it had been a few years sense I even saw Jed I was 6 the last time Jed and it took the time to take me anywhere or spend some real time with me I am now Twelve for the last couple of years Scott was the only father figure i knew.

“Yeah I think I do I mean i figure the least I can do is give Jed a chance to at least play some kinda a role in my life”

Scott nodded

“I agree”

Scott said Mason looked shocked 

“Wait you do because I thought you would not like this all that much”

Scott Smiled

“Son you me your mom Carter and Emma where a family and that’s not going to change ik that’s not going to change no matter how involved you decide to slow Jed to get your my son I am not at all worried about that I think it’s good for you to have some kind of a relationship with Jed”

Mason smiled 

“Thanks Scott I will call him right now and let him know I want to come along”

Scott Smiled and nodded as I grabbed the phone and started dialing 

Chapter 15

When we got to the Amusement park it was quite busy as most amusement parks the lines for every ride we’re very long sometimes you’d wait a good hour just to go on a ride

We tried to find new rides but Gabe only wanted to hang out in one area for some reason he was obsessed in continuously riding the octopus, the spinning tea cups and for some reason the Merry go round. Finally Becky stayed with Gabe at the Octopus and spinning teacups which were right near each other wild Jed took me on a few other rides I think my favorite moment was when he and I went over to the bumper cars that and this very cool roller coaster he took me on.

I loved the roller coasters but this one was different this roller coaster wasn’t like the others. It was dark  like we were going threw a cave with Projections on the side. All of a sudden you would see  the shapes of things but not know what they were shaped of though we made our best guesses. This was a very cool ride you moved at a steady speed not fast but not slow either until every once in a while coming to a surprise drop that because it was dark you never saw coming.

Threw out our time at the park we took many pictures I won’t lie we had a lot of fun. When they dropped me back off at home I almost didn’t want to leave.

“Hey mason did you have a good time”

Mom and Scott asked as Carter played video games.

“Yes I did it was a lot of fun I said then I showed them some of the pictures and told them all about how Gabe had his favorite rides and he only wanted to ride those rides pretty much the whole time. 

“We did got to play some games and one some cool prizes I one a little stuffed dog for Gabe and a teddy bare that was bigger then he was”

I then went on to tell him that because we were having trouble getting Gabe to move on from Certain rides Becky stayed with him and Jed took me on other rides I told them about the bumper cars and the dark Roller coaster.

“Well I guess you really did have a good time huh”

Scott said smiling I smiled back at Scott 

“Yes I did. You know I was thinking maybe next weekend or the weekend you mom Carter and I could take Emma there she would love it”

Mom and Scott Smiled 

“Well I don’t know about next weekend but I think that is a great idea Mason a nice family outing that we all can enjoy your mom and I will figure out a datthat works ok”

I smiled 

“Ok sounds good to me”

Carter Smiled and looked at me 

“I am sure ur probably beat little brother but do you think you may be up for so Mario Cart”

I laughed and looked at Carter

“Oh Carter you know I am always up for beating you in Mario cart”

Carter Smiled

“Yes I do except I am going to be the one beating you”

I smiled big as I grabbed a remote

“We will see about that”

I said and just like that the competition was on we agreed we would do a set of races then mom and dad would join in and that would be when the real competitive race would begin.

Chapter 16

 “happy birthday Gabe you are 5 now no more kiddy rides for you at the amusement park”

I teased 

Gabe gave me a pouty face

“Oh Gabe there is nothing cuter then the pouty lip”

I said and everyone laughed as we passed peace’s of cake around the table I thought of the day I have had 

Leaving school today I saw a little boy sitting on the stairs in front of the school. He reminded me how that was ones me sitting there in the same situation.

he was Living in a world that seemed so hopples I did what I could to help this boy  Elijah but he and I just didn’t have that connection I had with Carter when I first met him. 

Walking home with Carter I prayed  that little boy would find his Carter as I had a few years ago.

 time j kept going buy and before i Knew it  Becky Jed and Gabe wore a happy family and it was clear that they would stay that way bringing a mother life into the mix and expanding there family with a dutiful baby girl they named Sophie. 

As time went buy Gabe was shore he would someday be a doctor I for the life of me couldn’t figure out why or where the that Obsession of his came from but he had all sorts of Doctor type  toys!

Billy countinued to see a counselor and turns himself around bringing up his grads and actually passing with a c average instead of a D- average most thought he would have. He and I even kinda became friends.

His Brother Colten went to college and studied low and so did Carter I myself became a teacher.

Carter would become a doctor which was strange because he always had an interest in the law.  

Jed finally quit drinking and was welcomed into our lives Jed and I ended up spending quite a bit of time together but I always made sure that It didn’t interfere with my time and relationship with Scott.

Judd would spend the rest of his life in prison there was knowway of rehabilitation for him he would never change and though that was a hard truth for the Jones’s to except they all found a way to get buy 

Emma took a completely different path in 6th grad mom and dad got her her first guitar and from that point forward she was determined to make a life in Music she was very good at the guitar and could right some very good song lyrics.

Jed and I would never have a father son relationship Like I had with Scott but he would always be the man that brought me into this world. 

For a short time when my dad first ran into Becky and Gabe at the store I didn’t know how to felt about Gabe. The little boy created by one of the biggest mistakes Jed made leading to him walking out on us and preventing he and my mom from ever having any kind of future together. However it didn’t take me long For me to realize that he was not at all responsible for our father’s mistakes. 

Though I would never have a real strong relationship with Jed I would always care about him and help him when things got tough and I would give the world for Gabe and Sophie. It was my job as there big brother to keep them safe. 

As the Jones family my family and Jed and his family sat around the dinner table on this beautiful holiday eve enjoying a nice big meal of ham garlic mashed potatoes rolls green beans and every flavor of pie you can think of  I realized we had all been given a second chance a new life or as I like to call it a new beginning.




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