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I have seen many things in my life time experienced many situations but the most amazing one  started the Summer My family moved  to this town it changed my entire family’s life’s forever and I will never forget the story leading up to where we are now!

“Hunny I know this is hard leaving all of your friends I just hope you can understand that after what happened to your father this family just needs a fresh start hunny I am so proud of the way you have stepped up and have helped with ur little brother”

“Why Vermont mom”

“Oh Christy you will love Vermont your Aunt  uncle and Cousins live there”

I shrugged and looked out the window

“Its shore not San Francisco mom it’s the Patriots instead of the 49ers Tom Brady instead of Jimmy Garoppolo”

Mom just smiled and shook her head as  we polled onto a dirt Road about a mile later we polled into our new driveway!

“Wow mommy look at that house!”

My Six year old brother Nowa said excitedly jumping out of the car! Mom smiled as she unlocked the door and Nowa ran strait upstairs!

It took a couple weeks  but soon we were unpacked and somewhat settled in. Ones we were all moved in mom decided it would be a good idea to get to know some of our neighbors a couple across the street were outside with their son  who was my age mom decided it would be a good idea to go introduce ourselves.

“Hey my name is is Janice and this is my Daughter Christy and my son Nowa we just moved in here a couple weeks ago and figured we would come introduce ourselves!”

The lady smiled!

“I am glad you did Janice I am Nancy this is my husband Ray and our son Andrew. Hey Andrew why don’t u come say hello to our new neighbors!”

The boy was sitting on the stairs leading to there house he hesitated then got up and headed our way.  He said hello and shook our hands.

After a fairly Lengthy conversation we finally headed back home. As we crossed the street my brother asked a question that caught both my mom and I off Guard.

“Mom why does that boy walk like that?”

Mom drew a deep breath and thought for a moment not really sure what to tell him.

“Well Nowa Andrew has a disability that affects the way he walks”

“A disability?”

“Yes see sometimes kids are born a little bit differently some can’t talk as well some of them can’t see in Andrews Case he has a little bit harder of a time getting around then others.”

“What are those things he had on his legs?”

“Well those Nowa are called Brasses they help Andrew be able to walk and get around better”

“Will he always need them?”

“Well Nowa he will always have a hard time walking and getting around but hopefully as he gets older he will grow out of them. Hopefully his legs will get stronger and he will be able to get around without them but there is just no way of knowing for sure.”

Nowa Nodded and ran inside mom and I headed in soon behind him.


  A couple days later I Decided that I wanted to get to know our New neighbors better I headed  across the street to say hi. as I knocked on the door I wondered what it was I was going to say. Soon after I knocked Nancy answered!

“Hey I am Christy I live across the street we met the other day”

“Oh yes I remember you is there anything I can do for you Christy?”

I said nothing just looked down at the ground.

“ Well then you know Andrew is upstairs in his room if u would like to say hi”

I looked up At her and smiled.

“Yes of cores I would love to”

“Well aright then come on in”

Smiling I headed upstairs to talk with Andrew.


   As time went buy I got to know Andrew quite well he was such a strong smart boy funny to with a great sense of humor.

“ So Andy are u ready for summer to be over school will be starting soon maybe you can help me learn a few things.”

“Yeah umm I don’t go to that school!”

“Why not?”

“ oh well I am homeschooled. I tried going to school with the other kids and it didn’t work out very well”

“Oh well it’s not to late maybe you should give it another try”

“No sorry Christy but I can’t I mean think about it a kid with my disability I will have no friends everyone would pick on me”

“ well I am your friend aren’t I”

“Well yeah but......”

“But nothing Andy look kids can be mean you would probably get picked on just as much without your Disability as you will with it that’s just how kids are. If they can’t find a reason to pick on you then eventually at some point one or more will.  Common give it a try if it doesn’t work out for you then you can always go back to home schooling”

Andrew Smiled and shook his head.

“ well I can’t argue with that ok you win I will talk to my parents about it.”

As I sat in my room that evening  looking out my window it became Clear to me What Andrew needed was some self confidence and hope. Andrew Needed to believe he could do more and I was just the person to help him with that.

I laughed and smiled at Andy

“ common I will show u my room”

When we got to my room I showed him a few things the thing he was interested most in was the football I had in my room that I threw around with Nowa.

“Are u interested in Football?”

I asked Andy

“ oh I can’t I can’t play any sports”

“Well why not?”

“Well I just can’t ok”

“Andy have you even tried”

Andy looked a bit frustrated.

Look Christy someone with a disability can’t do sports ok I can’t run I can’t do a lot of things”

At that point I started getting a bit irritated.

“See that’s where your Wrong Andy”

Andy gave me a look and I drew a deep breath trying to speak to him without making him feel like I was upset.

“Look Andy your capable of a lot more then you give yourself credit for. If u believe u can’t run then you never will and  if u believe you can’t play football then you never will”

“Christy how can I possibly run I can barely get across he street on my own”

I just shook my head

“ Andy you can barely get across the street on your own because u believe you can’t do it alone. It’s just like anything else if u work at it it will start to come easier to you just like anyone else.”

Andy drew a deal breath.

“I really want to believe that Christy I really do”

“Well then believe it. Andy have u ever heard of the special Olympics.”

“No I haven’t what is special Olympics?”

I just smiled surprised that he didn’t know.

“Well Andy Special Olympics is an event Help throughout the year every year for people with special needs. There are people on these teams that are Autistic son with down syndrome some in wheelchairs and more. Andy people with all sorts of disabilities compete in the Special Olympics they have all kinds of different sports track, bowling,bocce, swimming and basketball to name a few”

“And people with my kinda disability compete”

I smiled

“Yours and do many more and the state of Vermont has a great Special Olympics program. Look if your interested you can talk to your parents”

“Do they have a football team?”

“Well actually no I don’t believe they do but that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn how to play football my brother plays and he and I are always looking for another person to throw the ball around with and run some drills.”

Andy smiled

“Do you honk Nowa would like to throw the ball around a little right now?”

“ I don’t know y don’t u go across the hall to his room and ask him”

Andy Smiled big as he grabbed the football off my bed.

“I think I will and you know what else I think I might talk to my parents about the possibility of joining the special Olympics”

I smiled big as Andy tossed the football up in the air and caught it

“I think that’s a good idea and I see that right here what u just did tossing it in the air and catching it that right here is step one”

Wait really it can’t be that’s easy”

Like I said it’s not hard u just have to practice and be willing to learn.”

For the next Week or so Andy came over every day to play football with Nowa and forming a nice bond with Nowa.

One day there was a knock on the door mom answered it

“Nancy Hi how are you?”

“I am good Janice hey is Andrew here?”

My mom smiled

“Yes he is out back playing with Christy and Nowa I most say they have been spending a lot of time together”

“Yes In dead they have been”

Nancy said. 

“Why don’t you come in and we can talk some is there anything I can get you lemonade Ice tea water?”

Lemonade if fine thank you”

Nancy sat down on the couch and when my mom came back with the lemonade Nancy just looked at her and smiled

“Thanks. You know I have to say  your Daughter Christy has done a lot for Andrew I am so glad she and a Nowa are a part of Andrews life”

My mom looked at Nancy with a smile on her face!

“Oh yeah how so?”

Nancy drew a deep breath 

“ Andrew used  to be very stubborn very willful you might say always very determined to be like all the other kids. We couldn’t stop him if Ray and I told him to slow down or to not do something he would try and do it anyway in doing so he hurt himself quite often trying to do things he just wasn’t ready for.”

My mom laughed

“Yes well that sounds like most Kids”

Nancy smirked and drew a deep breath

“ yes but then  a couple years ago something happened at School and Andrew got very hurt on the playground he fell trying to climb a tree he had to go to the hospital it took him a while to regain his strength. after that Andrew seemed to become a different kid he refused to go to school so we started homeschooling him.” And soon we realized that all that determination our little boy had was gone suddenly Andrew wouldn’t do anything he blamed what happens on his disability. He has always believed that if his legs worked the same as the other kids he never would have fallen and that because of his disability he couldn’t do the things the other kids did.”

My mother looked at Nancy 

“Well I am sorry to here that Nancy that most have been very tuff on ur family”

“Yes indeed it was”

Nancy said with a smirk

“However ever sense you guys moved here Andrew Seems to be getting back to his old self. His confidence in his self has increased  significantly he is starting to get involved more again. A couple weeks ago he even asked to go to school with the other kids and just the other night he asked about Joining a Special Olympics team we told him we would look into it and the other day we talked to the School principal he will be starting school with the other kids this year and that’s all thanks to your Daughter she is teaching and showing him that he is capable of a lot more more hen we his parents even thought he was it’s just so good to see our little boy acting like a kid again”

My mom smiled 

“Well I am Glad to here that my Daughter has been such a good influence on him”

“Yes she  Certainly has “

My mom then stood up

“ how about I call the kids in and you guys stay for dinner?”

“Oh are u sure I would hate to impose”

“Oh not at all you and your family are welcome to join us anytime”

Well thank you I think we might just do that Ray has to work late and Andrew and to be honest I hadn’t plans out a meal yet for Andrew and I”

My laughed

“Of cores why don’t u just hang out here for a while and I will call the kids in”

“Thank you Janice that’s is oddly nice of you” 

Janice just smiled and it was then that our families became best friends as we sat around the dinner table talking laughing and telling jokes .

Chapter 3

Andrew and I walked into the school together buy this time Andrew and I did everything together I was nervous but nowhere near as nervous as Andrew.

We were lucky enough to get lockers next to each other and we had to Classes together our first class of the day and our last.

Other kids would laugh at the way Timothy walked and point and Whisper but it seemed to me like None of them had the guts to do anything  mean face-to-face. 

“ so what did you think Andrew how was ur first week of school”

I asked as we got off the bus.

“I don’t know Christy it’s the first week .”

I just smiled 

“Andrew I know it’s hard and I know it’s been years since you’ve been in a classroom just know if you need anything you know where to find me”

Andrew looked down at his feet

“Yeah I know Christy I really have to get home now”

I just shook my head knowing that Andrew was not much in the mood for talking so I just said okay and headed home

The next day there was a knock on the door when I opened it I was surprised to see that it was Andrew.

“Andrew I thought you had a lot of homework and couldn’t hang out this weekend?”

Andrew looked down at the ground

“ yeah I lied sorry”

I drew a deep breath.

“Why Andrew, why would you lie to me about that?”

Andrew continued to look down at the ground

“I don’t know I guess I was trying to avoid talking about school”

I smiled Slightly 

“Andrew I know your afraid you have been through a lot please just promise me you will stick this school thing out for at least a little bit longer. Andrew I really think if you just give it a chance this whole school thing will grow on you”

Andrew looked up at me

“ Ok Christy, I will stick it out for a while longer but I‘m not making you any promises”

I laughed

“I would expected nothing less Andrew”

The next couple months went buy just fine Andrew was adjusting to being back in a public school well and though it was hard being the new kids Andrew and I had each other to make the transition easier.

Chapter 4

“ well it seems to me son like you have been quite busy”

“Yes Doc I sure have”

The doctor smiled 

“I have to Say Nancy and Ray it’s been a while sense I have seen Andrew in such a good place and from todays Physical I have to say it seems to me the hard work just may be paying off”

Nancy and Ray looked at each other and smiled

“What exactly does that mean Doc?”

“Well from what I am seeing here today it looks to me like we might just be able to move to the next  level here with Andrew.”

“The next level what exactly would that be?”

Ray asked 

“Well I think the time has come to start trying to work with Andrew and get rid of these here braces!”

Andrew And his parents looked at each other shocked.

“are you serious doc I mean that’s quite a big step for Andrew?”

The doctor smiled

“Yes it is and let me be the first to tell you it won’t be easy it will involve a lot of hard work and physical therapy but this is what we have all been hoping for over the past few years. What do u thing Andrew do you think your up for the challenge?”

“Yes Doc I absolutely am”

Doctor Greg Stone Smiled

“ now that’s the spirit I like to see, it reminds me of the old Andrew I used to know.”

“So what’s next Doc?”

Greg Smiled.

“ well Now I talk to Andrews Physical therapist. This will involve this will involve weekly PT Appointments where they will work with u to strengthen your muscles and learn how to walk without the braces.

Andrews physical therapist will also give him things to do at home I don’t know exactly tmwhat those things will be But from what I have seen in the past he will probably eventually have Andrew practicing walking around the house without his braces on. In these cases the kids still wear there braces at school and when they are out playing and doing everyday things but start using there Braces less and less at home with the long-term goal that eventually the kids won’t need the braces at all”

Andrew looked right at Greg

“Doc you really think I can get to the point where I no longer need my Braces?”

Yes son I do but I think it’s also important that u realize that this is going to take a long time and a lot of hard work to get to that point and even then you need to understand that u still always have a harder time walking and running and playing Unfortunately there is no cure for ur disability you will always have this for the rest of your life but as long as you keep working at it there is know reason you want be able to do the things all the other kids can do.”

“Thanks Doc”

Andrew said smiling he then gave Doctor Stone a hug.

“So I hear you will be starting school with the other kids soon”

“Yes that is the plan”


Well that will be good. Do you remember my son Levi you guys used to be best friends?”

Yes I do remember Levi we used to play together all the time back when I was going to school with him.”

Greg Smiled 

“yes and also before you guys were in school ever sense u were a baby you would come over to our house with your parents! You Don’t see Levi at school now?

Andrew shrugged I don’t know I mean there are a lot of kids at the school I guess he and I just haven’t crossed paths yet!”

Greg smiled 

“ well I might be able to help with that if you would likeI know Levi would love to reconnect with you”

Andrew Smiled big

“ yes I would love that very much”

“ well alright then I will see what I can do”

Doctor Greg Stone looked at Andrew and  smirked and shook his head!

“Andrew even then you never failed to surprise us all I remember the day you were norm you almost didn’t make it  you were Immediately rushed to the NICU where you were put on a ventilator when you were first born you couldn’t breath on your own 

all of us Doctors thought you wouldn’t make it longer then a couple weeks but your parents had high hopes and believed in you I guess that must be where u get it from. After a couple months in the NICU and a lot of medical attention your parents finally were able take u home”

Andrew looked surprised.


“Yes you have always been a fighter so I am not the least bit surprised to that we have made it to this point”

Andrew Smiled realizing all the obstacles he had over come in his life he new now more then ever that he would be able to do this and eventually get rid of those Braces”

Thank you Greg for telling me that story you have been my Doctor my whole life and I have to say I would never want anyone else”

“ well thank you son that means a lot to me”

Andrew and Greg Smiled at each other Andrew then gave Greg another hug as he and his parentsleft the doctors office!

Chapter 5

“I don’t think I can do this Christy”

Andrew said as we sat on the couch at my place.

“Yes you can I know that because you already are Andy”

Andrew shook his head

“School is almost out summer is here come fall we will be starting High school.

Look I just don’t think I am smart enough you have seen how much I have struggled in my classes”

I drew a deep breath

“ that’s where your wrong Andy your very smart you struggle with ur school work because it takes you a little more time to learn these things your not as fast as the other kids but your really good with math and you have many other talents that the other kids don’t have I have to say even I am jealous sometimes of the things you can do that I can’t”

Andrew shrugged

“ I want to believe that Christy I really do but you really think I can handle the pressure of High school”

I smiled

“ yes Andy I do. Look Andy you have been through so much this past year in the year hat I have known you I have seen you over come so much your even walking around without your Braces now that PT you have been doing is really working”

Andrew looked at me

“ yeah but I still need my braces to go to school and play sports and stuff”

“Yes Andy you do but you don’t need them nearly as much as you did when I first met you. The reason for that is because you were determined to learn how to walk without them”

Andrew Smiled

“Well I didn’t do it alone”

There was a pause into the conversation for a little bit before I replied

“ over the year that I have known you I have seen a lot of things I have never seen before. I have seen you overcome so much. I haven’t let you give up so far and I‘m not about to let you now!

Andrew Smiled and nodded

“You know meeting u has changed my life for the better I couldn’t ask for a better friend your my best friend Andy and. We are going to do this High school thing together just like we have everything else over the past year”

I am not sure exactly how it happened but at that point Andrew Kissed me and I kissed him back our moment was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Levi hi how are you is your dad coming?”

“Yeah actually he is he’s parking the car now”

I stepped back and held the door open fo Levi

“Common In Andy and i’s parents are in the Kitchen Getting Dinner ready and Nowa is upstairs he should be coming down soon though”

Levi  Nodded as he entered the house.

“I think it’s cool that your doing all this”

“Yeah well it’s Andrews Birthday and you and I are his best friends so it will be fun to all have dinner together my mom and Nancy made a beautiful cake for Desert to celebrate Andy’s birthday”

Right then my mom walked into the room.

“ hey Levi I am glad you could join us why don’t you kids go get washed up dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes in Christy please go get your brother”

As soon as Nowa finally came down we all gathered around the table for dinner

“Hey Andrew how about you save some of those mashed potatoes for the rest of us would you”

Greg said

“Ok ok can someone please pass me the green beans?”

“So you can eat all of those to?”

Greg teased as he handed the green beans to Andrew

“ Oh Christy I almost forgot your cousin Justin called today he is officially a detective now”

Christy Smiled

“Yes well that does not surprise me I remember when he had a private investigator to follow aunt Becky”

Everyone laughed

“Wait what your Cousin had a PI follow his mother around?”

Levi asked

“ yes His best friends dad is a PI he was mad at his mom and upset about the divorce and was Convinced that it was something she did so for whatever reason he was Determined to prove that the divorce was his mom’s fault”

Levi was very interested and so was everyone else.

“So what happened?”

Levi asked

“Well long story short the divorce turned out to be nobodies fault but a mutual decision between Aunt Becky and his father and as for the PI well he became Justin’s step father”

Everyone laughed again

“Your messing around right?”

Andrew asked

“ no I am not kidding Aunt Becky and Tom that’s The PI’s name buy the way got married and had 2 more kids my Cousins Michael and Maxine”

“Are they still married?”

Levi asked

“Oh yeah they will never get divorced they’re perfect for each other”

Levi chuckled

“ I bet that’s quite a story for them to tell every time someone asks them how they met”

Everyone laughed once more

“Ok who’s ready for some cake?”


My mother asked 

“ me mommy I want some cake”

Nowa said Mom smiled and laughed 

“ok Andrew you get the first slice”

“Happy birthday Andrew”

I said

“Happy birthday Andrew”

Everyone else said as they passed slices of cake around the table it was one of the most memorable moments in my life it really felt like we wore all one big family.

Chapter 6 

“Hey Maxine”

Nowa said opening the front door 

“Hey Nowa it’s been a minute sense I last saw you”

Maxine  looked over my way

“Normally Christy would say hi but she is racing to get her chores done so she can go over to her boyfriends”

I stopped suddenly

“Hey he is not my boyfriend”

Nowa  laughed

“I am 8 now Christy and I am not blind I see you guys kissing and stuff”

I looked at him as Maxine smiled!

“I Hate to say this Christy but I agree with Nowa  on this one you and Andrew keep growing closer and closer it’s been that way sense you first met him 2 years ago”

Nowa Smiled as I stud there not bowing what to say 

“I have to go”

Christy said pushing past Maxine and heading down the driveway.

“Love is nothing to be ashamed of Christy”

Maxine Hollered to me

Thing is she and Nowa were both right a couple weeks later Andrew and I admitted our feelings for each other and officially started dating!

 as time went on a lot happened days turned into weeks weeks turned into months and months into years

Next thing ik it was graduation day our moms  smiled as they  took pictures of Andrew and I together with our diplomas then we all went back to the house to celebrate.

Andrew and I Applied to the same colleges in where is lucky enough to get in to the same one during this time we saw a little less of each other but  but not too much less we got together every chance we got we would study together and every time one of us got frustrated the other would help work threw it.

The next 4 years were challenging for Andrew and I we were both very busy with our classes and Daddys so even though we were at the same college we looked forward to the breaks the major ones being thanksgiving and Christmas witch our families Celebrated together to summer break however was the one we would look forward to most Andrew would fire up the car and he and I would drive out to our favorite spot with a wonderful view and hang out just the two of us it was the one place we never took anyone not even our own families.

Sometimes I would pack us a lunch in my moms Picnic basket Andrew would drive over and pick me up witch was special because even though we lived across the street from each other Andrew insisted on doing things the right way I would get in the car put our lunch in the back seat and we would head up to our spot spread out a blanket and eat lunch the view there was awesome you could see for miles and we were always surprised know one else seemed to know about this spot and Andrew and I would keep it that


Sometimes we just drove out there to hang out and talk and sometimes we drove out there for the beautiful sunset this was Andrew and I’s special place when we were there we had rules we never talked about school and if we talked about our families they were only mentioned in brief conversation.

Though it felt like the day would never come eventually Andrew and I graduated College soon after over a very romantic dinner at our special spot Andrew proposed to me we raced home to tell our families we were engaged.

Our mother’s worked together to plan the perfect Wedding and 14 short months later my step father was walking me down the isle

It took my mom a long time to be ready to re marry but it was good for us all He and Nowa formed a great bond witch was great because It gave Nowa someone to toss the foot ball around with in the back yard and play with while Andrew and I wore off at College!

The wedding was beautiful and though we loved the houses we grew up in It was now time for Andrew and I to get a place of our own after some searching we found the perfect place with a big fenced off backyard for the dog to run around in.

We all cheered the day my Nowa got the news he would be going to a very great College on a football Scholarship. I hugged Nowa my little brother was becoming a man and though it was hard to see him go off to College I knew that just like Andrew and I he would be looking forward to the times he got to come back home to his family.

About a year offer the wedding I got pregnant with Andrew and I’s first child a little baby boy we named Zachary after Andrews grandfather who passed away when Andrew was quite young! It took us sometime to adjust to being parents but 2 years later we had our Daughter Riley we went on too have two more boys along the way.

Then the day came we didn’t know what to say or think sitting in that room when the Doctor informed us that our youngest Declan was diagnosed with the same disability Andrew has. 

At first we were scared Andrew and I always said that we would always give our children an equal amount of attention!

Standing there with my mom my step dad Nowa Andrews parents and our three other kids Andrew took my hand 

“ so Declan will need a little extra help that’s ok we can do this Christy between you and I we can give all of our kids everything they need”

I looked at Andrew 

“You really believe that Andrew?”

Christy asked

“Yes I do because I have seen what your capable of if it weren’t for you Christy I would probably still be where I was when we first met except an adult instead of a kid an adult living in mom and dads basement”

Christy Smiled and so did Andrew

“We know what to do we know how to handle this we are going to be ok Declan will grow up a normal kid playing like all the others and and going to school with the other kids it will be a bit more challenging for him as it has been for me but we will get through it we will get him threw it I already can tell he is just as stubborn as both of his parents he will not let this get the better of him and if at anytime he starts to give up on himself we want let it get the better of him just as you never let it get the better of me.”



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