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“Simone how many times do i have to tell u not to use ur Fire power on ur brother”

 Goliath shouts as Galvan froze his sisters fire in the air!

This was something Simone had done sense Galvan was 3 months old and she got jealous and felt like her new baby brother was getting all the attention so she i guess tried to burn him up in his crib and i walked in just in time to see it freeze in the air about 8 months later she tried again when he was standing in his crib and Galvan again froze it in the air. I new then that i as a single father of 2 very special and gifted kids was going to have my hands full. As the kids now 10 and 14 like me had some special gifts and talents that have grown and become bigger and more powerful as they did and other gifts new Gifts also developed! 

It took me time to learn how to control my gifts and i knew that my kids would need help with it as well so i opened a k-12 school for my kids and kids like my kids a school to help that also helps teach them how to control there gifts and where and when to use there gifts and when not to. Though it is a school it is also where we all live. 

Galvan and his best friend Xavier were walking around in the woods causing trouble as always as Galvan sometimes just liked to freeze things for no reason as he froze a tree and Xavier cut it down with his laser beam eye power and sometimes Galvan just froze it and left it 

“We should Really get to class Galvan”

Galvan smiled 

“Don’t worry Zay My dads the teacher”

Xavier looked at Galvan 

“What do you think your dad will do if he catches us out here like this?”

Just then a voice came from behind them

“Well I don’t think he would be to happy with you boys”

The voice said as they both turned around. Galvan Gave Xavier a look as they both came face to face with Goliath 

“Dad this isn’t what it looks like”

Galvan said looking at his father 

“Really then what is it”

Galvan looked down at the ground


Galvan said

“Ok well let me try and help you out then son.

it looks like your freezing trees and Xavier is cutting them down with his laser beams”

Xavier also looked down at the ground

“Well ok maybe it is what it looks like”

Galvan said

“But dad….”


Goliath cut Galvan off

“No buts we have been over this before son”

Galvan and Xavier looked at each other 

“Sorry dad”

Galvan said

“Yeah sorry”

Xavier said Goliath looked at both boys

“And sorry is good boys but do you really think that i am just gunna let you do what you want around here and get away with whatever because ur my son Galvan!”

Galvan looks at the ground again

“Well I don’t know”

Galvan said to his dad 

“Ok well the too of you will have extra chores to do around here for the next week you to will be much to busy to get into any kind of trouble.”

Galvan looked up at his dad

“But dad”

“you can’t just do whatever you please Galvan”

Goliath snapped angrily. 

Goliath drew a breath

“Just go to the school ok you and i will talk about this more later“

“Yes sir”

The boys said

“And no Manifestival  for either of you”

Galvan looked dup suddenly 

“What but thats not fair thats our annual party”

Goliath looked at the boys

“There will be other party’s and gatherings but this one you guys will be staying home for but you will certainly get to do a lot of the work and preparation for it” 

Back at the school Xavier looks ant Galvan 

“Really no festival he is joking right?”

Xavier asks

“ he is angry right now just give him some time to cool off some”

Right than Simone approached the boys

“What did you to do now?”


Simone asked as Galvan began to tell her

“Galvans right he is upset right now give it some time and i am sure he will let u guys go to the festival but he will make you work for it. you will have to earn back that privilege”

Simone said 

“I think he is overreacting”


Galvan said to Simone

“I don’t know Galvan you and Xavier do stuff like this all the time he has spoken to u several times about this exact thing and yet u continue to do it. I think dad is just frustrated annoyed he doesn’t know what to do anymore to him it seems like he just talks and you don’t listen and you guys get  know where. Maybe he is over reacting maybe he isn’t either way just try to think about what it must be like for dad right now.”

All of a sudden Galvans frustration turned to guilt ask he turned and started walking away

“Where are you going?”

Simone asked Galvan looked back at his sister and drew a deep breath 

“I have to go try and figure out how to make things right with dad”


“How are u guys doing on that homework 

G-Man  would you boys like a snack”

Galvan looked at his dad surprised then over at Xavier 

“Umm yeah i guess”

Galvan replied 

“ is something on your mind son?”

Goliath asked 

“No it just well you umm well you haven’t called me G-Man sense Zay and I…..”

Goliath smirked and looked at his son

“It’s clear that your trying son the least i can do is try too”

Goliath said

“I’m sorry dad i really am”

Goliath smirked again 

“I know son”

Goliath said 

Just then Galvan realized something he new he couldn’t fix things with his dad overnight but his dad loved him and know matter what he did or how mad he mad him he always would. Right than Galvan new that things were going to be just fine between him and his dad 

Galvan smiled and returned to his homework as Goliath fixed the boys a snack!

Zay witch incase u haven’t figured out yet is our nick name for Xavier anyway Zay and i have been best friends sense we were baby’s our father has always been best friends with his father we were born a day apart in the same hospital often times we celebrate our birthdays together.  Growing up Zay myself and Simone didn’t really know any other kids like us until my dad opened this school we didn’t even know there were others. When Zays Parents decided to send him here i was thrilled. At first it was quite difficult for Zay he worked so hard to pass my dads training Course that allowed him to leave with his parents and do overnights with his parents. Zay and i were 2 when my dad opened this school Zays parents tried Pre school but it didn’t take long for them to realize that it just wouldn’t work for Zay and that it would actually be dangerous for both Zay and the other kids so they decided to send him here to stay with us. I won’t lie Zay did get some extra privet attention and lessons from my dad that the other kida didn’t as did my sister and I did and my father worked closely witht he trainer Marcus who also may have spent a little extra time with Zay which may or may not have helped Zay get threw his training just a little bit faster. 

My dad buy no means wants to separate any of these kids from there parents there parents the visiting rules are completely open as in there really isn’t any parents can come see there kids whenever they want to but to leave with ur parents and go into the public you must pass my dads training course first its for everyones safety the kids as well as the parents and the public. We are part of the advanced class witch means we have learned how to control our gifts and safely use them. Our class also has the youngest kid to ever pass my dads training six year old Jonah. 

Each Class has there own building most are set up the same but ours is a little different ours has a big beautiful upstairs space for our family i guess that comes with being the leaders kids. 

There was a nock on the door as Goliath answered it

“Mom, Dad”

Xavier said running over and giving his parents a hug 

The Manifestival was next weekend. What exactly made the Manifestival so special you ask. It’s ohr annual get togetherwhere everyone’s parents come ip for and stay a week then leave after the festival a big special time for everand there familys. 

Chapter 3

“Have you guys seen whats going on in the city of Catina”

A girl in our class Evelyn asked coming in and switching the TV over to the news channel

“There are rumors its a terrorist attack but the government says that its just a combination of catastrophic storms and freak accident but there have been an on speakable about of Accidents and deaths there over the past couple months”

As Xavier and Galvan walked threw the hall Galvan looked at Xavier 

“I hate it when people just come in and Change the channel on us like that!”

Galvan said 

“I know but that was actually pretty interesting”

Xavier said

“Well yeah but its still annoying”

Xavier looked at Galvan

“We better get ready for the festival it starts in an hour”

Xavier and i walked threw the festival hitting every table of food l. There were games and activities for us to play with our parents and friends and a bunch of other fun stuff every year we all put a lot of time and effort into this event after the festival the parents stayed the night and all left in the morning as we all went off to school. 

We sat in the classroom crunching up paper into balls and throwing it at each other as Marcus and Goliath walked in Xavier and i looked at each other knowing they would know we started all this we waited for the inevitable as  Marcus caught one of the balls in the air with one hand we expected them to look our direction but instead Marcus and Goliath looked at each other. 

“Good catch”

Goliath said with a smile

“Thank you Goliath”

Marcuse said as he and Goliath moved to the front of the room Marcus began to speak 

“Ok Class if i call ur name please stand”

Marcus said looking at all of us

“Xavier, Jonah, Galvan, Evelyn, Simone,  Maverick, Nala and Asher”

They all stood up as Marcus continued 

“You guys are coming with Goliath and i as for the rest of you Ezekiel will be covering the class while we are gone”

The kids standing all looked at each other

“Ok and Where exactly are we going?”

Marcus ones again looks over at Goliath who nods 

“To find out whats really going on in the City of Catina”

Chapter 4

“OK everybody let’s talk”

Goliath said to the group

“Your all very powerful and well trained and we are very proud of each and every one of you but this isn’t training anymore, this isn’t practice, this isn’t going out into the woods with tour friends and messing around with your powers this is the real deal and the only way we get threw this without loosing anyone is buy working together”

Goliath said Marcus looked at the group and added to what Goliath had just said

“Goliath and i have pushed hard to train you guys to control you powers sure but to also work together to help each other  because we new that this day would come some day and we would need the help. this is a team we are a team and a team requires teamwork to be successful”

We all looked at each other Asher a Maverick however couldn’t stop thinking about the pool an hot tub in this Ginormous place Goliath and Marcus it somehow arranged for us to stay. 

“Alright guys go head and take some time go swimming get something to eat do what u all want just have fun”

Goliath said. 

The girls Asher and Maverick ran off to the pool and hot tub while Xavier myself and Jonah did a little exploring we entered a restaurant very big and very fancy we ended up getting coladas to go i got Blue raspberry Xavier got Cherry and I’m not sure what Jonah got some mix of a couple different flavors. We inevitably ended up in the arcade where we stayed a while playing games. 

Later that afternoon We all set out with Marcus and My dad to go for a walk and ran into the enemy

 “I am AshGar but everyone cals me Ash and this is some but not nearly all of my crew”

The man said Maverick got tense and on the defensive Goliath motioned for him to relax

AshGar laughed 

“ you don’t really expect us to be afraid or even Intimidated by a bunch of kids do you how old are you anyway I like 7”

AshGar laughed as he looked over at Jonah 

“Actually i am 6 and yes well trained and very powerful kids”

Jonah said AshGar just laugh. 

What AshGar didn’t know or realize was that Jonah was actually our secret weapon his ability to use and control Electricity and throw energy balls was just as great as Simones Ability to use in control fire and throw fireballs end my ability to control and use water and ice and through ice balls and stuff. However what people didn’t know was though he was the youngest he was the most powerful unlike the rest of us he also had super strength and super speed but that wasn’t even the most important part! Jonah had some weird immortality thing. Also his ability to heal and heal others was going to be very useful. My dad and Marcus say they have Never known someone so young to have such advanced powers and gifts and have such great control over them. They say that Jonah is a very special kid and a very lucky and important part if our team. 

“Kids  how about you all head back Marcus and i will  take care of this”

Goliath said 


We all said. 

as we started walking back we were walking and joking around when something came flying threw the sky at us we all ducked and it hit a telephone pole across the street from us. 

We turned around quickly to see a group standing there we new Immediately it was some of AshGar’s people Angry at almost getting hit Maverick fired back at them 

“ Maverick no”

I hollered but it was to late Maverick made an contact and with one Shot took out one of there people  after that we all new there was no chance of just passing threw!

“Sorry Galvan”

Maverick said as they fired ones again at them. 

Galvan frustrated looked over at Maverick 

“A little late for apologizes now Maverick”

Galvan said getting grazed 


Maverick hollered 

“I’m fine and i am telling my dad that u really need some more practice with controlling your anger” 

From that point on there were a lot of firing back and forth as the battle went on

Xavier took down one as another on the opposing side hits Xavier and causes a very large heavy object to fall on top of him. 

Panicked Jonah raises over and very easily lifts the object of Xavier and throws it at the three remaining others slowing them down long enough for Jonah to start to heal Xavier.  However while Johnah was healing Xavier the three remaining opposers slam him hard and severely injure Jonah. 

As The rest of us angerly take down the remaining 3 

Jumping down to lower ground we got the others on the opposing side to do the same 

“ Lets finish this”

Simone said it seemed we all just some how new what the other was thinking 


Galvan said

As we all jumped up to higher ground and in a matter of seconds before they new what was happening Galvan flooded the near buy river rushing water filled the area the opposing side stood.

“ you got this Maverick i know you don’t really have this aspect of your power down yet but your unique ability to somehow use others powers is very powerful just think about the power u wish to use a d do it”

Galvan said softly!

Maverick drew a deep breath and just like that shot Electric bolts into the water electrocuting oh yeah all three of the others. 


Maverick couldn’t believe it worked that he really did it but that was at the bottom of everyones minds at this point. 

“Xavier are you ok”

Galvan asked panicked 

Weak but still in one pease Xavier with help from Asher and Simone got back up on his feet 

“Yeah i’m fine but we really need to Get Jonah out of here”

Xavier says as Simone, Asher and I run over to Jonah the 3 of us then carried Jonah out of there and back to the building. 

 Meanwhile Goliath and Marcus were still caught up with a couple opposers of there own with no idea what had gone down. We all met back up at the building as we filled Marcus and My dad in on what happened. 

We all stood there over Jonahs bed

“I thought he was supposed to be immortal”


Xavier says 

“Yeah as well as heal himself”

I added Goliath looked at marcus

“Everything has its Unknowns guys including Immortality”

Goliath said

“So what exactly does that mean”

 Simone asked 

“It means we have no idea the out come here we just have to wait and see”

Marcus said

“Wait and see you guys are supposed to know how to fix these kind things”

Asher said angrily

“ look I know you guys think Goliath and i know everything but knowone knows everything There are so many unknowns that none of us can see coming or prepare for Somethings are just out of our control”

Marcus Said

“Look guys Goliath and i should have never left you kids alone without at least one of us with you and for that we are both very sorry. However you guys did a very good job today you showed Goliath and i what your all capable of and we are so proud of each and everyone of you”

Marcus said

“ He risked his life to save me”

Xavier said

“ That’s what we do Xavier that’s what it means to be a team we look out for and protect each other at all costs Jonah did a very good job showing us that today and for that we can all be very proud of him”

Goliath said

“We have to be able to do something”

 Nala said Marcus looked at Goliath and drew a deep breath 

“I am sorry guys but all we can do now is wait and pray that Jonah will soon be able to heal himself and wake up”

Goliath said. 

Goliath looked over at us. 

“Maverick lets take a little walk”

Goliath said   

“Yes sir”

 Maverick said nervously un sure what was coming his way as he And Goliath left the room and started walking down the hall just the 2 of them. 

“Son i would like to talk to you about what happened today”

Maverick looked passed Goliath.  Though he tried he could not bring himself to look at Goliath witch did not go unnoticed buy Goliath.

“Look Goliath i know I screwed up today i am really sorry and i will take whatever punishment you have planned for me. I miss used my powers buy impulsively using them when doing so could have most likely been avoided and it lead to a very dangerous life threatening situation in witch my friends got hurt. I deserve to be punished”

Goliath looked at Maverick 

“I don’t disagree with you Maverick but right now Punishing you isn’t one of my top priorities.”

Goliath paused a moment before continuing

 “The fight was inevitable Maverick and though I am not thrilled about how it happened it did we can’t go back and do it any differently. Besides It definitely was not all bad. All of you and yes i mean all of you proved yourselves today Maverick including you”

Maverick looked at Goliath 

“Sir if your about to some how tell me that ur proud of me i don’t think i can handle that right now I don’t see how you possibly could be not after what i did”

Goliath looked At Maverick and smiled 

“Listen son you made a mistake in this case A significant and potentially costly mistake however for me to say that I myself have never done the same would be a lie. We all make mistakes Maverick and we all learn from them. Today you made a pretty significant mistake but instead of Gravelling in it and letting it affect you and your preferments you fought with ur team and you gave if your all even after Xavier got hurt and for that you can be proud”

Goliath drew a breath

“ I know you feel guilty about Xavier and Jonah getting hurt. I also know right about now your wishing i would just punish you that punishing you will some how make you feel less guilty but believe me son restricting you to your room for the rest of the time we are here or whatever else i might come up with isn’t gunna make u feel any better about what happened.”

Goliath drew another breath and continued 

“ what happened with Xavier and Jonah today was not your fault son they would have gotten hurt regardless of how the fight got started thats just what happens in a battle people get hurt.  I have spoken to Xavier and he doesn’t blame you  and i am sure neither will Jonah”

Maverick looked down at the ground 

“Wish the same could be said about Galvan he was so mad at me and he was mad enough to report me to you as he said he would”

Goliath smiled 

“ well i spoke to him as well and to be honest with you son Galvan is more worried about you then he is mad. Galvan didn’t come to me to get you in trouble Maverick he came to me because he was worried”

Maverick looked at Goliath 

“So he isn’t mad at me either”

Goliath smiled 

“No and neither am i but  i do think you should Talk to him”

Maverick smiled 

“Yes sir i will”

Goliath smiled again and looked at Maverick 

“ As we have all learned over the years our powers can be affected buy emotion and sometimes emotions can get in the way of our ability to control our powers as easily witch means when we are dealing angry or hurt or any other emotion that makes us feel like lashing out we have to have more self control then usual.”

Maverick looked over at Goliath 

“I Understand it won’t happen again”

Goliath smirked 

“I hope not son because if i see anything at all to suggest that it could i will have no choice but to bench you until we figure out how to get it under control”

Goliath said

“Yes sir”

Maverick said 

“Alright then what do you say we head back and join the others”

Everyone looked at eachother not sure what to do as there friend layed there in bed his status un none

Chapter 5

Maverick and i were hanging out with each other in the arcade as we fought each other for the high score on that particular pinball machine. 

“Well we may be fighting for the hi score but at least we nocked Jonah outa first place he will have to fight hard to re claim his territory now”

Maverick smiled

“yeah now one of us just has to beat Xaviers high score on the other machine its amazing how many different pin ball Machines this place has”

Maverick said. 

Maverick looked at Me and drew a deep breath

“Do you think he is gunna be ok?”

Maverick asked 

“Of course he will be he’s Jonah i have never none a kid stronger then him he will pole threw”

I said 

“Look Galvan I’m really sorry about the fight”

I looked at Maverick and smiled 

“Don’t worry about it man i know we will all be just fine did you get in a lot of trouble”

Maverick smirked 

“ actually no it wasn’t really all that bad you dad was surprisingly cool about the whole thing way more so then i thought he would be”


I looked over at Maverick 

“ has your dad said anything about whats next?”

Maverick asked

“No not really My dad just said that as for now AshGar and his people seem to be laying low as of now they have been un able to locate there Whereabouts. As soon as they know anything they will let us know”

Maverick and i went on to play more games when Xavier walked it

“Whats going on”

He asked

“Oh just beating all the high scores on these pin ball Machines”

Maverick said

“ oh no you don’t i hold the hi score on that one”

Maverick smiled 

“Not for long you don’t”

Maverick said

“ we will see about that” 

Xavier said pushing Maverick out of the way and taking a turn at it himself

Two days later we were hanging out in Jonahs room when Xavier came walking in 

“ does anyone know where Marcus and or Goliath are?”

Xavier asked 

“They left”

Xavier looked at Simone

“What do you mean left?”

Xavier asked

“I mean as in not here”


Simone said 

“Both of them?”

Xavier asked

“Yea both of them”


Simone replied. 

Just then someone else asked a question 


Everyone looked At each other

“Jonah your awake!”

Simone said

“Yeah i guess i am”


Jonah replied

“How are you feeling”

Jonah sat up just a little 

“You know tired week but alive”

Jonah said

“You never answered my question”

Jonah said to Simone 

“ oh yeah well truth is i don’t really know where i just saw them leave”

Simone replied 

“Oh ok”

Jonah said

Everyone was so happy as they gathered around to fill Jonah in on everything he had missed 

“Oh and one more think you should probably know”

Xavier said

“Maverick beet your hi score on the pin ball Machine”

Jonah looked over at Maverick who looked down at the ground then back up but not directly at Jonah

“Look i am really sorry Jonah”

“What for its just a high score i can easily re claim it”

Jonah said 

“Thats not what i mean?”

Maverick said

“Oh i know its not”

Jonah said smiling

“Look Maverick don’t worry about it i don’t blame you for any of this ok. I’m fine so is everyone else it all worked out in the end thats all that really matters”

Jonah said.  

Maverick smiled knowing better then to say anything more on the matter. 

Right then Goliath and Marcus entered the room. 

“alright everyone listen up we have some news”

Marcus said as we all looked at them 

“First off  Goliath and i would like to say that its very nice to see you awake and talking Jonah”

Jonah smiled

“Yeah well i’m glad to be awake and talking”

Jonah replied smirking

“And with your humor still intact to i see”

Marcus said as he continued on

“ ok guys I know this is your first fight but for Goliath and i we have been here before and we can both tell you that these things very rarely end peacefully having said that today something very interesting and rare beyond words happened”

Marcus said he then looked at Goliath 

“Go head Goliath”

Goliath drew a breath

“Apparently AshGar had no intention on hurting Jonah in fact his people Where I’m district orders not to hurt Jonah”

Goliath paused 

“ I don’t understand wouldn’t you want to take out the biggest threat first Jonah is clearly our biggest threat”

Maverick said

“ Ordinarily yes but when AshGar realized how powerful Jonah was his Objective changed witch was apparently when we first got here he had his eyes on us a lot longer than we thought she just underestimated the rest of you”

We all looked at Goliath and Marcus Confused 

“What do you mean how, why?”

Nala asked

“AshGar didn’t want to hurt Jonah because he wanted Jonah to join them luckily for us AshGar realized that Jonah is to loyal to switch sides as well as reaching the realization that they just can’t beat us and that a big show down will lead to Significant loss on both sides”

Goliath paused a moment then continued

“ so after talking and with some negotiations we came to an agreement with AshGar who in Acknowledgment to our skills and to prevent any other I’m really sorry violent run ins with us proposed a trues and an aliens with us.  After talking it over Marcus and I agreed under the condition that if we ever need help they will be there to fight with us instead of against us which AshGar agreed to”

We all looked at each other

“So what exactly what does this mean for us now”

Asher asked

“It means Asher that we are going home and with a little more negotiation this place we have been staying at is now under our ownership witch means we will be back and when we do we will always have a great place to stay”

Everyone smiled and in that moment we were all so happy

“So i guess now we celebrate”

Marcus said

“ I guess so but before we do does anyone have any questions”

Goliath asked

“Just one”

Jonah said

“ now that we own this place can we can we put the Aarcade games on free play?”

Everyone laughed 

“Yes Jonah we can but only when we are using it.  We will be renting rooms out to the public witch means we will be keeping things like the arcade and restaurants running. For us it will be free but for them well we have to make money some how right”

Marcus said as we all laughed 


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