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Oh Lord have mercy
On the people of Earth
I know the pain is
As if giving birth
We have been faithless
Children of sin
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Won’t you come in

Our hearts are broken
In pieces by grief
The love we could have
Is gone like a thief
We’ve been careless
With treasure found
Our heads Oh Lord
Are buried in the ground

Our leaders have sold us
Into slavery
Our children have seen cowardice
Not bravery
Like lambs led to the slaughter
We’ve lost our way
Can you still hear
What our hearts have to say

Oh Lord, save us
From this awful death
Come rescue us
Before our final breath
Give us strong leaders
Who know your ways
Give us sanctuary
Before the end of days

Peace is what we desire
Even in the midst of violence
Let Your light shine on us
Let it guide us back to You
Hear the cry of the faithful
Let that be enough
To bring the lost back to You
In the final days

Take our corrupted leaders
And bind them in their cells
Let the words that they spoke
Show them the path to hell
Let their actions be condemned
For the rest of their days
As they contemplate
The loss of their crowns

Lord You are faithful
Forever true
Let us receive mercy, Lord
More than is due
Call our hearts back to You
That we might repent
That all that call themselves followers
Become those You have sent

Let our country be rebuilt
Into a mighty nation
Let us not be corrupt
Like a rebellious nation
Let us be a shining light
That all may rejoice
That those who were once lost
Have now been found


  • May 17, 2024

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