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It's been a game for some
Playing with my life
So you wanna have fun
Saying I'm your wife

When did I say I do
Or jump the broom
Nigga that shit ain't true
But I'm the elephant in the room

Steady stalking me daily
But haven't paid a bill
What have you done for me lately
But trying to monitor how I live😵

You Can't tell me shit
Being a 1st class clown
I'm NOT your bitch
And I will NEVER be down

To fake ass love
To fake ass support
Child's play in the club
Strippers steady running it up

Shit it's  now about the money
After 15yrs of hell
You thought it was funny
Shit but I wish you well

But you're going to give me mine
I'm done with excuses
I did that shit my last time
All you did was use me


  • May 14, 2024

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