The Narcissist’s Spell 8 Read Count : 52

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
  Years went by and nothing changed. His words still cut through me like a thousand tiny knives, each one slicing away at my self-esteem. With each mocking laugh, he stripped away any confidence I had, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. Every idea, no matter how carefully crafted, was met with disdain, his laughter ringing in my ears before I even had a chance to finish speaking. He held his own thoughts on a pedestal, ready to interject at any moment and drown out my voice. The weight of his indifference bore down on me, as if my intelligence was nothing more than a speck of dirt beneath his shoe.

Despite the pain and humiliation I endured, my unwavering love for this narcissistic man persisted for three long years. Why did I stay, you may ask?
For too long, I was captive to my own weakness. I clung onto hope, convincing myself that things would eventually improve. I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without this man so I did everything I could in my power to keep us going. I wanted our relationship to workout so badly. But with each passing day, that hope dimmed.
I wished I had possessed the wisdom to see beyond his facade earlier , to recognize the toxicity of our relationship and the harm it inflicted upon me. But love, as they say, can blind even the most discerning hearts.


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