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I'm out with Omma and some of her friends. My Korean is getting better but I'm not fluent yet. I kind of shrug it off and blame the guys for only speaking to me in English. Yoongi included. I practice with him, but he says I sound strange when speaking Korean. He says it's different and he needs to get used to it. I sound better when speaking English and absolutely sexy when speaking German, even though he kind of understands what I'm saying. 

Omma holds my hand and introduces me as her daughter. I bow, like Yoongi says to do. He smiles each time i bow and smirks whenever I start to kowtow. He says I'm old fashioned at heart, and it impresses people. I'm not typical, but I shrug and say I'm weird. 

Omma says Yoongi will be joining us after he finishes with work, and starts leaving on me. I'm happy I wore the perfume she gifted me. She asks what I'm wearing and I say the gift she gave me. I'm trying to bond with his Mother, but she's still kind of guarded. I understand why, Yoongi didn't say much about us until he brought me to their home and introduced me. We both know the songs he's been writing for his new solo album are more open with his sexual activities.. We both feel awkward when he's playing new songs and he's singing it rapping along to me... He doesn't realize his mother doesn't want nor need to hear about how he's absolutely satisfied in the bedroom...

She's been really forgiving when I mess up words or repeat things Yoongi has said, not knowing the meanings. Awkward moments have happened but she smiles, explains I'm learning Korean, and am repeating what I hear, like a child. I'm just happy Yoongi hasn't been there for the slipups. He would be laughing hysterically and having me repeat things so he can record me squealing phrases I shouldn't be... 

He's been more active in the group chat, mostly posting clips of me he records without me knowing. I look at the menu and decide I'm not going to eat until Yoongi is with me. Omma starts pointing at certain dishes, explaining what they are. I smile, taking in the information but still decide to wait for Yoongi. 

One of her friends asks why, and I blush saying we've made this unspoken agreement that Yoongi gets the first bite and last bite from whatever I'm eating. He usually takes more, but I feed him the first and last ones. The women laugh and say we're cute. A couple of them start telling me how they wished Yoongi would date and eventually marry their daughters. I know they're fishing for information on why Yoongi chose me.. They think I just pounced and sunk my claws into him. Just a temptress, seducing the handsome musician. 

I start telling about our first meeting. I leave the parts of the cigarettes out, but mostly focus on me almost hitting Yoongi for bumping the door into me while I was holding the containers of kimchi jjigae.. How i stayed up most of the night testing recipes in that little hotel room kitchenette, trying to get it perfect.. Not just for him, but them all. I wanted to give them something for the gift they gave me. Acceptance, love, support, and strength when I needed it most. I didn't go into the gritty details, but Omma knows. She squeezes my hand, again, thankful I'm leaving details of certain trips out...

I go into the joke of why some of the security team call me "Kimchi" and Yoongi started saying "Kitten." They all laugh at the innocence of us meeting, becoming friends, and eventually more. They ask questions about if it's true I started working, because I don't need to. I say the rumors are true, and Yoongi pulled strings somehow and I work as a nurse with injured military. Most know me as "Yoongi's Kitten" and I don't correct them. I'm called "YK" at work for that reason. I turn my head quickly to the door because my heart says he's near. He walks in, looking stunning and handsome as ever. 

He's wearing the suit I've told him not to wear because it does things to me... I bite my bottom lip as he approaches and whispers "Be a good kitten for me. I'll reward you on the way home." and kisses my cheek. I try not to whimper, but he smirks knowing the thoughts going through my head. He goes to Omma, hugging her and says hello to the others. He sits next to me, on the other side so I'm in-between him and his Mother. I rub his knee and text him a very spicy message. He clears his throat and winks at me. Omma playfully slaps my hand, knowing we're up to something. 

He starts talking about the new album he's doing, songs he's doing for others, and how he had a photoshoot. There's another one tomorrow with the rest of the guys, and reach of them had a day of pictures alone. He looks exhausted, talking about practicing new dances and remembering older ones. They're talking about another few shows, in Asia only and he's excited. I watch his lips move and count the times he smiles at me. I text him "14 times. You're slacking, husband." He laughs and holds my face and keeps smiling, his cheesy, gummy smile. I start laughing and pulling my head away. 

He looks at my menu with me while the others are finishing their appetizers. He whispers in my ear "Have you eaten yet?" I shake my head no and respond "You are supposed to have the first and last bites." He squeezes my hand and sighs happily. He orders for me, and reach time he does, I just smile at him. He's so perfect in my eyes. All of his flaws match mine, all of his issues match mine, and all of his needs match mine. A match made in hell, as Taehyung says and laughs. I text him "Taehyung is right. We are a match made in hell. Heaven would never give us the cravings we have for each other. Think we could have a quick meal?"

He blushes and says "Oh. Kitten. I need your opinion on something really quick. I can't bring it in because someone might see it. So we will be right back." I bring my phone but leave my purse. I want to run but we walk at a normal pace and he's whispering what he's going to do to me in the vehicle. I'm basically a whimpering mess when we get to the vehicle. He didn't want valet to bring it him so we just walked to it. 

We climb into the backseat and the door isn't closed before I'm on his lap, grinding on him, whimpering loudly, begging him to go inside me. He pulls his pants down and has me ride him untill he decides I'm going too slow. He pushes me off and starts going extremely rough. I'm clawing at his back, crying out his name, and kissing passionately. He starts growling softly in my ear and nipping at my neck, careful not to leave marks. He pulls my dress down and starts biting my breasts and going rougher. He starts slowing down and pulls out, very slowly. "Clean me. No finishing until we're home... Or at least until we're done here. I'm wanting to gush so much on me. And not just once... I think home would be best, huh Kitten?" I whimper, needing him to keep fucking me until he's done. 

"Let's go to a hotel..." I whisper while cleaning him with my mouth. He groans and bucks his hips, telling me he's really close. I slowly lower myself on him, riding him hard and doing the hip roll he likes. He starts growling for me to get up but I keep rolling my hips, moaning "My love, I need this... I need to feel how good you're feeling..." He always melts when I moan that, it's my trick to making him cum faster. I smirk at him and place my hand around his throat as he starts thrusting hard into me. "Does Husband really want his wife to stop?" I purr into his ear, rolling my hips harder against him. He groans, nodding his head. I can feel him throbbing, knowing if I bounce on him three more times he will cum. I slam down on him, his cock throbbing against my cervix and I cry out. "Are you sure, Daddy?" I mewl in his ear. He chokes back a growl and mutters 'no' quietly. He growls and purrs holding my hips, grinding against me, trying to get deeper but I keep rising my hips. 

"Goddamn it, sit all the fucking way down on me. I need to feel that cunt milk my cock, you fucking vixen." He growls, pulling me down hard onto him. 

"That's the second..." I think and moan with him. "Fuck this is going end with both of us being a mess." I think and roll my hips again. He yells out and hits the window and door. "Damn. He's holding back big time.." I think, looking into his eyes, his eyes darkening with desire most people dream about seeing. And here I am, the luckiest woman ever, having those eyes, that look, each and every time we are together. 

"Slowly get up... Not making a mess here. It'll be hard to clean it up." He groans, still grinding against me. "Fuck you're so hot today..." He growls and nips at my shoulder. "Before you get up, spin in me so I can see my name on your back.." He helps me move so I'm still sitting on him, he's deeply inside me, throbbing, both of us aching for release. "Fuck... I still can't believe my name is down your spine.." He gasps and I know if I move he will cum. 

I get up quickly and start sucking on his cock and he cums almost immediately. He grabs my shoulders, thrusting into my throat, careful not to mess up my hair. He whimpers when I keep sucking, needing him to give me more. He slowly pulls my mouth off of him and he laughs. I start to giggle.

He looks at his watch and starts laughing. He shows me the timer and it's only been 4 minutes since we got in the car. "New record" i whisper. He kisses my forehead and gets a portfolio out from the very back and starts flipping through pictures. 

"Just pay attention to a few. Talk about them. That's the cover.." He says, trying to catch his breath. I nod and start flipping through the pictures while he pulls his pants up and gets situated. I pull my panties up and whimper. "Are you dripping, Kitten?" I nod. He lifts my dress slightly and starts rubbing my clit. It's swollen, aching to feel his tongue. He reads my mind and gently pushes me down on the seat. "No squirting, baby. Only little orgasms to take the edge off." He starts licking and my body convulses fighting back a big orgasm. I hold back and whimper. He slips 2 fingers inside me and starts sucking, licking, and breathing on my clit. I grasp his shoulders and cry out, he starts slurping my juices and it makes me even more wet. Needing to gush on his face and fingers. He pulls away from me and has my upper body on his lap, making sure my dress is pulled up high enough and my shoes are off, in the front seat.

He sucks on my collarbone, rubbing my clit with his thumb, shoving his 2 fingers inside me. I start grabbing at him and he growls in my ear. I end up screaming, thrashing around, grinding against his hand and squirting on the backseat and he starts snickering. I open my eyes, looking at him and he whispers "Look at the window, baby..." I look and it looks like someone threw a bucket of water on the door. I sit up looking for napkins and he laughs. "Fuck it. We'll clean when we're home. Relax. Nothing's going to happen to the car. Put your shoes on and we better get back.. You know what. Fuck it. Let's bring the photos in. I don't care."

I put my shoes back on, feeling my dress for any wet spots as he feels my legs. He smiles, and says my left ankle feels wet. We both giggle and start kissing. We walk back in, I'm carrying the portfolio, looking at pictures. We sit down and Omma gives us the 'look.' Nobody else seems to notice and i blush. Our food has arrived and I give Yoongi the first bite. 

I show pictures and start giggling saying "My husband needs to be careful! Others want to be his wife if they see these!" The others start looking at the pictures and the portfolio gets passed around. "I convinced him to bring it in. We can get other opinions because.. Well, he's my bias. I'm biased against him." I look at him, smiling. He smiles back and rubs my cheek. I wipe his chin and he laughs. I can not express how much I love his laugh. 

We all finish eating, he practically throws his card at the waiter and starts asking him which photos are best. The waiter says all of them. Yoongi laughs and blushes. We all get up and say our goodbyes.

Omma hugs me and whispers "My son needs to stop being so mean to you. Your face was bright red like a pepper when you came back in. Teach him manners." She laughs softly and rubs my cheek. I bow and thank her. Yoongi hugs her, whispers in her ear and she laughs loudly and winks.

Valet brings his vehicle and I look terrified. The valet guy winks and Yoongi and he nods. He opens my door and immediately I start blushing smelling the vehicle. It reeks off sex. Yoongi smiles as he gets in and says "Home or hotel?" I smile at him. "Hotel. Got it. Think 4 hours will be enough?" We both start laughing and he slams the gas heading to the closest hotel according to the GPS. He pulls in, winks at me and says "Remember, scream so loud security comes banging on the door. No holding back. We don't have to clean up the mess." He kisses my neck and I whimper.


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