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"Kitten, where did my glasses go? They were on the bedside table.." He's looking panicked at me and I can't help but laugh.."It's not funny, kitten. I need them." I start scratching my head, giving him the hint to feel the top of his head. He doesn't get it.

He's been a little grouchy and I've been extra emotional since I got my birth control removed. He's been grouchy because he's worried each time we have sex, and I'm emotional because of hormones and him not wanting to have meals, only snacks. He understands, tries to get me to understand, but I'm just way too emotional. We both know it's going to end, but we're both close to our last nerve.

"Kitten, please. I don't have time for this shit. Let me know." He huffs at me. I finally take his glasses off the top of his head and hand them to him. He starts laughing, realizing that reach time i scratched my head was a hint. 

He hugs me and sighs. "I'm going to get some.... I miss having meals with you... I think we both need a meal instead of a snack... We'll just pretend we're starting to date.." He kisses my neck and I giggle. 

"We don't have to... There's other ways..." I whisper. He shivers as I kiss his neck and start rubbing his chest. "Other things... What about that tea Omma said I should drink to 'hurry things.' She said it would stop anything..." He groans softly as I skip my hand up his shirt, rubbing his chest. "I need to feel you so bad.... It's been 5 days since we had a meal, my love... I need to feel you... I need to taste you... I need to hear the growls you make... It's different with snacks..." I start sucking his neck and whimpering.

He pulls away, breathing heavy, looking like he's thinking really hard, and grabs me and starts kissing me hungrily. I moan in his mouth, and unzipping his jeans. He doesn't tell me to stop so i keep going. I smile against his lips when i hear them hit the floor. He lifts me up and sits me on the table, pulling my leggings down. He looks down to see if I'm spotting still and smiles. He looks at me smiling a smile like a lion going after a gazelle. I breathe deep and he pulls me closer to the edge. 

He presses against me, grinding against me and I cry out. He bites my shoulder and whispers something under his breath but I don't understand and only get out "Wha...?" before he forcefully enters me. I cry out again, clawing at his back, thankful he's still wearing his shirt. He takes his shirt off then mine, thrusting forcefully into me. 

I cry out, pulling him closer, grinding into him, kissing his lips. He growls against my lips, thrusting more harshly into me. He groans "I'm not going to last if you keep doing that, Kitten.." I moan his name, clawing at his back, grinding into him, gripping on him tightly. "Shit, Kitten... Hold on, stop.. Just feel me..." He stops moving, but my hips start going crazy and I'm close and don't want to stop. He holds me close to him as I start riding him, screaming his name. He reaches down and starts rubbing my clit and I let out an unholy cry and orgasm on him. He growls and cums decide later. We're holding each other tightly, kissing, until the reality of what happened... We weren't protected by birth control. 

He pulls out slowly, groaning. I slowly go to my knees, cleaning him. He groans and runs his fingers through my hair. "We better start having the talk...." He says after hugging me. "Do you want to try? Or just adjust before you get the other one?" I shrug. The idea of having his children have been more intense lately... I know our child or children wouldn't go through what either one of us did. They'd have happy memories if we could control it. We'd be the best damn parents. Plus they'd be supported by six Uncles. 

"I would love to try, but my history.... Getting pregnant is easy. Staying isn't...." I tear up on his chest. "I've lost two years ago... I don't know what losing a third would do..." I feel him breathe deep, taking in the reality. "Plus, the second one was 4 months when I miscarried... I started getting sick.. I was starting to go septic..."

"No, we're not going to take that chance. You're going back on something.... Anything. We can adopt. I'm not going to lose you." He whispers, rubbing my back. He kisses the top of my head. "I'd rather not be a father if I could lose you. It's taken me so much pain to find you. What is the word? Yangberry?"

I snicker "Yandere... Kyo says you're Yandere. He says I'm safe but if I ever hug him in front of you, you'll kill him." We both start laughing and he says 'Yandere' over and over again kissing my forehead. His phone starts ringing, ruining our laughter. 

He answers it and starts to frown. I know that look, he's needing to do a live or leave. He's not wanting to, because we're still talking but he knows he should. He hangs up and says "Live. Get in chat... Unknown account. I'll just stare. I'll take treats with me... I'll stare and eat..." He starts grabbing chips and drinks. He grabs 2 bottles of soju, but i take them back. He takes one, but i grab it back. "One bottle won't hurt."

"We need to think clearly... Plus I know how you are... Coffee or water... Let everyone think it's Soju..." He laughs. "I'll bring you coffee... Iced coffee, just the way you like them.. We have a long talk ahead of us... I'm going to shower..." He kisses me once more and starts getting dressed. I start playing "be my husband" by Nina Simone, singing in the shower. I start dancing a little, and singing more. I turn and see him getting into the shower. He starts kissing me while I keep singing the song. We repeat in the shower what the table saw only moments before. But this time, we're careful and he pulls out, much to both of our chagrin.

He whispers "Meals feel different now.. Do you think you're pregnant already?" He sounds nervous and kisses me. I shake my head. "Not yet? Or don't know?"

"I don't think so. We'll just be careful for the next few weeks. I'll take a test when I go in to get the new one placed. Then we'll have a waiting time..." I start washing off and "my baby just cares for me" starts playing. I start singing and changing names, and he laughs every time. I start washing his chest and he sighs happily. We must realized we need to have at least one meal a day... 

He decides to state the fact we both realized into absolute existence.. "I guess I get grouchy and you get sad if we don't makes love at least once a day, huh Kitten?" He starts getting his hair wet and watch the water running down his body like my kisses do. I nod, getting hypnotized by the water running over his body. He glances at me and I can tell he's feeling self conscious about his body again. He's gaining weight, and there's been some harsh comments about it. He hasn't been posting pictures of himself because of it. 

"You're sexy no matter what. I love you no matter what. You could be fatter than the sumo wrestlers we saw with Kyo and Midori. I would still love you. I would push you in a wheelchair and still nibble on you. Wait... If you were in a wheelchair that would mean you couldn't get away from me..." I smirk and start kissing on him and he laughs. "I like that idea. You wouldn't run away or say you were busy... I would just ride you..." He starts laughing really hard, hugging me. 

"I will not be fatter than the sumo... I know you love me. No matter what, we're together. My beautiful Kitten." He kisses me and hugs me tightly. I can tell by his breathing he's not wanting to get out of the shower. He's needing to get it and do a live. 

"Husband... What if I did a live with you? We could play a game. Like cards or something. You could talk about the projects you're thinking about, or even discuss what we're going to have for dinner." I say while he starts washing my hair. He lights up and nods. He kisses my forehead and I rinse my hair. I start washing his hair and rub his head. He's been stressed with work and the tension of my birth control needing to be replaced. "I'm thinking about another implant."

He nods and says "Only a week, right? If you go in when you're on...." He starts laughing "Shark week." I nod and start laughing. 

"Yeah, you're right. Last time wasn't too bad because we weren't together. We will probably go through a box a day of we use condoms." I start giggling. He smirks at me. "How many boxes did we go through the first week we were together? I remember Jungkook saying he needed one but you said we went through them all. He yelled and freaked out. It was funny."

Yoongi hugs me and whispers "Almost 3 boxes. They had 16 in them. Nobody believed it. I said i could get them out of the trash but i didn't think they wanted to see them." We both start laughing. 

"I told you I was willing to show you my proof. You felt it in my arm. I understood why you wanted to use them. You had a lot to lose... I know you probably had bad things happen or seen your brothers go through shit.. I really hoped you could tell I wasn't like that those females.." I turn the shower off and start drying him off. He smiles and nods 

"I knew the moment you didn't start getting upset you were different. You even said you wanted to buy some because it was an 'us' issue. You weren't against anything. You were open with me a million percent. You are mine now. All mine." He growls 'mine' and playfully nipping at my neck. I giggle and start tickling him. 

We walk into our bedroom and he picks out matching shirts and decides how I should wear my hair. He's always so picky about looking perfect for ARMY. He starts brushing my hair as I put makeup on. Nothing too crazy, just enough to look put together. I smile at him in the mirror and he starts putting my hair in a low braid. He has gotten better at braiding my hair and every single time he braids my hair, I fall more in love with him. 

We sit in front of his laptop and he looks at me. "Ready, Kitten?" I nod and he clicks broadcast.


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