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Thinking about those things that build or ruin us.
And I can't resist the magic of our most fundamental Spring...or Slide  Board: 
WOMAN- the Source & the End of MAN !


I hear one Alex' the great 
Did it all well for his dame
I hear Ivan - terrible he was 
And to his woman but a slave
And too one Napoleon guy
Kingdoms conquered 
For his ma'am

Closer home in Kenya of old
In his grace Sir Egerton Lord
Built a Castle grandest since
That he lived to see but use 

Castle grand that weirdo made 
Lifelong shunning all in skirt
All because a damsel loved 
His gift of love wouldn't cerebrate

I didn't say but won't deny
It's like behind all men as great 
Are fair ladies' greater plans

I won't say but it's so like
Below most a man as low
Is a woman's baser plan

I won't quote that rasta saying
That No Woman (there's) No Crying
But I'll quick conclusion field
That No Woman (then) No Need

Seems like weak or strong a man
Fit of mind and senses sound 
Easily will OR must achieve
All but not beyond her need

Poem by 
Joel Murithi 


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