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I pull into the hotel parking lot, reading his text. "Hey baby doll, room 219." I'm looking at the numbers, and see him getting into his vehicle. I watch him and smile. He's so adorable and I can't believe it. "How much longer, baby doll?" He texts and the ringtone shocks me and I jump. 

"Turn around... I'm pulling in next to you." I respond and pull into the spot next to him. He's standing there, smiling ear to ear. I get out and just hug him tightly. "I'm so happy you're real..." I whisper into his chest. 

He rubs the back of my neck, sighing and breathing deep. "Let me show you around." He says and takes my backpack. We both start laughing as he's pointing at random things in the hotel room. We have the door open and enjoying the weather. The wind is blowing and it's beautiful out. 

I take my shoes off and lay on the bed, feeling exhausted. He closes the door and lays next to me. We start cuddling and talking. He says he's so happy with me in his arms. I giggle a lot and start feeling myself dozing off. 

I wake up hearing a ringtone and feel him moving around. He answers his phone and he talks a little. I kind of listen, but I keep telling myself not to listen... 

He hangs up laughing. I look at him and smile. "That was a friend.. He called to ask if you were what you showed and portrayed. I told him you're more. All good things." He says tucking hair behind my ear. I feel myself blushing. "Hungry? I'm hungry." I nod and he stands up, pulling me close to him in a hug. 

I can feel him sniffing the top of my head and i scrunch my nose and look at him. "You smell like strawberries, roses, and lavender... But there's more scents... You smell like happiness." He says, still sniffing my hair. 

"Strawberries, my shampoo... The other scents are my perfume.. I made some for you to take home with you when you miss me.. And a stuffie I slept with.. I put a shirt on it as well. So you can smell me." I whisper, letting him smell me. 

"Baby doll... I think I'm going to take you home with me after this weekend. Even if all we do is cuddle. I am just happy hugging you and smelling you." He whispers into my hair. "The violet looks really good on you. Are you keeping that color or going to pink, line you've been thinking?" He takes  step back and just looks at me. 

I start putting my shoes on and explain in a few days I'm dying my hair a darker shade, until 2025. He smiles, shakes his head, and laughs. He holds his hand out and i hold his hand while we walk out of the hotel room. "Me drive or you?" I ask before he closes the door, making sure we have everything. 

"I'll drive. You drove farther than I did. Plus I'm going to spoil you." He winks and opens the door for me. I lean across the driver's seat and pop his sure open and laugh. "Okay, i guess we're going to spoil each other.." He laughs. 

I ask if I can play music and he nods. He's looking on his phone and gets directions for the sushi place he read about, mostly because he wanted ramen. We arrive, and he holds the door open for me to walk in. 

I look around and all of a sudden feel really out of place... I'm the only one with "unnatural" hair color and I'm the only female, besides the waitresses. I look at him, hoping he can tell I'm nervous..

"Baby doll, everything will be okay. I'll with you. Maybe you can ask if they'll play that song you like.. It's Japanese, right?" He squeezes my hand and smiles. "We can leave if you want.."

I shake my head. "No, I'll be okay. I'll be brave. But I'll fucking do a 'Haegeum' to the first fucker that tries anything..." I start feeling scared but he places his hand on my lower back and I feel better. At peace. 

He looks at the menu and shows he's getting ramen and the all you can eat sushi. I make a comment that they have gimbap, which is Korean.. He smiles and hands me a all you can eat menu. I start filling it out when I see him get up and walk to the counter. He starts pointing at me, smiling, waving. I wave back, feeling confused. 

He walks back and I start squealing and start dancing when "So 4 More" by BTS starts playing. I jump up and dancing with my chopsticks, readying myself to "Haegeum" someone. He starts laughing and cheering me on. I start squealing each member's name during their parts. And dancing. I sit down, blushing, feeling embarrassed after the song is over. The workers start cheering and the waitress comes over, taking our order. She winks when she sees I've ordered all gimbap.

I start stomping my feet and squealing louder when "Haegeum" comes on. The waitress comes back with his ramen and says "Your boyfriend said Yoongi is your favorite." I nod, smiling. "Good thing you like Yoongi. I would have fought you if he said Taehyung was your bias."

The waitress and I start laughing and talk about our bias, boss wrecker, and our favorite songs. I say I'm just a boring ARMY and love them all, but Yoongi will have a special place in my heart because of his openness over mental health issues. She said she never knew that. 'It's Definitely You' by V and Jin starts playing and she and I both start singing and dancing around. He's eating his ramen and laughing. I start holding his face squealing "it's gonna be you! Na na na na! I can't let go!" he keeps laughing and pats my head. I sit down and the waitress comes with my gimbap. 

I keep singing along with the songs playing, instead of eating, and he says "I'll have them play other stuff if you don't eat, baby doll.." I look at him and he looks sad all of a sudden. "You need to eat... Don't look like you're going to cry.." I nod and keep bouncing in my chair, dancing slightly, mouthing words when I'm not chewing. I see people leaving but none say anything nor give us nasty looks.

He questions my nervousness, more doing a check-in with me. I explain where I live isn't the nicest to anyone that's not "Red blooded American, blue collar, white, Christian" and I'm not Christian. He nods, listening. I explain I'm in protect mode a lot because people are douchebags. He nods and rubs my hand. "Present company not included, but I would rather take my chances with a tiger, bear, and wolf in the forest. They would watch me, making sure I wasn't going to harm them, but they'd leave me alone. The tiger and beast would eat me if they were hungry enough. Still, that's the reason. Humans give no reason hurting others... Especially some men. Present company not included..."

He nods and says "I've been told I'm comfortable. I don't push. I hope you feel safe with me." He rubs my hand and whispers that I need to eat. He's getting sushi and i haven't finished my first round. He starts talking about his exes, reasons they broke up, and how they were long term. 

I talk about my exes and why we broke up. He nods and says he understands why I'm guarded and jaded. I'm taken back. "Like Crazy" comes on and I just look at him. The song speaking for me. I finish my plate, he doesn't speak either. I can tell he's listening to the lyrics... Hearing my answers in the song. I look at the waitress and she winks, picking up plates and refilling drinks. I make a mental note to leave her a huge ass tip for the subtle music choices...

We both in another round of food, I picked sushi and I'm looking at him as "Fri(end)s" by V start playing. I sing it softly and he leans closer and listens. He smiles, tucks hair behind my ear and I stop singing. Our food gets delivered. We start talking about anime and movies. He starts getting excited talking about X-Men and explaining it me. I try to understand but it's confusing to me. 

Before we know it, it's close to closing time and we've stopped eating and only drank our sodas. He grabs the bill and goes to pay without me getting a word in. I pull out $40 and wink at the waitress and mouth "Thank you." She winks and shouts "2025!!" I nod and we both do heart fingers to each other and laugh. He holds my hand and walk to his car. He opens the door, but grabs my arm before I get in. 

"Let's put the end in friends..." He whispers. I smile at him, and he kisses me. I pull him closer, kissing him back. He places his hands on my lower back, pulling me closer. I pull my head away softly and giggle. "You know, if anything happens it's your call. No pressure. Cuddles are the only thing we both agreed on."

I nod and he holds my hand as I climb into his vehicle. I lean over and open his door as well. He smiles, sitting next to me. He keeps looking at me while he drives to the hotel. He rubs my cheek and I giggle. I rub his knee and he sighs. "Thank you, babe.. I'll buy lunch tomorrow..." I say. He nods and says okay. "Thank you for getting the two beds as well.. Thanks.."

He nods and looks surprised I'm standing behind him. He says he was going to open the door for me but I was too fast. I just laugh and shrug. We go into the hotel and when he closes the door, I sit next to him on his bed. We talk a little about nonsense, nothing that really matters nor makes an impact. I feel him put his arm around and i snuggle against him, and sigh feeling his body heat. He kisses my shoulder and whispers he thinks I'm beautiful. I turn to face him and start kissing him hungrily.

He whispers "Are you sure?" I nod, and keep kissing him. We lay there in bed, kissing for what feels like eternity, but he doesn't push for me to go further or pressures for more. He lets me decide the next step. "You're such a beautiful baby doll. Will you be mine?" He whispers in my ear. I nod and whisper yes in his ear. He hugs me tightly and sighs. "You'll have to come meet Magneto then." I nod, looking forward to meeting his dog. 

"You'll have to meet Poznan after. I know Pozie will love you. He loves everyone." I smile at him. "Can i sleep in your arms tonight?" He smiles and kisses my forehead and nods. 


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