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Tuna is an exciting fish to catch, because there are so many different varieties of it all over the world. If you haven’t yet checked off tuna on the list of fish that you have caught, then you will need to check out this guide to how to catch them. Here is everything that you need to know before you get on the water.

Equipment You’ll Need For Tuna Fishing

The exact list of equipment you’ll need for fishing tuna will depend on where you are and which species of tuna you are going for. For example, if you are looking to catch albacore, you are going to need very light line in order to fool them into taking that bait. If you are going for skipjack tuna, then you will need equipment that allows you to troll behind your boat in order to reel them in.

Here is some of the most common equipment you will need to use to get your own tuna:

Fishing gear: This includes everything you will need to bring in those tuna to your boat, including your fishing rod and line, as well as any bait. Check which species of tuna are available in the area you are fishing in, and adjust your gear accordingly.

Fuel bladders marine: If you are planning on staying out on the water a while, then marine fuel bladders are a must. You can use a boat gas tank bladder to hold extra fuel, so you can go further on that tank of gas. Simply empty the fuel bladders marine into your gas tank when needed.

Safety equipment: This is an essential no matter what kind of fish you are looking for. Safety equipment includes life jackets for everybody on board, as well as a first aid kit to handle any minor injuries you may have. Also, ensure that you have a working radio so you can call for help if you need to.

Fish radar equipment: In this modern age, many anglers could not do without their radar equipment. You can use this equipment to find exactly where the tuna are, so you don’t waste any time sailing back and forth and using up fuel that you have to replace with your marine fuel bladders.

Tuna Fishing Techniques

Now you have all the correct equipment for fishing tuna, you need to pick the right technique to get them onto your boat to. There are several different techniques you can use, so you can choose one that suits you best and the species of tuna that you are going for.

Drifting: The drifting technique describes drifting with the current and wind while your fishing lines are deployed on your boat. Around 3 to 4 rods are used in the sea with different fish as bait. When fishing for tuna, many anglers will use sardines in order to bring them in.

The boat is allowed to drift for a certain amount of time, and then when the planned area has been covered you move back to the start point to repeat the process. While you will be drifting and not using any fuel, with the moving from start point to the end you may want to ensure you still have a boat gas tank bladder onboard.

If you want to try this technique, you will need to be prepared to handle difficulties in controlling the boat speed and direction. You will also need a boat that is able to handle open water conditions.

Trolling: Trolling is a great technique for catching tuna, as there are several species that will be very wary of anyone on the water. Does Putney requires you to deploy multiple fishing lines from the back of your fishing boats, and pull them behind the boat at different speeds. You will typically get the best results with this technique when you use it on open water, far offshore.

To do this, use artificial lures with one per rod. Then, sail your boat at around seven to nine knots, and you should get plenty of bites on your lines. It is a very good idea to have fuel bladders marine on board, to keep you trolling on the water for as long as you wish.

Wreck fishing: Many different species of tuna will take up residents on wrecks in the water, and that makes it a perfect target for those looking to fish them. It is the perfect way to fish for tuna if you are someone who likes to get into the action right away, rather than waiting around for a bite on your line.

When to get to the wreck, you will need multiple rods to fish for tuna in therm. When you are waiting for bites, you can take advantage of the opportunity to do some bottom fishing or spinning. 

Like most angling situations, you do need to have safety in mind. Having all the right safety equipment on board and having marine fuel bladders available to help you get back to shore when needed is a must. As well as equipping your boat with a boat gas tank bladder and more, you will need to take into account safety around fishing on a wreck.

Fishing alongside commercial boats: If you follow commercial fishing boats out to see, you can’t find the best places to fish for tuna. While they are fishing sardines, you can use fish finders to look for tuna on the sea bottom.

This does come with some downsides, as there will be several boats in the area and there will be competition for the fish you are looking for. If you are willing to get up early to go follow those boats though, you can get some big catches here.

These are some of the most effective ways of catching tuna. As long as you bring all of the needed equipment, along with fuel bladders marine and other gear, you are all set up and ready to catch some of the biggest and tastiest fish out there.


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