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By Joel Mwendia Murithi 

Behind the mask
The smile ain't fake  
Like the tears I on cam don
Crying your pains to my gain

Past the mask 
The snarl is real 
Unlike the smile on cam I pull
Cheering you like friends must do 

Miming curses you can't read
Sleek and meek my nets I cast
Caressing crucifix on your face 

Honey in words like poetry flow
As behind the mask I drool 
Fangs bared and red with lust

Mouths full I bite and munch
Onto your future as you bask
Spellcast, tranched and feeling loved
'Tween my jaws behind the mask.

Just a mask and white at best
Deal is done and voted cast
And now you are for five short years
Mine cook and meal 

Just a simple mask to veil
And my table thou shalt grace 
Steam, roast and serve thyself
Spoon, toast and toss thyself
All to sate my able mouth
As the masks begin to fall

Oh yes friend
The masks will fall 
And you'll see the me indeed
BFF; Your Own Best Fiend 
Friendly not Beyond
The Mask

BFF... Best Friends Forever.
Fiend ... Evil enemy 


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