The Narcissist’s Spell 6 Read Count : 39

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
 In my desperate attempt to salvage the love I believed we shared, I internalized the blame, told myself that I had provoked his anger and abuse. I clung to the hope that if I could just be better, if I could meet his unrealistic expectations, he would finally reciprocate my love and treat me with kindness.

But the cycle of manipulation and cruelty never wavered , leaving me trapped in a web of despair. He would shower me with affection one moment, only to disappear the next, leaving me in a state of profound sadness and confusion. The depths of my love for him blinded me to the reality of our toxic dynamic.

"Prove your love for me," he would demand, his voice echoing in my ears long after the words had been spoken. Each affirmation of my love was met with skepticism, a challenge to demonstrate my feelings in tangible ways. His methods of testing my love were unconventional, pushing me beyond my comfort zone. He savored my love for him in the most peculiar ways, extracting pleasure from my discomfort. Each time I hesitated or failed to fulfill his requests, he would brand me a liar, accusing me of feigning my love for him. His words stung, leaving behind a trail of self-doubt and guilt. His demands grew increasingly complex, escalating to the point where he asked for things that were beyond my reach. He would ask for sums of money that my bank account could not possibly hold, as if my love could be measured in monetary terms. The absurdity of his requests did not escape me, yet I found myself caught in a vicious cycle of trying to prove my love and falling short of his unrealistic expectations.


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