The Narcissist’s Spell 3 Read Count : 34

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
 As fate would have it, this man's intentions were not as pure as they initially seemed. He wasted no time. He took the documents from my hands, his touch lingering just a moment longer than necessary. Before I could react, he swiftly wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me close and pressing my back against the wall. The suddenness of his actions caught me off guard, and my heart raced as I tried to process what was happening. It seemed he had been waiting for this moment, planning it meticulously in his mind all along.
This was a move I hadn't anticipated, and I couldn't help but question his intentions. Was it desire that fueled his actions, or something more sinister? As I stood there pinned to the wall, I couldn't help but wonder if my choice of attire had been a catalyst for his bold move. Was it wrong to wear this flirtatious dress? Did I unknowingly send him the wrong signals with my playful fashion choice? Had I unwittingly invited this unexpected advance?

He betrayed my trust. He assaultedme. I firmly expressed my refusal and displeasure but he persisted, refusing to release me from his grip until he had taken what he wanted. I was shattered, confused and broken, grappled with the repercussions of his violation


  • Apr 28, 2024

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