The Narcissist’s Spell 2 Read Count : 31

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

In the weeks that followed, I found myself captivated by this foreign man's charm
 and intellect. He too, seemed drawn to me, calling me everyday, sending sweet
 good morning and good night texts. He persistently asked me to come visit him.
However, my schedule was packed with work, my store was bustling with activity.
 Despite the demands of my job, he continued to insist I come over. When I had
 the time, I found myself torn between two conflicting desires. On one hand I
 yearned to see him again, on the other I wanted to build a sense of trust with
 him, to feel secure enough to visit him. I wanted to ensure my own safety and
 make certain that visiting him was the right decision.
One day he texted asking for a favor, to help him pick and deliver important work
 documents to his place because he was sick and couldn’t do it himself, so I
 agreed. Eager to impress and intrigued by the prospect of this new connection, I
 was happy to help.
 I adorned myself in a delicate floral mini dress as I ventured out to his place. The
 dress, with its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, seemed to embody the
 essence of spring itself. With each step I took, the soft fabric fluttered and
 teased. The wind itself couldn’t resist playing with it. The gentle breeze lifted the
edges of the dress, revealing glimpses of my legs and adding a touch of
 flirtatiousness to my stride.
 As I made my way towards his home, I couldn't help but feel as though I was a
 character in a whimsical novel, ready to embark on a new chapter of romantic

Little did I know, however, that this seemingly innocent act of
 kindness would lead me down a treacherous path.


  • Apr 26, 2024

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