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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
In the year 2016, a chance encounter forever altered the course of my life.
  I was an ambitious and talented designer, already established in a charming
 store nestled within a prestigious mall in my hometown. I had just ended a
 relationship with a man who lacked the commitment I desired, leaving me feeling
 uncertain and unfulfilled. It was in this state of emotional vulnerability that I was
 drawn to new man, whose brilliance and uniqueness stood in stack contrast to
 my previous experience.
 He was a student in pursuit of a master’s degree at the university and he
 possessed an intellect that set him apart from any man I had ever met. Our paths crossed one night at a local bar, where I found myself entangled in a complicated
 romantic web.
The night we met, he approached me first. Inspite of the blaring music at the bar
 he managed to softly breathe words into my ear, amplifying the intensity of our
 connection. The fragrance that emanated from his being was impressive,
 captivating my senses with its alluring essence.
 His hands, possessed a confident grasp upon mine, imploring me to join him on the dance floor. Perpetually self-critical of my shoddy dancing, I yearned for this
 man to guide me into a world of grace. And so, we twirled and swayed all night,
 losing ourselves amidst the melodies and libations that adorned our path.
 Eventually, the time came for us to disperse, and I took a cab to my apartment.
 Amid the ephemeral tapestry of faces and names that graced that night, he left an indelible mark upon my very being. Unceasingly, I found myself delighted in
 an endless loop, replaying every moment of our encounter in my mind.


  • Apr 26, 2024

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