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I came to you again oh you matser of misery and depression
I came before you once again not knowing what I did you wrong to always be your target
I know that I'm weak and that scares me for I'm now a bully's favourite 
Your friends boss me around for I don't know how to fight back 
Depression and anxiety always holding me tight for you to do your dirty work

Suicide is my only friend but you just won't allow me to be with him
The grave is my happy place but you won't let me get near it
But only crying is available for you know he won't do much work
I'm tired of all this missery just let me rest for a moment
Rage became my evil sister for she is always present to make it worse

I'm sorry my death is taking forever but my broken heart keeps dripping blood not stopping
What's so wrong with everything for not even my toe is behaving
My peers are far and you turned a blind eye on them I don't know what I'm doing wrong but my emotions became a courtroom always full of confusion 


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