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It all started years before we met, I ignored your text because I didn’t want to get to know you or get into something that might make me feel worse about relationship. But you never stopped pushing which made me like you or maybe I thought I liked you, I liked all the attention and how you call me sweet names and you telling me how beautiful my smile is. I liked all those compliments but I didn’t believe it. 
After a year we started talking more and we were always on FaceTime. this time I gave you more attention, as much as you gave me. We decided to finally meet after talking for two years and staying in the same city without seeing for once. 
I saw you and I was so excited because you were everything I imagined. We talked for hours, you kept on looking into my eyes and told me how beautiful I look and I was everything you imagined. 
It made me happy to hear that because that was how I felt when I saw you too. 
We didn’t waist time and we went on a second date, i was amazing and beautiful, I picked the best place ever, we talked like we’ve been close for years. It started to rain and It made me feel like I was in a Disney movie and it was so magical, I couldn’t ask for anything more it was just so perfect. Afterwards we went for a very long evening drive in the city and you asked me to be your girlfriend, I didn’t understand the feeling I had at that moment but I knew I didn’t want to lose what I feel for you, so I said yes and we were both excited and immediately you told me you LOVE me and I was confused but I said I love you too, not because I already love you for those few weeks or months of talking,but because I know I was going to be in love with you, I know we were going to be madly in love with each other. 

After the long drive, you dropped me back home and I kissed you with so much joy and happiness. The next day you called me on FaceTime before I woke up and you still told me I look cute and you just wanted to see my beautiful face. We spoke every time it was going fine I was already in love and obsessed till you started to act up, I noticed the change but I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe something was wrong, so I waited and it was the same the next day then I asked if everything was fine but you never gave a straight answer all you said was “ everything will be fine babe” and I was confused and you change the topic. 
I tried to keep calling and texting, but you never respond or call back, then at this point I knew the relationship is ending and this was just a month into the relationship and I didn’t want that to happen. 
I always begged to see you, I get mad that you don’t return my messages and calls and you don’t talk, but I didn’t stop trying. Three months into the relationship we spoke and you told me “you don’t know why you ignore all my calls and messages” I was so mad but I didn’t want to make it about me, so I asked if something was going on because you’ve told me about somethings going on with your family but I still didn’t get answers to my question all you said was “ I promise everything will be fine I promise “ and I took your word for it thinking by the next day our relationship can have a little bit of life again but still nothing, I called I sent text, still nothing no response but I see you always posting on snap. 
I didn’t stop despite everything, I just thought you weren’t doing good but you needed a little space and everything will be okay again, but I never stopped sending you messages or calling just so you know you’re not alone. 
Most nights I cry and I get angry and I send you messages on how I’m feeling at the moment, I never get anything back.  in the fourth month going to the fifth month I left you to do you, I tried so hard not to call or send any text, sometimes it works and sometimes I find myself texting and calling and whenever you choose to answer all you say is “babe” or “I love you “, what do you want me to do with that?.
In the tenth months I finally saw you posted a girl with love emoji and I asked you who she’s and I didn’t get any response, I also asked if you have another girlfriend and I got no response too then I finally agreed that the relationship is over over after eight months of waiting, hoping and praying I finally saw it, but I still didn’t want to believe it on the ninths month you sent me a message telling me that “we should let it all go, we are not good for each other” and you blocked me every where. On the twenty three day of the ninth month, I called you to check on you and also tell you we need to talk, you picked up the call and didn’t say a word for 5 minutes and ended the call. I still sent you a message but on that same day I discovered that the girl you posted have been in your life since fourth months of me trying to figure what’s happening or wrong and you left me with no reasons. 


  • Jan 24, 2024

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    Jan 24, 2024

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