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For months Sybil sobbed every night, but then one day something happened that changed her life. But before we get into that, let’s start from the beginning. Sybil has two younger sisters, and she has a best friend named Gracelynn. They met in karate and have been friends since. She tells Gracelynn everything. She is also obsessed with boys. She’ll find a new boy to be obsessed with every month.


    One day Sybil’s grandmother lied to the police and turned her father in for abusing her and her family. Thankfully her father didn’t get arrested. The next day, Sybil’s mother asked, “Sybil, are you ok?” Sybil lied and said “Yes.” Sybil’s mother said “Ok.” That night she looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I’m so ugly and fat, no boy will ever like me.” Sybil wept that night. She felt like her sadness was a prison and she didn’t know how to escape it.


    A few months later Sybil turned fourteen and she got a job. It was the breath of fresh air that she needed. Every day she was so excited to go to work. She never wanted to go home. A year later, Sybil decided to tell Gracelynn everything about her family. So that night she texted her and said, “This is what is happening, and I’m so glad that you’re in my life.” Gracelynn replied, “Oh I’m so sorry to hear about this, and I’m so glad I’m in it.” The next day, Sybil’s grandfather asked her, “You didn’t finish all your breakfast, are you on a diet?” She said “No.” she texted Gracelynn and told her what happened and asked, “Can I have a hug tomorrow?” Gracelynn replied, “Sure.” The next day at karate, Gracelynn gave Sybil a hug. Gracelynn isn’t much for showing emotion, but Sybil knew that she was there for her.


    A few weeks later, Sybil went with her grandparents and uncle to get dinner and they went to her work, The Chicken Palace, and her uncle asked her, “Is that the one you have a crush on?” and Sybil thought he meant Tyler Murklins, her crush. She stuttered. After dinner, on their way home, her uncle said, “I meant the girl.” Sybil was in shock and replied, “What! I’m not lesbian.” “It’s ok if you are, we would still love you.” Her grandmother said. “I’m not lesbian.” Sybil repeated.


    When she was fifteen, she still got excited to go to work. It was Star Wars Day today and a new face was there, and he was so cute. He had brown curly hair down to his shoulders and he was tall. The second Sybil saw him she was speechless. She felt like her whole world had stopped. A few minutes later, she walked over to him and said, “Hi, my name is Sybil.” she said as she smiled. “I’m Griffin.” he said. Later, at a time that they weren't busy, they started to talk about Star Wars. “Hey Griffin, my least favorite character is probably Jar Jar.” “What! Why Jar Jar, he’s so funny.” replied Griffin. “Well, because he gave Palpatine power to overthrow the Senate, but yes, he’s very funny.” Sybil added.


    That night Sybil posted on her story, a video saying she has a crush on someone. The next day at karate Gracelynn asked her, “I saw your video, who is it?” Sybil blushed and said “Well, he’s my manager’s son, he’s so nice and he’s very cute. I felt like my world stopped when I met him. It was so amazing.” “Cool.” Gracelynn said sarcastically. Sybil continued “But Gracelynn, you don’t understand, I’m over fictional boys. I’m not obsessed with them anymore. Something about meeting Griffin changed that and I’m no longer insecure.” The next day Sybil went to work, and she saw Griffin, and he was on his break. A few minutes later Jayda asked, “Hey Sybil, can you go table touch please?” With a smile on her face Sybil replied, “Yes.” so she went over and table touched and when she got to the table Griffin was sitting at she asked with a smile on her face, “How’s everything over here, do you need a refreshment?” He said “No, I’m ok.”


    Next week at work, Sybil walked over to her friend Olivia and asked “Hey can I talk to you?” Olivia replied “Yes of course. You can always talk to me.” “I like Griffin.” said Sybil. “Oh, well I find him annoying.” replied Olivia. “Oh really, why?” asked Sybil. “He’s always touching his hair. He could at least have it in a man bun.” said Olivia. Sybil smiled and replied “Yeah, but I think it’s cute.” The next day Sybil said “Hey Griffin.” as she stocked the cups. “Hi.” Griffin replied. That night at karate Sybil walked over to Gracelynn and said “I had the best day today.” Gracelynn replied “Oh let me guess, did you see him?” Sybil blushed and said “Yeah.” “What? Who did you see?” asked Piper. “I saw my crush.” Sybil said. “Who is your crush?” asked Piper. “His name is Griffin Hawkins. He’s my manager’s son.” replied Sybil. Piper scoffed.


    At work the next day, Sybil said “Hi everyone.” “Hi Sybil.” they all said. A few moments later, Sybil asked “Hey can I have forks Cyrus?” Cyrus didn’t answer. So Sybil asked again. "Can I have....” He still didn’t answer. “Cyrus?” and the way Sybil said it, it sounded like she asked if she could have Cyrus. Then Cyrus chuckled and said “I’m a little too old for you.” Sybil laughed and said “No, I wanted forks, and besides, you’re not the one I like.” “Oh, what, who is it? Cyrus asked. Sybil walked over to him and whispered in his ear. “It’s Griffin.” Then Cyrus said “Oh I can see that.” “What do you mean?” asked Sybil. “I mean, I could see you guys together.” replied Cyrus. “Oh.” Sybil said while giggling. The next day at work, Griffin, Duke, and Finn were all sitting together and Sybil walked over to them to table touch. “Hey guys, do you need any refreshments?” she asked. “No.” they said. “Griff is a glass of water.” Duke joked. “You just called Griff hot.” Finn replied. “Oh.” Duke said. Then they all laughed. A few minutes later Sybil texted Duke and said, “Yeah he is a tall glass of water.” Duke laughed.


    A few months later. By now Sybil had told half of her co-workers about her crush on Griffin and they started calling him table touching because Sybil likes to table touch him when he’s on break. “Hey Duke, is table touching here?”  Sybil asked.  “Yes, he’s over there making drinks.” replied Duke. Sybil looked over at Griffin and smiled. Griffin saw her and said “Hi Sybil!” and waved at her. “Hi Griff!” Sybil replied. Later that day, Sybil asked Duke, “Hey can you ask Griff if he’s interested in anyone for me, please? Only if you want to.” “I’ll try.” Duke replied. “Thank you.” Sybil said. At work the next day Sybil heard that Cyrus is able to tutor her in math, and that following Monday they met at work. “Hey Cyrus.” Sybil said as she sat down. “Hi Sybil. How are you today?” Cyrus asked. “I’m good. You?” Sybil replied. “I’m doing great.” Cyrus said. While they were sitting there, Cyrus’s hand was next to Sybil’s thigh and Sybil started to get really uncomfortable but she didn’t say anything, she just sat there in shock. After tutoring she went home and got ready for karate.


    The next day on her way to work she was talking to her grandmother and she told Sybil that she couldn’t do something because she’s short. Sybil wasn’t very happy. Before she clocked in, she called Gracelynn and told her what happened, and she told her to try to get a hug from Griffin. So later that day Sybil walked over to Griffin and holding back tears she asked, “Hey can I talk to you?” Griffin replied, “Yes.” “My grandmother doesn’t think I can run three miles for karate because I’m short and it makes me so mad that she’d say something like that. Can I have a hug?” Griffin nodded and gave her a hug. Sybil said “Thank you.” Then they got back to work.


    A month or so later, Sybil was sitting on the couch at her grandparents and her grandpa walked over with his belt and started to hit the couch less than a foot away from Sybil. She didn’t know what to do, she just sat there. After he finished she went down to the basement and she was crying her eyes out. She tried to call Gracelynn but she didn’t answer, so she called Gracelynn’s sister, Eliza, and she told her what happened as she continued to cry. Eliza said, “Just breathe, go and get a drink of water. It will be ok Sybil.” They continued to talk until Sybil was feeling better. “Thank you Eliza.” Sybil said. “Of course.” Eliza replied. They decided to hang up and go to bed.


     A few weeks later, Sybil texted her friend Axel one night and they went over pickup lines together. At work the next day she walked over to Axel and said “I’m scared to say it.” “You got this Sybil.” Axel replied. Then a few moments later, Griffin walked over to them, Sybil looked at him and asked “Hey Griffin, date or date not, there is no maybe?” Griffin looked at her in shock and in confusion and said “What?” Sybil started to ask him again and then said “Never mind.” A couple minutes later she walked over to Axel and said “I tried.” After work that day she got a text from Axel saying “Griffin did ask what you said and I told him I didn’t know.” Sybil told him “Oh, if you wanted, you could've told him.” A month later Sybil and her co-workers decided to play volleyball. Griffin walked over to her and said “Hey Sybil, come here, I need to talk to you.” Sybil replied “Ok.” and followed him. “I heard that you like me and I’m just not interested right now.” Griffin said. “Oh, that’s ok, that’s totally fine.” Sybil replied. Next Saturday at work Sybil said “Hey Griffin, I’m sorry that you had to figure out from someone else that I like you and I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you, I was just so scared to.” “It’s fine.” Griffin replied.


    Now Sybil and Cyrus have been texting for a month, and Cyrus was telling Sybil some very personal stuff and asking her things that he probably shouldn’t. Sybil didn’t realize it until later. Some of the stuff he’d ask her is, “Hey I miss you; you should send me a picture of your face.” and “If you could fire anyone from work, who would you fire?” He also texted her nonstop, hated it when she left him on read, and said, “I wish I could come to your house, go into your room and give you a hug.” When she started to get uncomfortable, she told Gracelynn what was going on and she said “That’s called harassment and that she needed to tell her boss.” When Sybil’s parents figured out about this, Sybil’s mother talked to Sybil’s bosses, Diana Hawkins and Claire Murklins. Claire said they couldn’t do anything about it and that it was the parents' job to do it. Diana didn’t say anything but Sybil’s mother said that it looked like she wanted to say something but felt she shouldn’t because her boss was there.


    That night Sybil went to the football game and during halftime she went to get pizza with Griffin and Axel. On their way, they had to cross a busy street and Sybil said, “It’s a real-life game of crossy road.” Then the boys said “Yeah, but don’t get hit.” Sybil laughed and said “Yeah." On their way back to the field Sybil asked, “Hey didn’t you guys win 24-14 last week?” “Yeah.” Griffin replied. “I don’t know how I remember the score. Sybil laughed. “Yeah, we know you memorize numbers Sybil.” Axel said while laughing. Sybil laughed also. They got back to the field, Griffin and Axel had to sit with the band. Sybil saw Griffin's dad and asked Griffin, “Hey Griffin, I have no one to sit with, can I sit with your dad?” “I don’t know, ask my dad.” Replied Griffin. So, Sybil went over to his parents and asked, “Can I sit, I have no one else to sit with.” Diana said “Sure.” After the game Diana asked, “See you tomorrow ma’am?” “Yeah.” Sybil smiled. The next day Sybil saw Anastasia and told her about last night and said, “Griffin is a lot different outside of work.”


    A month later Sybil went to homecoming. She wore a gold dress and black heels, she curled her hair and she wore makeup. Her dad took her to the school and as they waited for her friend, they saw Griffin and she got excited and said “Dad, it’s Griffin!” and grabbed his arm. “Stop.” her dad said. “Sorry.” Sybil replied. After her friend got there, they stood in line and she saw Griffin again. “Hi Griff.” she said. Griffin waved at her. Later she saw Axel and she told him hi. She had so much fun at homecoming that night.


    A few weeks later, Sybil and Griffin were talking about football and how they both like different teams. A month later the teams both played against each other and Sybil’s team won 13-7 and at work the next day when Griffin arrived she walked over to him and asked, “Did you watch the game last night?” “No, I didn’t.” he said sarcastically. Later she walked over to Axel and told him how the conversation went and said “He’s so cute when he’s sarcastic.”


    Today at work Sybil was sitting with her co-workers, waiting on her mom to pick her up. Around 3:30, Griffin arrived and Sybil started to get nauseous and then a few minutes went by and she felt better. Jayda was at the front counter and they all said “Come over here.” Then Griffin said, “Yeah, just come table touch.” When Sybil heard him say that she blushed. Jayda walked over and jokingly asked, “How’s everything over here?” They all said they’re good, then Sybil looked at Jayda and said “Jayda, well you know table touching is my favorite thing.” Jayda shook her head and smiled.


    The next day at work, Sybil was sitting in the back and Griffin walked back there to get a drink and Sybil asked, “How was your Thanksgiving?” “It was nice.” He replied. “Mine was ok. My mom was in charge of making the pies and everyone didn’t want to wait on us so they started to eat before we got there.” Sybil continued. Later that day Sybil was talking to Trey and he said, “Griffin likes Lacie.” Sybil was in shock and asked, “What, really?” “Yeah I think so.” Trey responded. Sybil continued to clean and then a few minutes later Sybil walked over to Trey and said, “I’m holding back tears right now.” And laughed nervously. “I probably shouldn’t have told you that.” Trey replied. “It’s ok. Can you ask him just to make sure please?” Sybil asked. “Yeah I will.” Trey replied. Next week at work Sybil was making drinks and Griffin arrived and said, “If I’m supposed to be on drinks, I obviously can’t.” and looked at Sybil. “Trey walked over to Sybil, laughed and said, “He just burned you.” Sybil laughed and replied, “That made my day.” and smiled. “Oh, is it a yes or a no?” Sybil asked. “He said he likes her.” Trey responded. “Oh, ok.” Sybil sighed.


Sybil forgot her jacket at work so she went to pick it up, and when she got there, Trey walked up to her and said, “So yeah, he likes her. Oh and he said that he thought that when he told you he didn’t like you, that you didn’t like him anymore, then I told him, no, that you talk about him everyday, then he didn’t say anything.” “What, you told him that I talk about him everyday?” Sybil asked. “I wanted to be honest with him.” Trey replied. “Ok.” Sybil said. Cyrus brought her jacket for her. “Thanks.” Sybil said. “My pleasure.” Cyrus replied. “Bye everyone, have a good night.” Sybil said. “Bye Sybil.” They all said.


    Sybil left and went to karate, now she’s sitting and waiting on Gracelynn and Piper to come. Piper arrived and Sybil told her what happened and she gave Sybil a hug. “You and Gracelynn were right.” Sybil said and continued to hug Piper. A few minutes later Gracelynn came and Sybil got up and walked towards her, gave her a hug and said, “You were right, he doesn’t like me, he likes someone else.” And she told her everything that happened. “Yeah, that’s just how boys are.” Gracelynn replied. Sybil started to cry and continued to hug her.


    On Thursday night, Sybil and Trey were talking on the phone and Trey told her, “Hey, Griff and I were talking about you and he told me that he thinks you’re annoying, and he knows that you wrote a song about him.” “Oh.” Replied Sybil. Trey continued. “You’re not. I think he just said that because he’s insecure and he wants to bring himself up and not other people.” They continued to talk for a while. “Hey, do you think DeLorey likes me?” Trey asked. “I don’t know, maybe.” Sybil replied. A few minutes go by and Sybil decided to go talk to her dad because he just got home from work, so she told Trey bye.


    A few days later, Sybil was talking to DeLorey at work, and she asked, “Hey, do you like anyone.” “Maybe.” DeLorey answered. “Cause someone that works here likes you, and wanted me to ask you if you like anyone.” Sybil continued. “It’s Trey. Do you like him?” “Maybe.” DeLorey replied. “Ok, so do you want me to tell him.” Sybil asked. “Sure. I also just want to get to know him more, and I only date for marriage.” DeLorey replied. They continued to talk for a while. After work Sybil called Trey and told him that DeLorey likes him and he was shocked.


    On Tuesday Sybil realized that she needs to move on and let Griffin go. She talked to Trey that night and told him and they talked for a while. The next morning she texted Axel and told him. He told her that he was proud of her, that she doesn’t need men in her life, and that they’re gross. Sybil smiled and laughed at that. That week, Sybil and Trey were talking and Sybil asked, “Can you tell Griff that I don’t like him anymore and can you ask who told him about the song please? I just don’t know how to do it myself.” “Yeah.” Trey replied. The next day at work Sybil saw Trey walk over to Griffin and she stared at them and thought, “I wonder what Griff is saying.” She continued to stare at them until Trey walked back over to her. “So what did he say?” Sybil asked. “When I told him that you don’t like him anymore, he said, he figured, and he said not to tell you that Franklin told him about the song.” Trey replied.


    Next week on Tuesday, Griffin and Sybil where working together and Sybil said, “Hey, I’m sorry about the song.” “It's fine.” Griffin replied. Then the next day, when Sybil was at work, she walked up to Griffin and said, “I’m sorry about everything.” “It’s ok.” Griffin replied. That night Sybil was listening to the bible, and thought to herself, “I hope none of my friends are friends with me because they pity me for being short.” Sybil sighed. The next morning, Sybil laid in bed and she had a lot of thoughts running through her mind. “I shouldn’t of got myself, or my co-workers into this mess. I feel bad. Should I still give Griffin his Christmas present?”


    Last night, Sybil's town had a huge storm and all the power went out. Some trees and power lines were knocked down. When she was at work it started pouring rain and it was extremely windy. The flag was touching the ground so Dakota and Joel went outside to get it. DeLorey was at the window and she got soaked. When Sybil got off she asked if Trey could walk her to her car so she didn’t blow away, and he did. Sybil drove around with her mom and sisters for a few hours. The whole town was dark. Sybil texted Griffin and asked, “Did you guys end up going home?” “Griffin texted her back and said “Yes.” Sybil also texted Axel around the same time, and asked, “Did you guys go home?” and he replied, “Yeah the power went out so we all went home.” “Wow, talk about minors getting to close.” Sybil laughed. Axel replied, “I know right. They got sent home at like five.” They both laughed.


    Before Sybil clocked in, she sat down with Axel, Cyrus and Trey. “Hey, I heard someone got a video of me walking you out yesterday.” Trey said. “Oh awesome, I want to see that. Do you know who took the video?” Sybil laughed. “No but, I think James was the one who mentioned it.” Trey replied. After Sybil got off work, she was sitting with De'quarius, and Trey came over when he wasn’t busy. Trey pointed at Sybil's nickname on her bag of food and said, “That should say shorty.” And laughed. Sybil laughed and replied, “No, it’s mini. You’re the only one who calls me shorty.” “No, it’s shorty.” Trey said. “De’quarius, is it mini or shorty?” Sybil asked. “It’s Sybil.” De’quarius replied. They all laughed. When Sybil got home from work, she went to her room and talked on the phone with Trey for over two hours. Sybil realized something that night, but she’s still unsure about it. The next morning Sybil opened day seventeen of her homemade advent calendar and it said, “Do you like someone else?” Sybil thought to herself, “Do I?”


    At work that night Sybil was taking an order, and she asked to go get a drink after she finished. When she was in the back she almost cried and thought, “I hate front counter so much, I hate it when people stare at me, it makes me so insecure. She went back up front and a few minutes go by and Jayda was standing by her and Sybil said, “I hate front counter so much.” “Yeah no one likes it.” Replied Jayda. “Yeah but it makes me insecure, I hate it when people stare at me.” Sybil said. “Oh, yeah, I understand.” Jayda replied as she nodded.


    After work when she got home she called Trey. “So, what do you want to talk about?” He asked. “I don’t know.” Sybil laughed. A few minutes later Trey said, “Hey let’s play would you rather. You go first.” Sybil asked, “Would you rather, stand in the freezer for over five hours, kiss DeLorey in front of everyone at work, or kiss Lacie in front of DeLorey?” “Oh my gosh, umm…..I’d probably kiss DeLorey in front of everyone. Ok, would you rather, be in dining room for a month, tell Diana you like Griff, or kiss me?” Trent replied. “Oh wow, umm…..I’d rather be in dining room for a year than talk to Diana about that, and umm….I’d rather kiss you than talk to her.” She replied. “Ok umm…..would you rather have your first kiss with me or Griff?” Trey asked. “Umm….well, it’s fifty/fifty.” She replied. “I won’t be mad if you choose Griff.” He said. “I know, but I just don’t know who.” She replied. “Ok, I’ll ask you in the morning and you better have an answer.” He said while laughing. “Ok.” She said. They told each other bye and hung up. Sybil asked herself, “Would I rather, have my first kiss with Trey or Griff?” she just laid there in bed thinking about it.


    In the morning she asked herself again, “Would I rather have my first kiss with Griff or Trey? Well let’s think, I’ve known Griff a little longer, but he called me annoying, but do I still like him or not? I mean I still find him very attractive, and then there’s Trey, he’s nice and he’s cute, but not like Griff cute.” She continued to think about it then she got her answer. Later she asked her sister Gail, “Should I pick Trey or Griffin?” “Uhh…Griffin!” she replied. “Ok, that’s what I was thinking to.” Sybil said. At work, when she saw James, she said, “Hey I heard you have a video of Trey walking me outside during that storm.” “Yeah, here it is.” James said as he showed her the video. While she was working, she realized that she might still have feelings for Griffin. Her and Axel were on their break, Griffin walked by them and looked at Axel and said, “Nerd!” Axel replied, Nerd!” “That’s one hot nerd.” Sybil told Axel as she looked at Griffin. “Oh my gosh.” Axel laughed.


    The next day, Sybil and her sister Beatrix went Christmas shopping with their grandparents and uncle. Later that day she went to look at Christmas lights with her family and she was listening to her favorite song and started to sing along, “You’re my person, my heartbeat, my slow dance, my Sunday morning sippin’ on coffee in bed, my know when you know best friend.” She continued to sing.


    The next day at work Sybil stepped up onto her stool and a customer said, “Wow, you really came up in the world.” Sybil just ignored him and continued to take the order. A few minutes later another customer saw her slide her stool and said, “Oh you do a really good job sliding around with that stool.” Sybil didn’t know what to say so she said the first thing that popped into her head, “Thank you.” She walked over to Trey and told him what happened and he just gave the guy a look. Sybil told him that she was going to go get a drink. She saw Olivia in the back braiding Jayda’s hair and Sybil started crying and wrapped her arms around Olivia. Diana walked back there and said, “I need a monkey to get salads in the walk in.” Sybil replied, “I can do it.” So she got the salads for Diana and then walked back over to Olivia and told her what happened and hugged her. “You going to be ok?” Olivia asked. “Yeah.” Sybil sighed. “I love you.” Olivia said. “Love you too.” Sybil replied. A few minutes go by and Sybil clocked out, and walked to the back to get her stuff. She saw Trey and he said, “Hey I told Diana and Jayda what happened and if anything like that happens again just let me know.” “Thank you.” Sybil replied as she hugged him.


    When she got home she saw that her mother was crying and asked, “What’s wrong?” “Well, Gail pooped all over in her room and I called your grandma and told her what happened, and guess what she said.” Sybil’s mom replied. “Why isn’t she potty trained.” Sybil said. “Yup, and I yelled at her.” Her mom replied. “Good job.” Sybil said. Later that evening when Sybil got home from karate, her mother said, “We went over to Grammie’s house and she asked, did you clean up Gail’s room or did you end up killing her.” Sybil’s eyes got wide with shock and she said, “Oh wow.” Later that night Sybil talked to Trey on the phone and he asked her, “Hey so how are you feeling since that happened at work?” “Not good. Hey we need like a code word or something for when that happens.” Replied Sybil. “How about this, you put up your index finger on the counter and say my name,  then I’ll come over and stand by you.” Trey responded. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Sybil replied. “Oh, Griff and I have been texting and he said part of the reason he doesn’t want to be with you is because of your height.”  “Oh.” Sybil replied. “You can cry if you want.” Trey said.” “I would but I have a headache.” A few minutes go by and Trey said, “Hey so I told Griff that you can’t control your height and that’s a stupid reason for not liking you.” “Ok, thank you.” Sybil replied. “My pleasure.” Trey responded. They both laughed. “See now that he said that, I don’t really like him anymore, and this time I’m going to move on.” Sybil said.


    After she got off the phone with Trey, she texted Gracelynn and told her, “Hey I really need a hug next time I see you. I heard that part of the reason Griff doesn’t want to be with me is because I’m short, and I still liked him a little bit until I heard that, and now I think I’m really over him. It just makes me so mad because being short is something I can’t control.” Then she texted Axel, “Hey I figured out part of the reason Griff doesn’t want to be with me, Trey told me that Griff said part of the reason is because I’m short, so I’m a little mad about it and I wanted to cry. So yeah, him and I are probably never going to happen, and now that I know why, I think I’m really over him this time.” “That’s good Sybil, like I said, I don’t think you need men in your life, plus Griff is a big time nerd and I don’t know, there’s just something about him that’s a little off, and I’m sorry Sybil, I am, but it will be ok.” Axel replied. “Thank you.” Sybil said. “Of course.” Axel replied.


    Later that day Sybil walked into her sister Beatrix's room and said, “Hey I need to tell you something, and I need you to promise me not to tell mom and dad, ok. So I heard that part of the reason Griff doesn’t like me is because of my height. So if mom finds out she’ll lose it and when I told dad that Griff said I’m annoying he was a little on edge, so I don't know what he’ll do if he figures out about this.” “Ok." Replied Beatrix. When Sybil got to work, she saw Duke and told him what happened and he gave her a hug. She also told De’quarius and she asked, “You and Olivia aren’t afraid to be seen with me in public are you?” “No.” De’quarius replied as he shook his head. After Sybil got off her grandpa picked her up and she said, “Hey, I have to go straight home.” “Huh, well, all I can say is you’re at my mercy.” He said. When she got home she walked into Beatrix’s room and asked, “You didn’t say anything, right.” “No.” she replied. “Thank you.” Sybil said as she hugged her.


    The next day at work, Sybil grabbed Griffin’s Christmas present out of her bag and walked over to Griff and he was sitting down and she sat it on the table, gave it to him and said, “Merry Christmas.” She also didn’t sound happy when she said it. Then she walked off. Later Griffin walked over to her and said, “Thank you Sybil.” “My pleasure.” She replied. A few minutes go by and Sybil walked up to Griffin and said, “I didn’t know what to get you, but I knew you liked Caesars’ pizza.” “It’s fine.” He replied. A couple hours after Sybil got home, she was getting ready for karate and she went upstairs and she saw her mom throwing and kicking things and she asked, “What happened.” “Gail pooped and smeared it all over her face.” Beatrix replied. “Oh, ok.” Sybil replied. Her mother said, “She got pissed off at me.” And continued yelling. Sybil went into her room, started crying and said, “I want to move out, I can’t do this anymore.” And continued crying. She called her grandmother and said, “Hey, can I get a ride to karate?” “Yeah of course.” Her grandmother replied. “Yeah, my mom, is um, working on something.” She lied.


    Later that night, her and Trey were talking on the phone and Trey said, “Hey, Griff told me that he was having a bad day yesterday and that he’s sorry for what he said about you.” “Oh wow, well that makes me feel better now.” Sybil replied. “Oh and I told Jayda about what happened between you and Cyrus today and she said she wants to talk to you about it.” Trey responded. “Ok.” Replied Sybil. A few minutes go by and Trey was in the office with Jayda and Joel, so him and Sybil talked to them about what happened and they said, “If it happens again let Diana or Shane know, but yeah for now, just don’t worry about it.” After they talked, Trey left the office and continued talking to Sybil, “I know what they said but I still want to talk about it with you.” Sybil said. “Yeah, we can.” Trey replied.


     The next day at work, Sybil was outside with Lacie and she asked, “Hey, random question, do you like Star Wars?” “No, I just don’t have the patience to sit through a movie.” Lacie replied. “Wow, Lacie.” Sybil laughed. Lacie laughed also. Later she went inside and walked over to Trey and said, “Hey Lacie doesn’t like Star Wars.” “What?!” Trey replied. “Yeah, she said that.” Sybil said. During Sybil’s break, she followed Griffin into the play room and asked, “Hey can we talk?” “Yeah.” Griffin replied. “So Trey talked to me and I want to tell you that I forgive you.” “What?” Griff said. “He said, you said, you’re sorry, and I forgive you.” Sybil replied. “Oh ok, I was confused for a second.” Griffin said. “Ok, so friends right?” Sybil asked. “Yeah.” Griffin replied. They walked out of the play room and Griffin got back to work and Sybil sat down. When Sybil got back to work she asked, “Hey Dakota, can we have a code word for when people are calling me short and stuff? And so it’s not obvious, it should have to do with something on the menu.” “Yeah.” Dakota replied as she looked at the menu. A few seconds later Dakota said, “Ok, how about this, can we put sauce on the sandwich.” “That’s a good one.” Sybil replied. “Dakota walked over to Jayda and Cyrus and told them also, and said, “And Sybil is the only one that can use it.”


    It’s Christmas Eve today and Sybil and her family are on their way over to her grandparents house. She had so much fun that night. The next day was Christmas and she got so many presents, and her favorite present she got was a ukulele. Now she’s with the rest of her extended family. After that her mom took her and her sister Beatrix over to their grandparents house. The next morning her and Beatrix went into the basement to play a game. Later Trey called Sybil and they talked for a while. A few minutes later, Sybil’s grandpa came downstairs and saw Sybil on the phone and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”  “No.” Sybil replied. After he went upstairs Sybil asked Trey, “Hey did you hear any of that?” “Yeah, I heard him. Oh Sybil, do you have a boyfriend?” Trey laughed. Sybil also laughed and said, “No.”  Later Sybil’s uncle came downstairs and asked, “Who are you talking to?” “A friend from work.” Later, on their way to Manhattan, her uncle asked, “So, do you like anyone new?” “No.” Sybil replied. “Don’t lie to me.” He laughed. “I wouldn’t lie to you.” She laughed. “Ok, so what about, Griffin?” He asked. “Well, I still kinda like him but, he said he wouldn’t date me because I’m short, so yeah.” She replied. “Well he sounds shallow.” He replied. “Yeah.” She agreed. “So, is there anyone you’re talking to?” He asked. “No.” She replied. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Yes. I wouldn’t lie to you.” A few minutes later he pointed at the store The Lions Den and said, “Oh look, there’s your store.” “No.” She replied and forced a laugh. “You could work there when you’re going to college.” “No.” She said as she forced another laugh. “Yeah, I would not recommend it. Jesus sees.” He said as he pointed at her.


    An hour later they went out to eat and Sybil’s grandmother looked at her across the table and said, “Oh, Sybil you’re getting so big. You’re so pretty.” Sybil smiled and thought, “I’m I though?” After dinner they went to the movie theater and Sybil’s grandmother said, “Ok, so one senior, two kids…..” “But Sybil isn’t a kid.” Beatrix said. “I know but let’s not advertise that.” Sybil’s grandmother replied. Sybil thought, “Wow so just because I’m short, doesn’t mean you can say I’m a kid, just so you don’t have to pay as much.” Later that night, after Sybil took her shower, she walked out of the bathroom and she sat on her uncle’s bed and as he was patting the bed he said, “Do you want to come cuddle?” Sybil raised her eyebrows and replied, “No.” So then she got in bed with her grandparents. She thought to herself, “I wish I had my own bed."


    The next morning after breakfast they were in their room and her uncle said, “Beatrix is definitely going to be a hit among the boys.” “What do you mean?” Sybil asked. “I just mean she’s free spirited.” Her uncle replied. Later Sybil said, “Hey I’m going to go walk around.” So she left and called Trey and told him what happened. “Yeah just hearing that I almost want to puke.” He said. “Yeah I wanted to also, but with all of this happening I almost want to kill myself.” She replied. “Don’t do that, because there’s people that care about you.” He responded. “Yeah and my co-workers probably care more about me than my family.” She sighed.


    Later that night they were flipping through the channels on T.V and they saw a prisoner and out of nowhere Sybil’s uncle asked, “Beatrix, your dad got arrested?” and she said, “No.” Then Sybil’s grandmother said, “What, I thought he did awhile ago.” Sybil knew they weren’t being serious and she said, “No, he didn’t.” Then her uncle asked, “Sybil, are you still here?” “Yeah.” She replied. “See, if Beatrix got arrested she’d have a f you face. Then Sybil, she’d be a different story, I feel like they wouldn’t take her picture because they’d feel bad.” Her uncle said. Sybil wants to yell at them so bad but she can’t and she wants to cry because of it.


    The next day, Sybil and her uncle were in line to get food and her uncle said, “Hey so Beatrix said you have a boyfriend.” “No I don’t.” She replied. “Ok, so if I find out you’re lying to me.” He said as he held up his fist to mess with her. She just stayed quiet. A few minutes go by and she grabbed her cup and went to fill it up, while she did that she saw the bible verse, Micah 6:8 on the side of the cup. So when they sat down she looked up that verse and it says, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” As they were sitting, Axel texted her and Sybil’s uncle saw the notification on her phone and asked, “Who’s that, is that your boyfriend?” “No, he’s a senior in high-school.” She replied. “Oooo, is Sybil going after the older guys?” He asked. “No. I just prefer talking to the guys at work than the girls.” She replied. Later as they were walking around Sybil saw so many couples and she sighed and thought, “Will I ever be in a relationship? Will a boy ever like me, for me? I shouldn’t be jealous, remember, starting next year, I’m not going to worry about boys. But those couples looked so cute and I want that, and I know I shouldn’t.” She sighed again.


    On the way back to the hotel, she was thinking, “Will I ever find someone who will want to hold my clammy hand? Someone who won’t be embarrassed by walking with me in public. Someone who won’t just be my boyfriend as a joke because I’m short. Someone who will hold my hand and worship God with me. Someone who will pray over me and with me. Someone I can laugh with. Someone who will stick up for me when someone makes fun of me. Someone I can fall asleep watching movies with. Someone who I can have long phone calls with. Someone who will give me his sweatshirt when I’m cold, and we’ll both laugh because it will be big on me. Someone who won’t be afraid of my family. Someone who will mess with me because I’m short, but not make fun of me for it. Someone that will hold me when I cry. Someone that will love me for me.”


    Later, they went to a movie, and half way through Sybil said, “Hey, I’m going to run to the restroom.” But she didn’t go, she just wanted to go call Trey and she told him about her day as she started to cry. “Are you crying?” He asked. “Yeah.” She replied. “Do you work Friday?” She asked. “Yeah.” He said. “Can I have a hug then?” She asked as she cried. “Yeah.” He said. “Thank you.” She said. “My pleasure.” He laughed. She chuckled. “Well I better let you go so you can get back.” He said. “Ok.” She replied. So they hung up and she went back to the movie. The next morning, Sybil was still sleeping and out of nowhere her uncle jumped on her. “Stop.” She said. “Huh, I’m surprised you didn’t say ouch.”


    It’s the year 2022, and the first day for Sybil’s new years resolution. She arrived at work early and so did Axel. She talked to him about her new years resolution. “So, if I say a guy is cute or anything, please slap me.” She said. “Ok.” Axel chuckled. Later, Vanessa sat down with them and they were talking about Tom Holland. “Tom Holland is cute.” Vanessa said. “Yeah.” Sybil agreed. “Oh crap.” She said. She held out her hand and Axel slapped it. The next day she was watching a show and a actor who she liked in the past is in it. In the show that person took his shirt off and Sybil almost lost it. She had to slap her hand about five times. She told herself, “You’re better than this. Stop.” She told Axel and he said, “It’s ok Sybil, but don’t lose hope on it. You can push through the year, I believe in you.” She replied, “Thanks.”


    At work on Tuesday, Sybil turned around and Griffin was washing his hand and he accidentally knocked a table marker off the counter and Sybil caught it and she set it on the counter and accidentally knocked it into the trash. “Wow Sybil, are you trying to throw it away?” Griffin laughed. “No, I’m not trying to.” She laughed. When she was on break with Griffin, he asked, “Have you had fun so far today?” “Yeah. You?” She replied. “I guess.” A few minutes after they got back from break, She asked “Hey Trey can you get cups, I can’t reach them?” “You can’t reach anything.” Trey laughed. “Ohhh!” Griffin laughed. She gave Trey the death glare and laughed. A few minutes go by and she walked over to Trey and said, “Hey so um I got a little nauseous when I was on break with Griffin. I thought I was over him." “It’s ok if you’re not, just don’t over do it this time.” Trey replied. “Ok.” She said.


    Later, She was washing her hands and Griffin was trying to throw a receipt tube away by throwing it like he was shooting a basketball, and he missed. Sybil picked it up and asked, “Do you want to try again?” And she gave it to him. He tried again and as she was walking over to make drinks, she saw him miss again and it landed on the counter straight up. A few seconds later, “Sybil.” Veronica said. “Yeah." She replied. “Griffin was saying your name.” She walked over to Griffin and said, “Yeah.” He pointed to the receipt tube and said, “Look.” “Yeah I saw you land it. That’s awesome.” She said as she smiled. After she got off, she sat down with DeLorey and told her about what happened when she was on break with Griffin, and DeLorey said, “It’s ok.” And smiled. “At least you don’t like him as much.” She continued. “Yeah, and maybe the reason I still get nauseous is either, I still get a little nervous around him, or because his mother is Diana. I’m just glad that it’s so much easier to talk to him now.” Sybil said. “Yeah.” DeLorey agreed.”


    On Friday, at work, DeLorey spilled a drink and Joel said, “Sybil!” And laughed. She laughed and said, “What?!” Diana said, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” And laughed. Later the card reader, that Sybil was using, stopped working and Diana had to try and fix it. Then it stopped working again and Joel went into the back to get Diana and she came up front to look at it. “I think I broke it again, I’m sorry.” Sybil laughed. Diana laughed also. A few minutes later Diana left and came back and hour or so later. Veronica saw that Diana clocked in and said, “Oh, Diana is here, you guys better be on your best behavior.” And laughed.


A few weeks later, Sybil was at work and as she was about to leave she held her hand out for a dap me up from Griffin and he just gave her a high five and started to walk off. Sybil turned toward him and he said, “What?” “Nothing.” She replied. She looked at Trey and DeLorey and they all laughed.


    A few weeks go by, and Sybil was at work cleaning. Diana walked over to her and asked, “Did you have a good weekend Sybil?” “Yeah. Did you?” Sybil replied. “Yeah but it always seems to go by fast.” Diana said. “Yeah it does.” Sybil responded. Diana walked away and Trey was sitting at a table and Sybil walked over to him and told him what Diana said, then she said, “I’m glad her and I are on good terms.” They both laughed.


  Later that week, Sybil was working and Griffin was standing by her and a customer walked over to her and said, “Sybil, I’m married to a short person and I love her to pieces.” “Oh, ok.” Sybil replied. The man walked off and her and Griffin made eye contact. Griffin smiled and laughed. “Yeah, I hate it when people say stuff like that. I’m just so insecure about my height.” She told Griffin. After her, DeLorey, and Trey got off Sybil asked them, “Do you think I’m fat?” They both said no. “Please stop saying you’re fat Sybil.” Trey said. “Ok, I’ll stop if we ask Griffin.” “Ok, I’ll text him.” Trey replied. “Ok, and whatever he says, please tell me.” Trey replied, “He’s going to say no.” Then he texted Griffin and said, “Hey, Sybil is saying she’s fat. Do you think she is?” In no more than three minutes he texted back and Trey showed Sybil what he said. She looked at the text and wanted to cry because she was so happy that he said, no. She put her hand over her mouth in shock and then said, “Wow, I literally want to cry, and he replied so fast to.” She continued to sit there in shock. “See, I told you that he’d say no.” Trey said.


    The next day Sybil was at church and her pastor said they were having youth group that night at 5:45. Sybil thought to herself, “Hey, I should invite Trey and DeLorey.” So she texted both of them. Trey wasn’t able to come but her and DeLorey had a great time. On Monday, Trey and Sybil were on headset together and they were talking about Griffin. “You and Griffin would be cute together.” Trey said. “What, really, you mean that?” Sybil asked in shock. “Yeah.” Trey replied. “Thanks. So you think I’d keep him in line?” “No, he’d keep you in line.” “Wow.” Sybil said sarcastically. They both laughed. Later, Trey said over the headset, “DeLorey De Millior is the best.” “No, Griffin Theodore Hawkins is the best.” Sybil replied. “You know what, f him.” Trey said as he laughed. Sybil laughed and replied, “Ok, but after he and I get married.” Later that night, at karate, her and Piper sat next to their friend Margaret. “Go away.” Margaret said as she laughed. Sybil got up but Piper didn’t. “Thanks.” Margaret said. “You’re welcome. I got up because I’m a good girl.” Sybil said sarcastically towards Piper. Piper scoffed and said, “Never mind, I’m not going to say it.” “No, say it.” Sybil replied.” “Ok, you may be a good girl but you can’t keep a guy.” Piper responded. “Wow.” Sybil said as she forced a laugh. At work the next day, DeLorey invited her and Trey to her brothers basketball game that night. When she got there, DeLorey’s brother Zeke, started talking about Harry Potter so they all talked for awhile about it. They also talked about Star Wars and inside jokes they have at work.


    On Thursday, Sybil texted Trey and said, “Hey whenever you get the chance can we talk, it doesn’t have to be right away. I just really need to vent to someone, and I know you're going to be busy today so you don’t have to respond right away.” Later, Sybil’s mom was asking her to do all these things right after they just got home. Sybil thought to herself, “I can’t take this anymore, I need to move out. I almost want to run away or kill myself. My mom doesn’t understand what I’m going through. I’m under so much stress, with babysitting, my grandparents and uncle trying to get me to do things I don’t want to do, and them saying bad things about my parents. Wondering how to open up to Griffin. Being jealous of DeLorey and Trey because I want to be in a relationship. Trying to do school so I don’t fall behind. Wanting to work as much as possible because I’d rather be there than at home. Trying to protect my sisters by going over to my grandparents when they go over. Not telling my parents half the things my grandparents and uncle say. Wanting to cry my eyes out every night. Piper, Gracelynn and Margaret being distant from me and they’d probably rather hang out with each other than with me. My mom yelling at me for being in my room all the time. My mom not giving any warning that she’s leaving the house and I have to babysit. My mom getting mad at me for sleeping in. Wishing I could drive on my own. Over thinking  all the time. Always second guessing myself. I’m worried that I’m not living up to my parents expectations. Wondering why God is putting me through this. Wondering if I’m a disappointment to my family. Realizing that I’m not ready for a boyfriend because if I can’t handle all of this, how can I manage having a boyfriend. Wishing I could explain all of this to my parents without them babying me about it. Ugh….why is my life so messed up!”


    Later, on her way to karate, Sybil’s mother asked, “Did you wash your dad’s clothes like I asked you to do?” Sybil put her hands over her face in stress and replied, “No, I was doing school.” “It takes five minutes to do laundry. You’re not very good at multitasking.” Her mother responded. Sybil thought to herself, “I shouldn’t have to do other people’s laundry, I should just do my own.” Later that night, Trey texted her back and asked, “What’s going on?” She told him everything that was going through her mind that day.


    The next morning, Trey called her on his way to work. She answered the phone. “Hey.” He said. “Hi.” She replied. “Oh did you get my text?” She asked. “Yeah, my mom saw it to.” He replied. “That’s ok. Did you get my other text?” She asked. “No, I haven’t looked at that one yet.” He replied. “Ok.” She responded. “So, what’s going on?” He asked. She told him a little bit of what happened, then she said, “I’m not good at explaining things, especially this early in the morning.” Later that day at 4 o’clock, Griffin arrived, walked over to Sybil and said, “Hey Sybil, I’m taking your headset.” “Ok.” She replied as she handed him the headset. After she got off she called her dad and her dad said, “We’ll be a little bit.” “Ok, there’s no rush, I’m enjoying the view.” She replied as she stared at Griffin. She hung up and Duke was sitting with her and he looked confused. “Oh I was talking about Griffin.” She said. “Oh.” He chuckled and rolled his eyes. Later when she got in the car, she looked at her sister Gail and said, “Him's toes took my headset.” (Gail calls Griffin, him’s toes) “Him’s toes didn’t take your head.” Gail replied. Sybil and her family laughed.


    Later that night, Sybil silently cried in the shower and thought, “Why is my life like this? God, I’m giving all of this to you. I need your help.” She continued crying and as she sat there, she grabbed her hair towards her scalp and just kept a tight hold on it for a few seconds. She let the hot water run down her face to wash her tears. The next day, when she was getting in the car to go to work, Sybil’s grandparents were playfully making fun of her butt. As she was getting in, she couldn’t open the car door all the way. “If your butt can fit, the rest of you can fit.” Her grandmother laughed. After her grandfather got in, he saw Gail’s car seat and said, “Hey I bet your big butt can fit in there.” He laughed.


    After she got to work she went straight to the back and she saw Griffin. They talked for awhile. She opened up to him a little bit as well. They later talked about school and she told him about how she started going to a new online school. After that, they talked about his school. She said, “Yeah, my friend told me I wouldn’t last a day at your school.” “Yeah, you wouldn’t.” Griffin replied. “Yeah, I’d probably get bullied for my height.” She said. “Wait, who said that?” He asked. “Oh my friend, yeah, she goes to Saint Mary’s.” She replied. “Oh.” He said as he nodded. Later she told Olivia what happened with her grandparents, and Sybil said, “This is why I’m so insecure. This is why I think I’m fat, my butt is big and why I don’t think anyone will date me because of my height.” And Griffin was standing there as well. Olivia gave her a hug. Later Sybil was making drinks and Griffin was on window. She looked at him and saw that he was shivering. “Hey, do you want my jacket? I’m not using it.” She said. “No, it’s fine.” He replied. A few minutes go by and Griffin grabbed a jacket from the play room.


    On Monday, Sybil was talking with Diana. “Yeah I have a sword I use in karate and it’s small so I call it my hobbit sword.” Sybil said. Diana smiled. “Yeah so we named Georgia after the queen in Lord of the Rings, and her teacher calls her queen of the elves. She enjoys that.” Diana replied. “That’s cool. So why did you give them all G names?” Sybil asked. “Because the first two both had G names so we just figured we’d name the rest of them that way.” Diana replied. “Cool. Oh isn’t Griffin’s middle name from Lord of the Rings to?” Sybil asked. “Yeah, Theodore.” Diana replied. “The king right?” Sybil asked. “Yeah.” Diana replied. “Oh, so why don’t you call Griffin, Griff, is it because it sounds like Gareth?” Sybil asked. “No, it’s just because I never liked it.” Diana replied. “Ok.” Sybil said.


The next day, around 7 o’clock, Sybil, her sisters and grandparents were going over to her great grandparents house, and Sybil’s grandpa was trying to get Gail to say things, “Hey Gail, tell Grammie to suck it.” And, “Gail, say (the s word).” Sybil raised her voice and said, “No!” “Aww, I’ve gotten her to say it before.” He said. “No.” She replied calmly. On Wednesday, when Sybil was working, Diana said, “Hey, when you get finished with that, come here.” “Ok.” Sybil replied. “Jayda walked by her and said, “Ooh, you’re in trouble.” Sybil got a little scared. After she finished with what she was doing, she walked over to Diana. “Ok, so if there are at least two or three customers, can you help take orders?” Diana asked. Sybil was relieved that she wasn’t in trouble and replied, “Yeah of course.” A few minutes later she walked to the back, saw Jayda and said, “I’m so glad I wasn’t in trouble.” They both laughed.


    Friday night, Sybil was at her grandparents and she was in the basement doing school. Her uncle came downstairs and turned on the TV. She grabbed her computer and started to get up. “What are you doing?” Her uncle asked. “Going upstairs to do school because I can’t concentrate with the TV on.” She replied calmly.” Her uncle got up in anger and said, “Fine, if you’re going to be pissy about it.” And went upstairs. She then went into the laundry room and told her grandma what happened. “Yeah he shouldn’t of said that.” Her grandma said. Sybil could see that her grandma looked shocked towards what she just told her.


    On Saturday, while Sybil was working, Martha asked, “Sybil, you good?” “Yeah, why?” She replied. “You’re usually jumping around and stuff.” Martha said. “Well, yeah.” She replied. “Is it Griffin?” Martha whispered. Sybil nodded. On Monday, at Karate, Sybil was showing her friends a video she made and Gracelynn shut her phone off and pulled her phone out and said, “Hey Piper, this took me five minutes to make.” Sybil got up and said under her breath, “I thought you guys were my friends. I wanted to show you the video.” Later, She saw Piper and Gracelynn laughing. “I feel so excluded, I wish they’d want to talk to me. I just want to yell at them and ask them why they don’t include me in things!” She thought.


    On Wednesday, Sybil was texting Axel, and they where talking about Griffin. “I just don’t know, there’s just something about him that’s different from any other guy, I don't know how to explain it.” She said. “Yeah but he's also not a really nice guy either so that is not a good personality trait plus he's a nerd.” Axel replied. “What do you mean he's not very nice, what does he say or do?” She asked. “You can just kinda tell he can be mean sometimes or only kinda cares about himself but it's not like terrible like I know he'll grow out of it eventually but that's just what I kinda see.” He replied. “Ok. See, I always see the good in people and I don't see the bad because I overlook it, especially with boys that I like, because I only want to see what I want to see, and that's not good. But the thing is, even after everyone has told me multiple times how Griffin really is, I still like him in spite of that, I don't know why, but I do. Cause no one is perfect, and there's something about Griffin that I haven't seen in any other guy that I've liked. Is that a bad thing?” She asked. “It's not a bad thing like if you like him that way that’s good cause that means you really care for him but just be careful with him because he might say no again or find out somehow so just be careful.” He replied. “Ok.” She said.


    On Thursday, while Sybil was working, she was talking to Griffin and Trey. She was telling them about how she can kick and punch bellow the waist because she’s short. Griffin whispered something into Trey's ear. Trey started to laugh. “What did you say?” She asked Griffin. “Nothing.” Griffin replied as he laughed. “What is it, what did he say?” She asked Trey. “He said he could punt you.” Trey laughed. Sybil looked Griffin dead in the eyes and held up her fist to mess with him. She walked towards him and he started to back up. Then they all laughed.


     The next day, She told Trey that what Griffin said hurt her feelings. Then later she texted Griffin and said, “Hey so um, I know I didn't say anything yesterday but when you said that you could punt me, that really hurt my feelings.” He replied in no more than 30 seconds, “Sorry I didn't mean to be rude. I am really sorry about that I promise it will never happen again I am really really really sorry. Are we good?” He said. “Yeah.” Sybil said. She told Trey what he said. “ I’ll talk to him.” Trey smiled. When she got home, her and Trey talked on the phone about Griffin. “So basically he said it’s because of your personality.” “Oh, ok.” Sybil said. “I would just give him space and just be friends. And he said he tries to keep it to a bare minimum when he texts you.” Also this stays between us because we might get fired.” Trey replied. Sybil started to cry. “You can cry if you want.” He said. Later Trey sent her everything, him and Griffin said about her. “Hey I wanted to ask if you still like Lacie.” Trey said. “Why and yes.” Griffin replied. “I was just wondering. I mean I want to know if you have someone else in mind right now.” Trey said.” “No, why? We still talk a lot at school.” Griffin replied. “Yeah, it’s just like I think that you would be good with someone else, but that’s just me talking.” Trey said. “Why?” Griffin asked. “I don’t know I just think that there’s someone else that I know that you would be better with, and she has no idea I am talking to you about this. So this is 100% coming from me and again this is just me.” Trey said. “Who is this other person?” Griffin asked. “Now again. I want to make this clear. This is me just being honest with you, ok. But I see the way this other person looks at you and how no matter what you do she still forgives you. I see how she looks forward to being with you and it reminds me of how I am with DeLorey. I can see she likes you but she will also admit that she can’t move on if the other person doesn’t agree and this person is Sybil. She has no involvement with this.” Trey said. “I’m not going with Sybil, sorry.” Griffin replied.


    Later she called Trey again and he said, “Hey so Griffin said he wasn’t the first one to know that you liked him, his parents were the ones who told him.” “What, wow. I’m glad I never talked to his dad when I saw him at the football games. But then again, I kinda wanted to.” When Sybil got to karate, she told her friends about what Griffin said and Gracelynn said, “Umm.” “He’s just apologizing, it’s nothing special.” Margaret said. “This is why I don’t tell you guys things.” Sybil thought.


    On Saturday when she got to work, Sybil saw Griffin. “Hello.” He said. “Hi.” She replied. Then she went to sit down with Trey. A few minutes later, Griffin walked over and said, “Trey you’re taking my headset when you get back.” He then looked at Sybil and said, “You’re also on headset later.” “Oh, that’s cool.” Sybil smiled. Later Griffin walked by and Sybil said, “Hey I forgot to tell you in the text but, I forgive you.” He didn’t say anything but Sybil noticed that he looked relieved. Then he walked away. Sybil went up to the counter to get food and after she ordered, she stood off to the side. She saw Griffin point to her order on the screen and she heard him ask Rosie, “Is Sybil leaving?” “No, I just didn’t want a tray.” Sybil told him. She then thought to herself, “I might be overreacting, but he sounded worried.”


    That night, Sybil and Trey talked on the phone, and for some reason, they talked about dating. She told him that she’d have to finish getting over Griffin first and make sure it’s ok with DeLorey,  because she doesn’t want to break girl code. Then after they got off the phone, Sybil prayed and asked God to speak to her or give her a sign. The next morning at church, Sybil’s pastor talked about relationship goals. Then throughout the day she couldn’t stop thinking about all of it. But the thing is, Trey is Pentecostal and she isn’t. She was thinking about that to. Her and her family went out for lunch and as she sat there, she started to think, “Does my family ever pray together anymore? Do we ever talk about God? I know my parents, my sisters and I do sometimes, but what about the rest of my family? I feel like I need to grow my relationship with God more. I think Trey is right about his beliefs.”


    Sybil asked Trey if he would like to come and watch her at karate. Sybil texted Gracelynn and told her, “Hey so um I'm over Griffin now and um I have a crush on someone else now, he's the other one I told you about, and I invited him to watch me at karate and, since you're my best friend and you're like a sister to me, so if it's ok, I would like you're opinion on him.” But she didn’t get a response. So Trey went, and then afterwards Sybil’s mom asked him if he’d like to come and have dinner with them and he did. Sybil felt so uncomfortable because she was worried that her grandparents and uncle might say something about him being there. Afterwards, when she got home she called him and they talked until he got home.


    Friday night, Sybil and Trey talked for a while. Sybil noticed that when Trey would say something, she would feel a smile come across her face. She enjoys hearing his voice. Saturday morning, Sybil and her family went to The Chicken Palace to get coffee. After they left, Sybil texted Trey and said, “Not to be weird but are you on break? I just came through the drive through.” “No, they don't need me until 11.” He replied. “Ok.” She laughed. “You stalking me?” He asked. “No......” She replied. “Yesssss.” He said. “Maybe...” She responded. “Oh shoot.” He replied. “Yeah I was.” She admitted. They both laughed.


    After they both got off, Sybil called Trey when she got home. It's about 11:45 at night, and tomorrow is Trey’s birthday. Sybil said, “Aww, I won’t be able to tell you happy birthday.” “Just for you, I’ll pull over so you can tell me happy birthday at midnight.” He replied. She knew he was tired, so she said, “Oh, you don’t have to do that. I know you’re tired, so you can just go on home.” “No, it’s ok. I know you want to tell me happy birthday.” He replied. At midnight Sybil said, “Hey guess what? Happy birthday.” “Yo let’s go, I’m 17. Hey you’re the first person to tell me happy birthday.” He laughed. She smiled. “Oh hey, I thought about us dating and I think I’ll ask you this week.” He continued. “Really?” She asked. “Yeah. I’ll just go up to you and be like, let’s date.” He laughed. “I would literally jump into your arms.” She said. “Hey, I’m home now.” He said. “No.” She said sadly. “Yeah.” He sighed. “No.” She said again, sadly. “Bye.” He said. “Bye.” She replied. Sybil was about to hang up but she didn’t want to. “You’re not hanging up.” He said. “You hang up.” She said. “No." He replied. There was a few seconds of silence and no one hung up. “Come on Sybil, I’m tired, I wanna go to bed.” He laughed. “Ok.” She sighed. “Goodnight.” He said. “Goodnight.” She replied. Then she hung up.


    The next day, Sybil was with her mom at the mall and she saw Lacie and she went to tell her hi. After that she walked over to her grandparents and uncle. They saw her talking to Lacie. “What were you doing, talking to a homeless person?” Her grandpa asked. “No. She’s a friend from work.” Sybil replied in a disgusted tone. After they walked into a store, Sybil’s grandpa pointed at some shoes and said, “A couple of those shoes would give you two inches.” Sybil just ignored him and turned around. After that Sybil and her family went to get something to eat. As they were sitting there, Sybil’s cousin Ivory said, “I’m going to give up pop for lent.” “Oh yeah, I forgot about lent. Sybil I have two options for you, give up Trey or electronics?” Sybil’s mother asked. It took not even five seconds for Sybil to choose. “Electronics.” She replied.


    Sybil went to youth group that night with DeLorey and the sermon was about dating. DeLorey and Sybil both looked at each other and laughed. After the sermon, Sybil told DeLorey, “I got my answer. I was asking God for signs about dating Trey, and I got my answer tonight.”


    On March 1st, Sybil was on the phone with Trey. He was messing with her about his decision on whether or not he’s going to date her. He told her that he’s going to tell her then hang up right away, but he also said she can’t call back. So they said bye and Trey asked, “Will you date me?” Then he hung up. Sybil dropped her phone and started to cry. She texted him and said “Yeah!!” “Oh really?” He said. “Yeah!!!” She replied. “I’m actually shaking.” He said. “Me to, and I’m crying also." She said. Then he called her. They talked for a little longer until he had to clock in. The only people that knows they’re dating is, DeLorey, Axel, Kristie, James, and Sybil’s cousin Ivory. Then when they both got off, she sat down with him and laid on his shoulder. She almost fell asleep then Axel walked over and said, “Aww.” She opened her eyes and said, “I almost fell asleep.”


    The next day when Trey picked her up to hug her, she kissed him on his neck and then after they got off, Trey gave her a back massage. The next day after Trey got off, he called Sybil and told her that they rushed into things and that they need a break. After they hung up Sybil started to cry and she called DeLorey and they both agreed that Trey is right. DeLorey told her that she’s praying for both of them. After they got off the phone, Sybil told her sister Beatrix what happened and they hugged for a while. Later that week Sybil and Trey were on good terms and they started to mess with each other again.


    That following week, on Monday night, Sybil rededicated her life back to God. She also asked him to fill her with the Holy Ghost. The next day she told DeLorey and Trey that she rededicated her life back to God and they were happy for her. Then on Wednesday, she was listening to a preaching from Trey’s church and as she was listening, she cried out to God, saying, “I’ve messed up, I’m a failure. I’ve done so many bad things in my life, I don’t deserve your love, but thank you for loving me anyway. I love you so much Jesus.” After she prayed, she continued listening to the sermon. Later she was doing her daily devotions and there was a question that said, “You are an important person to others. Who do you consider the most important person in your life?” She didn’t have to think about it and she wrote, “My best friend Trey is the most important person in my life. He showed me how far away I was from God, and I believe God put him in my life for a reason. I believe God is showing me his love through him. I thank God everyday for putting Trey in my life.” Later, after Trey got off work, he called her and she told him about how she’s been praying to receive the Holy Ghost. He told her that since she’s new to all of it that it will take time. They talked for a little longer then Sybil had to go to karate. Then around 9 ‘o’clock, Trey called her again because she wanted to talk to him some more about all of it. He told her that she just needs to be patient. She agreed with him and told him, “Yeah, you’re right, I do need to be patient, but I really need to work on being patient because I’m not very good at it.” They didn’t talk for to much longer after that. After they hung up, Sybil continued to listen to the sermon.


    On Friday, Sybil talked to Trey for a little over an hour, then after the got off the phone, Sybil told her mom, “Hey, Trey invited me to church and he said it doesn’t have to be this Sunday.” “Oh good, a boy with no time frame.” Her mother laughed. “Oh my gosh.” Sybil replied. Later her mother asked, “Does Trey have Facebook?” “No.” Sybil replied. “They won’t let him?” Her mom asked. “Nope.” Sybil said. “What are they going to do when they figure out about all of this?” Her mom asked. Sybil shrugged. “That’s why it’s good to just be friends.” Her mom said. Sybil didn’t say anything. “Hey when his parents do meet you, they’re going to love you.” Her mom said. Sybil smiled and replied, “I’ve already met his mom and she’s really nice. Then he said if his dad ever comes into The Chicken Palace, he told me to run.” After they arrived at karate, her mom asked, “Did his parents know where he was when he came to watch you at karate?” “No.” She replied.


    While she was at karate, she was talking to her friends about Trey. One of her friends said, “It sounds like he sucks.” Sybil wanted to yell at her and say, “No he doesn’t, he’s one of the best things that’s happened to me. He’s amazing.” The next morning Sybil was standing in the kitchen and her uncle walked over to her and he slapped her butt. “Stop.” Sybil said. He did it again. “Stop.” She said again. “No.” He said. She then texted Trey and told him what happened. After she arrived at work Trey gave her a long hug.


   After she got off, she wasn’t feeling the best mentally. She texted Trey and said, “I don't care, it won't hurt my  feelings, you can tell me to shut up you can tell me not right now, or whatever, because I know you're stressed, but in my opinion you're the best at giving advice. So, I just really don't know what to do, I'm just a kid, I know that anything I say to them won't matter, I also think I've failed my family and I have so much weight on my shoulders that I can't carry, I feel like I'm a disappointment to my family, especially to my grandparents and uncle because it seems like they wish I was average height. And to be honest, I don't feel loved at all.” Trey responded, “Just know I love you. And that I don’t think your a failure. And I think that you are ok no matter how tall you are. Height is just a number. You are special in my eyes but not only that but Gods as well.” Sybil basically cried when she saw his text. “Thank you so much. That makes me feel so much better. You're so amazing. I hope you know that.” She said.


    Later, her parents needed to talk to her about when Trey texted her mother with her phone because her mother said she can’t go to church with Trey. So her mom said, “So when I said no, I meant no.” “No more of this, continuously asking, even through somebody else.” Her dad said. “So that’s one thing. Now the next thing. Giving Trey your phone, under any circumstances, aside from you not being able to breathe and needing help. Is completely unacceptable.” Her mom continued. “Ok so, I just told him that I wasn’t able to go, and he asked if he could talk to you about it and explain it. So I’m like, yeah sure.” Sybil said calmly. “No, that needs to be on his time.” Her mom replied. “And not while you were at work.” Her dad said. “He was off.” Sybil said. “I don’t care, you weren’t. There’s so many red flags here, and it’s very overwhelming, especially for you. But the point is, that you will not be going to church with him any time soon, on a Sunday morning. And anything else such as youth group is going to be highly screened by us, because it’s not our church, and for the reasons I just told you. The other red flag is you kept beating a dead horse after I said no. You should’ve said, my mom said no and she meant it.” Her mom continued. “I mean, I did.” Sybil replied. “You gave him your phone.” Her mom said. “Yeah because he wanted to tell you that his pastor wanted….” Sybil got cut off by her mom when she said, “No means no.” “You don’t give him your phone to text us.” Her dad said. “It’s immature. You acted very immature today. You acted more like a 12 year old.” Her mom continued. “I’m sorry.” Sybil replied. “It’s ok. This does not even include the unprofessionalism about talking about it at work.” Her mom continued. “Yeah.” Sybil agreed. “And again, I am really sorry. I know that was very immature of me.” Sybil continued. “We love you. You’re not in trouble, you’re really not. But at the same time…” Her mom said then her dad continued, “It’s also part of growing up.” “It is. And liking a boy.... So let me tell you why this was unacceptable, what you did by giving him your phone. You just showed him that it’s ok to disrespect our decisions. Does that make sense?” Her mom asked. “Yeah.” Sybil replied. Then that was the end of that conversation.


    The next morning at church, Sybil didn’t feel like she should be there, because she knows that what Trey is telling her about the oneness of God is true. So as she sat there listening to the pastor, she prayed, “God, if you don’t want me to listen to this, please give me a sign.” A few minutes go by and all of a sudden she had to go to the bathroom. So she got up and walked into the bathroom. As she sat in there she prayed again, “Jesus, I know what they’re teaching isn’t right. Thank you for getting me out of there.” Five minutes go by and she thought, “I should go back in there though so my dad doesn’t wonder what’s taking me so long.” So she went back in there and sat down with her dad. Thankfully the sermon was almost over, but in those last few minutes, she knew that the way he was preaching wasn’t right. She wishes she was 18 already so she can move out and go to church with Trey.


    On Tuesday, Sybil thought to herself, “Even if Trey and I don’t get married later in life, I still want him in it no matter what. I just want him to be happy, even if that’s not with me. I hope that his future wife sees how amazing he is and how loving he is. He’s the kindest person I’ve ever met. I see his love for God in every thing he does and I see God working in him. I guess this is me saying I’m letting him go and seeing what God has in store for me. Whether that’s for Trey and I to get married later or just stay friends for the rest of our lives. What ever it is I’m going to be happy either way. Do I still like him? I mean, I more than just like him, I’m willing to wait for him, for as long as it takes, but I’m just putting it into God's hands.”


    On Saturday, Sybil was thinking, “Do I still like Trey? I don’t know. I mean maybe, but I don’t know. I don’t think I do. He's like an older brother to me. I guess I always knew that, but today is when I realized it.” So it’s Sunday and Sybil has been learning more and more about the Oneness of God, and she wants to tell her parents, but she doesn’t know how. She’s afraid that her parents might get mad at her or something. So she decided to write a story about it to hint to her parents without fully telling them because she doesn’t know how they’ll react. She knows that it might be a little weird to tell them this way but she doesn’t know any other way.


    Later that month, Sybil joined the family that Axel, Trey, and James have. Then Sybil texted Axel and said, “Ok, so let me get this straight, Jayda is mine and Trey's mother and James is our father, James is also your father but Fawn is your mother, so that makes us half siblings, then Owen is your wife and that makes him mine and Trey's brother in law.” “Yes.” Axel replied. “And then Trey said his son is Justin, so that makes me his aunt, then Owen said Finn is your guys son, so I'm his aunt as well. Oh and, Owen said he might want a divorce.” Sybil said. “I don't care what Owen said, he will never get out of this relationship.” Axel laughed. “Owen said he's taking your guys kid and signing the divorce papers. And he said he wants 5k a month for child support. And I wonder, if Justin is Trey's son, I wonder who the mom is, it's probably Griffin because you know, him and Trey, well you know. And hear I am, the single aunt.” Sybil replied. “What a family we got, and no Owen is staying with me forever, otherwise he dies.” Axel said. “Man we got a crazy messed up family.” Sybil laughed. “Yeah, but a good one too.” Axel laughed. “Oh hey, Father said you're his favorite.” Sybil said. “Of course, I'm his youngest.” Axel replied. “I thought you were the oldest.” Sybil said. “Well, if were going by the family time, he had you guys with Jayda, then Fawn came along and I'm their first.” Axel replied. “Oh yeah that makes sense.” Sybil said. “See, so that's why I'm the favorite.” Axel laughed. “Oh, your mom came in today, aka my step mom.” Sybil said. “Well you better have given my mom the best service ever.” Axel replied. “Of course I did, and I also talked to her a little bit about the family. I told her that your her biological son and Trey and I are her step kids. And she told me that all of it is cute. Hey you know what I realized, both of my brothers are with guys and somehow I'm the single one.” Sybil said. “Dang, well maybe one day you'll get there.” Axel laughed. “Hopefully. And the funny thing is, I like my brother and I used to like his boyfriend. Well, I might still like him, I don’t know. I'm talking about Trey not Griff.” Sybil replied. “I know, I understand what you’re talking about, but it's okay.” He laughed. “Ok.” Sybil laughed.


    The next day Sybil texted Axel and said, “I told Jayda about the family.” “What does she think?” He asked. “She thinks it’s funny and also Franklin and Vanessa are mine and Trey’s half siblings because they're Jayda’s kids also but they're not James’.” She replied. “I mean I figured that there was something going on with that.” He said. “Yeah, and now Jayda said that Austin is her brother and their mom is Rosie. This family is so big.” She laughed and sent him a picture of the family tree. “Wow I didn't realize how big the family was for real.” He laughed. “I know right.” She replied.


    Wednesday night at karate, Sybil was talking to her friends, Piper and Weston. They were messing with her and Weston called her a midget. “Please don’t call me that. I only allow one person to call me that. I just prefer if no one calls me that except that person.” Sybil said. “Ok.” Weston replied. Sybil continued to explain and then Piper said, “Ok ok, we get it.”


    Trey told Sybil that he doesn’t see them starting a family later in life and Sybil replied, “I agree, I don’t either.” Then later she texted Axel and said, “So Trey talked to me on Friday and he told me he talked to you about him and I. Then he told me the reason that he doesn't see him and I together later is because he doesn't see us starting a family, then he asked me if I see him and I starting a family and I said no, but now that I think about it, the reasons I said no is because he said no, I don’t know what he'd say if I said yes and I didn't have that long to really think about it. But yeah, I do see him and I starting a family later in life, cause I was asking myself, who else would I want to have kids with, who else do I want to spend the rest of my life with, who else do I want to hear talk to my kids about random things, who else do I want to wake up to next to me, and have our kids jump on our bed to wake us up, who else's hand do I want to hold while we worship together at church, who else do I want to read my Bible with and pray with, who else do I want to have 3 in the morning conversations with, who else do I want to see me during all my different moods I have during the day, who else do I want to have literally all my firsts with, who else do I want to see helping our kids when they fall and hurt themselves, who else do I want to see explain to our children why I'm short, who else do I see helping our children with homework. But yeah, there's no other person I see doing all those things besides Trey. I'm sorry that, that is so long.”  “No your all good but yeah I understand Trey is a good guy but I don't know if he's still ready for a relationship because he's in a state where his mind has healed but not enough for him to start dating again but maybe he might get there at some point but he's still kinda hurting.” Axel replied. “Yeah.” She agreed.


    So Sybil decided that it was time to tell her parents that she’s becoming Pentecostal. So she said, “Hey I haven't found a good time to talk to both of you guys at the same time about this and I know something like this probably should be said in person but I just haven't found the time. Anyway, well I don't know where to start. So I'm becoming Pentecostal, and before you guys jump to any conclusions, I still believe in God. I just don’t believe in the trinity any more. Because  I believe God manifested himself and came to earth. And if you think about it, it doesn’t make sense. Like Deuteronomy 6:4-9 says Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: and thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates. Then in Acts 4:12 its says, Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. I've also been listening to preachings and out of every other church we've been to, I haven't been spoken to by God nearly as much as when I do when I listen to the preachings. I also have noticed that the family, including you guys haven't talked about God nearly as much as we should.  But when I listen to those preachings and talk to Trey, it's so much different. He and I talk about God so much. God is basically all he and I ever talk about. So yeah if you guys have any questions I'm more than welcome to answer them.”


    So Trey had mono a few months ago and then in the beginning of April, Sybil asked Trey, “Hey, do you still have mono?” “No, and it actually wasn’t mono, it was something else. Why do you ask?” He replied. “ Well, I want my first kiss over with.” She replied. So, on April 9th, after Sybil and Trey closed, they went out to her car and she kissed him. Then they made out for a bit. “You know, I’m starting to like you again.” He said. “Yeah. Well you know when I said I was over you, I lied.” She replied. “I figured.” He said. “So does that mean we’re dating?” She asked. “Yeah.” He replied. She smiled. Then they continued making out for about 20 minutes.


    Then on Tuesday, Sybil was talking to Trey and they both admitted that they did things that they regret. So they were friends again. After everything that happened, Sybil realized that she was over Trey and decided that she’s going to be a bachelorette for as long as possible and she’s going to continue her new years resolution that she started in January.


    On Thursday night, Sybil felt that God was calling her to tell Trey the one thing she hasn’t told him yet. So she kept praying about it that night, then in the morning, she prayed about it again. While she was working, she prayed about it some more. Then after they both got off, Sybil texted her mom and said, “Hey mom, so um, God has put something on my heart that I feel like I need to do today after I get off. Please don't ask what it is at this point in time. I may tell you when I’m ready. But I feel like I need to stay longer after I get off and if you say no that's ok, I'll come straight home. It's nothing bad.” “I can't argue with that.” She replied. Then she sat down with Trey and Sybil said, Hey so, I need to tell you something that I feel like God has placed on my heart to tell you. But it’s going to be really hard because I remember you telling me that if you ever found out I was like this, you wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore.” “I think I know what it is.” He replied. “Yeah.” She said as she looked at him. “I used to be bi. I’m not anymore, because I know now how wrong it is.” She continued. “I never wanted to date girls, I just found them attractive like I did guys. But again I’m not anymore.” She said. They talked for awhile longer until Sybil’s mom called her. Her mom was really mad because she wasn’t home when she said she would be.


    Later that day, Sybil’s mom was still mad at her and was asking her what she was doing. Then while Sybil was at karate, she texted her mom and said, “Hey so I'm going to tell you what I told him because it seems like you really want to know. And just know I have changed because I’m not that way anymore. So I used to be bi, and again, I’m not now. I just never told you because I didn't know how you'd react. And while I was, I asked God to show me or give me a sign to not be. And then I met Trey, my best friend. God showed me, through him that it was very wrong to be that way and I know that now. I literally have told Trey everything about me and he's told me everything about him. I've gotten closer to God since meeting him because it showed me how far I was from God and that I need to change. And no one is perfect so I know it doesn't seem like I've changed, but I really have.” Then after she got home, she sat down with her mom and her mom said, “I knew it to. And how far in age are you and Gracelynn apart.” “What, you knew that I.” She said but she didn’t finish her sentence because her sisters were in the room. “Yeah.” Her mom replied.


    A few days later, Sybil found out that Trey is going to quit. It broke her heart so much because he’s her best friend. She was in tears for basically three days straight. Then on Saturday, April 30th, it took a lot of convincing by not just her but her grandmother to. But her parents finally let her go to church with Trey.


    A month and a half goes by and Sybil hasn’t seen Trey since she saw him at church. So now Sybil thinks about Trey everyday. He is one of her main thoughts that she has. She also still likes him. Sybil has also been hanging out with her cousin Ivory. She even started vaping with her. She kinda regrets it and she wants to stop but it’s hard. She only does it every now and then but multiple times that day. She also bought herself a phone behind her parents back and she’s had it for a month. She texted Trey a little bit on it and it was good to hear from him. She misses him so much. Trey told her that she needs to tell her parents about her phone and she agreed but she hasn’t said anything yet. He also told her that he wants to tell her parents that he’s sorry for what happened between him and Sybil, on April 9th.


    In mid June, Sybil realized that she doesn’t have feelings for Trey anymore and that being Pentecostal might not be right. She also started to have feelings for someone else that she works with. She had feelings for that person in the past and now that he’s back in her life, the feelings she had for him are coming back. She got to know him more and learned that he is really funny. Also she made a promise to someone that she wouldn’t get obsessive over him like she did every other guy she liked. And she is willing to keep that promise because she doesn’t want to ruin the relationships she has with the person she likes or the person she made the promise to.


    In July, Sybil told DeLorey and her brother Abraham about her cousin Ivory and how much of a bad influence she is on her. They both told her that she should stop hanging out with her and this is how the conversation over text went. “Hey I need advice from both of you. So I was hanging out with two of my cousins, one of my cousin’s boyfriend, and his two friends that are guys. And we were all in one car. My cousin and her boyfriend were in the front, I was in the back with the guys that I don’t know that well and my other cousin was literally in the trunk. Not only all of that everyone except my cousin that was in the trunk and me, were vaping. But yeah I don’t know what to do, like should I stop hanging out with my cousin or what?” Sybil said. “For sure stop hanging out with them. Cut it off at the source.” Abraham replied. “Ok, thank you.” Sybil said. “Yeah very bad influence.” DeLorey said. “Yeah.” Sybil agreed.


    Then on Monday Sybil texted them again and said, “Hey I need some more advice. So how do I tell her no, when she asks me to hang out? Because I have a very hard time saying no to people. I’m just that type of person that is very sensitive and stuff. Like if I say the wrong thing, even if it’s the right thing but someone takes it the wrong way, I feel so bad. I basically don’t like making people mad or making them feel bad because it makes me feel guilty.” “Ask your mom if you can go. She will probably say no for you.” Abraham replied. “Yeah but I’ll still feel bad. And if I try that my mom might ask why and I don’t know how to explain all of that to her and I also use hanging out with my cousin as an excuse to get out of the house because I hate being at home, my parents are always down my back about everything I say and do, my grandparents even agree with me that they’re always down my back. I know I could be overreacting about that but I don’t know. So I really don’t know what to do, I’m just so stressed out with all of it.” Sybil said. “Find someone like a small group leader or a pastor or even your grandparents who you could talk with. You already are doing good texting us. Maybe you just need to do the hard thing and tell your parents everything. I'm sure they will help you. Tell them how you feel (about them and your situation). If you don't want to explain everything to them then let them read the texts you've sent us. I love hearing that you don't want to stay in that bad situation and that you are open about it (even if it's just to us) it's probably not wise to keep things bottled up for long. I'm guessing it only gets worse if you do that.” Abraham replied. “Thank you I really needed to hear that. I will try talking to someone else about all of this.” Sybil said. “Read James  chapter 1 specifically verses 2  through 5.” Abraham replied. “Ok, I will.” Sybil said. And Abraham replied with a smiley face emoji.


    That night, Sybil reflected back on everything that happened in her life and realized that everything she said about Trey, including what she said about wanting a future with him was just because she was obsessed with him. “I’m not ready for a relationship for a very very long time. I also don’t know why I bother liking the person that I like right now, cause he probably doesn’t even like me back. And I mean that’s ok. I also don’t understand why any of this is happening. I don’t understand why I’m not able to tell Ivory no, it should be so simple. I just don’t get why I’m like this, why am I so sensitive, why am I trying to fit in with my cousin and her friends, why can’t I just understand all of this that’s happened through my life and why it happened?” Sybil thought to herself.


    The next morning, Sybil was in the kitchen with her mom and her sister Beatrix walked in and asked, “What’s in the microwave?” “Mom’s breakfast.” Sybil replied. “No, I made it for you Beatrix.” Her mom said. “But Sybil said that it’s yours.” Beatrix replied. “Yeah Sybil says a lot of things. She also said that Trey is the best guy ever.” Her mom said. Sybil wasn’t very happy. “Quit shoving that down my throat. I learned my lesson and I don’t like him anymore. And he’s not the best guy. I don’t even know if I found the best guy for me yet, cause every time I say that the guy I have a crush on is the best guy, it always ends badly. I wish my mom would understand that I learned my lesson and to stop giving me a hard time about it.” Sybil thought.


    On Friday night, Sybil dyed her hair again and also cut it while she was hanging out with her cousin. And when she went to drop her car off at her grandmas house so she could go hang out with her cousin, her grandpa had her come in the house and him and her grandma were asking her about her hair and also saying that Ivory is using her and that she’s Ivory’s guinea pig. Sybil told them that it was her idea and not Ivory’s.


    Then on Sunday, Sybil went with Ivory and they both got new phones on a shared phone plan. Sybil texted DeLorey and Abraham and told them. DeLorey replied, “I thought this phone was not a forever thing, and was only temporary.” “I mean it might be I don’t know. It's just really complicated right now and I'm not sure at the moment whether or not it will be.” Then Abraham responded, “Ok? Can I ask why?” Sybil replied, “I honestly don't know. I just do stupid things for stupid reasons and sometimes I don't even know what those reasons are. I'm just going though so much at the moment and it's so hard to handle. It brings me to tears every time I think about everything that's happened in my life, whether it's something I did, someone else did or something that involved me and someone else. I just have so much trauma that I've gone through and still going through. And it brings me to tears now as I'm texting you because I'm thinking about all the things I've done and I feel like such a failure. And that if I could go back in time and change things I would. I've also had suicidal thoughts in the past but I don't anymore. I just feel like a failure and a disappointment to my family. Sorry that's a lot. I know that's probably not the answer you were looking for but I just tend to open up to people that really trust.” Abraham replied, “I honestly don't know what to say. I will pray though.” “Thank you.” Sybil replied.


    On Monday night, Sybil realized something that she’s been denying to herself. She realized that she was only becoming Pentecostal just so she could be with Trey. She always knew that but she just now admitted it to herself.


    Next Sunday, July 24, Sybil went to church with DeLorey and Abraham. She enjoyed the sermon so much that she wants to go again. Later, she was hanging out with Ivory and she was telling Sybil that she should make a move and tell the person that she likes, she likes him and that guys shouldn’t have to make the first move. Sybil told her that she wants to take things slow because she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship she has with him or anyone else that it would affect. Then Lacie asked if she would like to go to the mall with her. She told her cousin that she wanted to and Ivory was mad, she told her that the job she has is also Sybil’s job as well and that she needs to be there. Sybil said that it’s not her job. Then after she left and picked up Lacie, she told her everything and that she was so thankful that she asked to go to the mall with her because she needed an excuse not to hang out with Ivory. Also DeLorey told Sybil some things about who Sybil likes and how she get when she likes someone. And Sybil agreed with her.


    The next day, Sybil was in a pickle, she was in rough waters with Ivory. She didn’t know what to do so she texted Axel and said, “Hey I need help. So I don’t know if I told you but my cousin got mad at me for hanging out with Lacie the whole day yesterday and then last night she sent me a pic of her and two of our cousins, then she asked today, she was like, so you just don't wanna go to Grammie’s anymore. And she also called me and my grandma but we didn't answer but not because we're ignoring her, but because we didn't know what to say. Then my grandma told me what to say and I texted her and said that I have my sister with me and I hope to come up later today. But the thing is, it's not my job, I'm not employed there, I don't have to be up there every day, I don't have to hang out with my cousin 24/7. (that's over exaggerating, I'm not with her that much) But I don't know what to do, I am crying right now. I'm scared, I'm scared she's gonna yell at me, I'm scared she'll snitch on me about my phone, (which I shouldn't have it anyways but I just don't want anyone to figure it out from her) I think I should pray. But I'm scared, I don’t know what to do. I really don't wanna hang out with my cousin at all anymore but at the same time I don't wanna hurt her feelings because I'm such a sensitive person and I feel so bad if I make someone upset and I just don't wanna ruin things between the person I made upset. And also when I make people upset I start overthinking and think I did something wrong and then I start having anxiety and then it just escalates from there. I don’t know what to do.” Axel to her that it wasn’t her fault.


    She also talked to Lacie and she said, “I don’t know how you’ll be able to avoid making her upset but that’s not your problem, it’s hers. However, you might communicate to her how you’re feeling trapped and tell her specifically that her job isn’t your job.” “Ok, I’ll try.” She replied. “And she also needs to stop guilting you whenever you want to hang out with someone else.” She said. “Yeah.” Sybil agreed.


    Then she texted Abraham and DeLorey and told them exactly what she told Axel and said, “I’m scared. I'm literally having and anxiety attack and I don’t know what to do.” Then Abraham replied, Praying is a good idea. Might as well ask the God of the universe who knows everything, about what you should do next.” “Yeah.” She agreed. “Also saying no to someone doesn't make you wrong all the sudden. If they have a problem with you saying no it might be on their end.” He said. “Yeah I know but I'm just the kind of person that thinks literally everything is my fault, even though I know it's not. And that's why I have so much anxiety, because I'm so sensitive and I let people walk all over me and guilt trip me and let me think it's all my fault. Also sometimes it's hard for me to pray and listen for God. Like I know I shouldn't, but I want to hear God directly but I know there's other ways to hear from him like the Bible.” She said. “Yeah it's very easy for me to text you my answers or another thing to actually do things.” He replied. “Your answers really help though. I just want to thank you, and DeLaney for being there for me, because most people don't usually help me though stuff like this.” She said. “I still think you should just say no when you need to say no and let that be the end. Don't say probably not or I don't think I should, and let it come back up later even stronger, kill it and just say no.” He replied. “Yeah you're right, I should and I will.” She said. “Glad to help.” He replied.


    Later that night she noticed a text from Abraham that she didn’t see until now. He said, “But obviously all that means is we can never be friends ever again. No biggie.” Then she texted him back and said, “Lol not me not noticing until now your text saying we can never be friends again lol.” Then she thought to herself, “Hopefully he’s just messing around.” The next morning she saw she got a text from Abraham saying that he blocked her number. And she started to overthink again and thought, “What did I do? Did I say something? Hopefully he’s just messing around.” Then she got a message from him saying it’s just a joke. “I know lol that's why I sent the laughing emoji. But to be honest, I was a little worried for a sec lol.” She said. Then they both laughed. And she told DeLorey what happened and she said, “Yep, that sounds like Abraham.” And they laughed.


    A few weeks go by and Sybil noticed that she hates it when she’s touched by people. Like randomly. High-fives are ok and hug’s from certain people are ok. But if she’s suddenly touched, it scares her because she’s traumatized from what happened April 9th.


    On Wednesday, she went to youth group with DeLorey and Abraham. Zeke and Dexton, DeLorey and Abraham’s younger brothers were also there. On a side note, Zeke really loves brownies. They all threw colored powder at each other. Zeke threw some at Sybil’s eye and all around her eye turned blue. They both laughed. Afterwards, before they left, as the Milliors were getting in their car, Zeke and Sybil were talking about Harry Potter and Zeke said, “You look like Mad eye Moody with that blue around your eye.” He laughed. “Which one, the real or fake one?” She asked. They continued talking, then a couple seconds later DeLorey shut the door as they were still talking. Sybil laughed as she waved goodbye and then walked to her car. She then texted DeLorey and said, “Wow, how dare you shut that door while I was talking to Zeke lol. Especially since we were talking about Harry Potter lol.” “I was just ready for a shower.” DeLorey laughed. “Ok well that's acceptable lol.” Sybil replied. They continued talking for a bit.


    The past few months have been a roller coaster. Sybil figured out that her grandparents are not the way she thought they were, they’re the best grandparents she could ask for. And it’s actually her mom that’s the one who was making up lies about them. Even about the DCF. So she finally realized all that when she had to go to her grandparents about he schooling. Her parents won’t let her go to the school she wants and she’s so upset about it. Her and her grandparents have talked to an attorney and decided that she would continue doing the school she’s doing now until the end of the semester. Her parents did tell her that if she keeps her grades up she can go to that school for her senior year. So in March she’s going go to her parents and tell them that she’s been doing good in school and ask them to fill out the application. And if they say no, then she’s going to emancipate herself.


    So long story short, the day her life changed is when God put DeLorey back in her life and she’s been going church with her and her family. She’s been growing her relationship with God as well. God has shown Sybil through DeLorey that if she can give DeLorey millions of reasons not to want to be her friend anymore but still stay, then so can God, and that’s exactly what he did when he sent his son Christ Jesus to die in a cross for our sins. So seeing DeLorey do that was a reminder of what God did for her. Sybil will forever be thankful for everything he’s done for her. Two of those are sending Jesus to die for her, and giving her the greatest best friend in the world any one could ask for, DeLorey Millior.




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