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1. “The Fighter’s Letter 2”

1. No man
has the right
to be an amateur in the
matter of physical training. (2.)
It is a shame for a man to
grow old without seeing
the beauty and strength of
which his body is capable.
(3.) For if thy choices are beautiful, so to will ye be beautiful before the LORD of gods,
For He is King- 
Let the Son Of Daughter seek Him,
And the Lord shall chase him. (4.)
Let the prince of tears rest in the presence of the Most High,
Let the king of mothers worship Him
For worthy is the name of Christ!
(5.) May the LORD exalt him,
May the prince praise His glorious splendor
Let the Keeper find him.
Bless His Holy Name for

                    “Greater is His LOVE than wine.”
                  “Greater is He who dwells in thou-      
                “Greater is He to be with you.” (6.)
            “Greater is He who speaks to you-“
        “Greater is He before the angels.”
             “Greater is He before kings.”
    (7.)     “Greater is He before thee-
      “Greater is He before His kingdom!” (8.)
         “Greater is He for He is Jesus!”

(9.) My spirit seeks the Lord,
My soul is desperate- 
For thy Ruach O’ LORD I cry out! (10.)
Longing for thy power,
baptize me Oh my Jesus-
My heart cries out to the GOD of breath.
(11.) Oh Lord, my mind is longing,
Desperate for thee O’ Elohim-
Jesus my Adonai I call to thee;
Melchizedek appear in my midst? (12.)
Oh Precious Lamb of my days,
For thee O’ Lord who was slain
For my life.
(13.) Your holy wounds has healed me,
Your stripes has made me whole; your blood has cleansed me,
present me spotless before thy kingdom-
Lord I call out to thee
I crave the holy will O’ Jehovah? (14.) GOD of my fathers, deliver me into your holiness. (15.) Great is your splendor O’ God of Moses.
(16.) You had delivered your children from the evil one. (17.) When thou has passed away for my sake, you took my insecurities to the cross. (18.) You rose with my heart in your hands for you to forever keep.

 “Peace In The Blood”

(19.) It is easy to fall under grace,
But let not grace pass you for ye shall not harm grace for grace will pass by you, though the blood is over the earth; and in the blood, there is peace, for peace covers the earth in the midst of curses. (20.) Though the blood overshadows all the nations they do not know the blood. (21.)  For if ye don’t know the blood of grace ye will not know peace. (22.)  For all life is in the blood; though He died and gave us His life through His own blood we have life! (23.) Though we bleed His blood and yet not have peace for we do not know the full power of peace for in our being lies peace, and in our hearts lies curses. (24.)  For therefore my friends do not fear the devil for the devil is under our feet for if ye fear him ye have already worshipped him by fear; for if fear is present among you in the midst of malice therefore the son of division has captivated you for the Lord hasn’t granted us fear for if we have fear we will be destroyed, but though the abuser may hurt me, i will prevail not for I have Christ! (25.) Though I may fail, I keep faith that I know faith is my only weapon against fear, so let faith be my weapon against death for if ye doubt ye are dead to faith for God has no pleasure with death, but with faith for faith is the giver of life. (26.) For Christ is our faith!

(27.) Though you have said “We have the Holy Spirit!” (28.) But ye reject him for ye have followed doctrines of demons that appear as light, for idolatry has stricken your heart for ye have become your own gods. (29.) For the Spirit testifies of the Son, for ye have said from thy mouths “ We are from God!”(30.)  But yet the world loves you and ye are of the world for ye are an abomination to Yahweh! (31.) But ye have rejected the Spirit and have turned to antichrists;  for ye have rejected Christ and had yield to your own ways, so may the earth curse you with it’s own curses for you are the cursed one! (32.) But the Lord is not a God of religion for religion has failed us, but He is the eternal and everlasting God of refuge for thine refuge is in the LORD of Christ!  (33.) For Christ is His own Spirit, which ye have rejected; for therefore all sins are forgiven except one, if ye reject the Holy Ghost ye have committed the Greatest Abomination for ye will not be saved nor forgiven from generation to generations to come even in repentance for ye will not repent because it has already been done. For ye are devils to your own selves. (34.) Though your own imaginations were evil, though you will open the doors to evil on the earth, so let your imaginations not be of yourselves yet least ye be gods for GOD shares no authority with no other for He is Yahweh the Omega! (35.) Thou who calls themselves gods shall be cursed! (36.) For ye are devils of false reputation for the nations will cease from you, and the earth will come against you by it’s own divination!

(37.) Be stoic for the Lord is stoic in righteousness, for all wisdom is in the LORD, for He is life. The reality not of your your own knowledge but of Christ! (38.) For philosophy is of the King, for all life was poured out for the kings and the Lord has grant them wisdom by His ‘Spirit -
though if ye walk according to Jesus, as the wisdom of Solomon that he had granted unto him: thou shall be wise, if ye lack knowledge, ask for knowledge not of yourselves and your understandings but according to the Spirit of God, who surpasses all wisdom and understanding but lean not unto your own wisdom for it is vanity, but rely on the wisdom of the Lord for it is as sweet as peaches for out of your belly honey shall speak. 🍯 

“Love Thy Temple “

(39.) Lord, forgive me for I have sinned against this temple,
Thy precious temple of my veins I’ve ached with passion. (40.)
The fires of my heart has burned against me,
Though I am crooked beyond wretched for I (41.) long for holiness but evil that I do-
Lord Jesus, only you are holy beyond me for I am not. Thy temple O’ Jehovah that I seek, inside let thy Spirit reign in me in the midst of myself, for you alone are good and righteous!
My God, you are my Savior, my deliverer, my rock and my fortress. (42.)
(43.) My refuge is in the King. 
Full of mercy thou art to me, true in all your ways. What a perfect God we serve!

(44.) The ancient world He judges,
every ancestor of heathens shall He curse! (45.)
The earth is folly and the moon has dimmed out it’s light from their midst. Though He loves you, ye still transgress-
(46.) Only one sacrifice was made before the foundation of the earth for no other is necessary,
But the heathens sacrifice to the fallen of Belial! (47.)
For they know not their transgressions but choose not the Living God, for Yaweh has came to you but ye blaspheme against his majesty for thou shall you rot before your graves! For His love is jealous and He shares no glory with no other, for ye say we serve the one god but which god do you serve? For you are heathens and only Christ lives, God gives freely without sacrifices for He has gave us His sacrifice for us, but still we are heathens before the earth for every temple is wicked unless ye repent!
(48.) Ye without the Spirit of truth, call ye selves spiritual but follow the ways of Belial and antichrists. For ye care about your own selves though you have not loved your neighbor as thyself, but ye have loved thyself more and your heart has deceived you. (49.)
For not any man is good unless he boasts for he is under judgment by his claims for any man who calls themselves good, let his own filthy rag testify against him for out of his mouth dung he vomits. Which will defile him for he has boasted of himself!

(50.) As I stood outside, in the sun I felt the ministers of God as flowing wind, and I stood I heard a voice cry out in a whisper “Yeshua!” As I heard the angels of God through His Ruach, I’ve heard every spirit cry out His name-
And as I looked in the sky, I saw the promise of God rolled out as carpet beneath His feet. (51.) For His promise was over me and the Word was above me for His blood has wrapped around the sun as a ring of promise, for His promises are over the earth.
 and though His favor was above me,
He had kept his promise for the earth.
(53.) Though let every man boast in their weakness,
For we are not conceited about the gospel of Christ, but we boast in the finished work of his death and resurrection, for ye hypocrites do not boast of your goodness for we are all of dirty soils not one man is good except for Christ! (54.)
For the Son Of God knew no sin.
(55.) And iniquity was not found in him. (56.) For the Lord is innocent in all His ways unblemished, for He was innocent before the earth and was like a child to all nations He was a Prince but a King as of Michelzedek, for Christ appeared in the fire with the 3 Hebrew boys. (57.)
For He was innocent for everything was made innocent through Him and it was good. 
(58.) Though we should be innocent and not conceited, for there is power in our failures though grace will abound in our losses; and though we lose we keep innocent full of courage before the nations. 

(59.) Let the Lord chase you, for we seek, and cannot find. For we look and He hides, but yet as we fail, He arrives! (60.) 
Let thyself go and deny yourself before the Lord, so He can find you where you are. 
(61.)When man don’t care, the Lord chases in our dirt.
(62.) So let the broken mirror stay broken instead of fixing it, but the Lord is repairer of our souls. (63.)
Though we push him away, He comes running towards us, but though we seek, He runs. (64.)
Our brokeness attracts Him.
(65.) The Lord is attracted to the lonely 
And teary hearted,
For He cannot heal what’s already been fixed,
But He fixes what is broken.
For the unlost He cannot find, but the lost He collects.


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