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Up Above


When the day grows dim
When my hope grows thin

There is love
Up above

Where the pain can't reach

Angels singing
Each to each

Fear is not known of
Up above

Above where voices

Above this frightening place

Above the suffering satletlites 
Lost in outer space

I have no throne down here
What I am here isn't much

But like the gold in heaven
I get the Midas touch

Michaelangelo captures not
The beauty of what's caught

In a canvas grand
Of the Master's hand

Sing not proud the waves
That buries 
In watery  graves

This sadness comes
To everyone

Tell sadness I'm not here
It has a short career

Sadness cannot reach you up above

Above the hatred and back biting

Above every lost lost cause

Is a kingdom so exciting
It all must give us pause

The enemy who touches me
He has no power over me

He tries to give me fear

But I'm not really here

Count you lucky
Yes my friends

The end is not the end

There's no end to love
Up above

There's no end to anything
 up above...


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