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Every Time


Every time
There's a line that's
Drawn in the sand

And my nerves
Get on my nerves

They're like
Rubber bands

I hear a sentence
With one verb and noun

The verb is going
And the noun is out

Why is there out?
What is this out about?

Why is it blue
This little light
Of mine?

There's  a place
I can go
When the
Is on

I hear a word 
From you

The fear is gone

That's what happens
It happens
Every time.

Every time
Every time

When I need
To stop on a dime

I get my
10 cents back

It happens
Every time.

I can feel 
All the freezing

That's on my name

The same name
That was placed
In the hall of shame

I've had three strikes

Casey is at bat

You can feel
A certainty
Of the disaster at

Suddenly, there's
A roar coming from the stands

What do you know?

He's knocked
One out of the park.

Every time
I've a need

I just drop
Down to my knees

You can feel the breeze

The storm is
Dying down

In the eye
In the eye

In the middle
Of a disaster
Stopping by

I take it as a sign

I can take my time

It's the bottom line

You're going to 
Come through

Every time.


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    Jan 14, 2024

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