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1. “Prayer For Help”

I am weary in my bones,
weak I lay-
Behind the tents, 
I soak in my tears. (2.) I anoint His feet day and night.
(3.) My offering I bring; Jesus, I am weak in thy presence for I know your grace is sufficient. (4.) My soul cries out to thee?
(5.) I sit in your HOLINESS, in your Might I stood in power and gentleness stood abound. (6.) Romance had blessed the grounds, LOVE and intimacy was there when I came into your presence for your flag over me was Agape. (Songs Of Solomon 2:4)
(7.) I felt His banner as I was in His majesty, 
His blood has claimed me. (8.)  A broken king I was from dirty soils, and wretched places. (9.) I became a prince of tears for He has anointed me over every princess and a ruler over every queen. (Songs Of Solomon 1:1-11)

“Laws Of A Fighter”

(10.) We fight not for power,
We fight not for pride,
We fight for LOVE;
Let your love be the key to all successful dreams. (11.) Let your passions run away with you alone.
(12.)  If I get up, I will stand in the valley.
(13.) If I lay down,
I will lay in the waters. (14.) Keep me encouraged where noon stays; but as the night short as vapor. (15.) My natural self is here as my spirit has tooken a break within my heart I was afflicted.
(16.) For I am weak before His glory,
My heart still trembles in sorrowful fear. (17.)
Let these thorns pass me by, for He has crowned me with afflictions; as thistles are above my head as clouds,
His strength is like Magnolias. (18.) As prickly my crown is, His crown is bigger, He grants me roses. (19.)  As my flesh has been weak, and my soul as tired as a mule; Celibate I lay in peddles as Valentines pray! 🙏 (20.) My love as of mules and chipmunks all ye daughters of rumors of the squirrels, I smell the flowers as a Bambi without his mother dear is afar from me. (20.)

“The Fallen gods”

The Minnoanites of Baal,
And the sacrifices of Molech, for the LORD has socked them down to the lands, for they were detestable before Him, for 90,000 of His angels had fist fights in the heavens, so the LORD has socked them out to the lower deminsions for a grim reaper of a face of a ghost, for the angel of Muerte had came into my room trespassing the presence of God. (21.)  the devil clothed in death as of Lilith, as an incubus and succubus they played roles to suck the energies out of my soul, gripping me paralyzing me in fear- As Jezebel the spirit of Baal, against the LORD of my Lord, the abuser came; as I was like Job as innocent and blameless as I cracked both my reeds.

(22.) Though the Lord has threw them as meteors across the earth; for the ancient beasts of the lands and seas were demolished out, for the earth has cracked and fallen and the mountains were shaken by trumpets, and the nations had split- for the earth was pure,
Though the lands split and life was gone, that wicked and proud cherub was defeated but yet has brought the nations into ruins!

(23.) “The Cries Of Solomon”

 For all sin is the stomach of dung,
for iniquity is found in my heart to purge. (24.)
For before my sins I had little strength toward temptation, by HIS Word was bigger, and His Grace has held me down. (25.) For my tongue has not cursed the Lord and like Job I will be.

(26.) As I cried, I was shutting down beneath His feet; 
He heard my tears. (27.)
For He remembered all my innocence above my sins He has covered over with His LOVE.

(28.) As my flask of tears were heard,
As my heart reached His own innocence; I cried like a child with no speech but from my oceans, He walked over and rescued me out of my watery tomb.

2 .
“The Light”

(1.) I’ve been saddened that I haven’t tooken communion as the Eucharist was not against me, there was transformation all around me. (2.) Above my wreaths of my dome I felt a tingle of my crown as the LIGHT has stepped in; while Christ was there for me while I have not decided to cheat Him, but give graciously to Him my life and my body I’ve decided to present as a vessel unto the King.(3.) But still the Eucharist was not against me, 
neither I against His blood and body but I remembered Him within my heart as I cried for I knew my deeds before Him; yet a good God He remains for me for His heart is not against me. (4.) But, I will not hide nothing from Him for He knew me from my tender years of my ways I live now, as Yeshua the light stepped; He gave all of us Himself for the Word of the LORD is unto us a tunnel and at the end Jesus will greet the dead in His name. (5.) For Christ is the ‘LIGHT’ for every soul who dies in righteousness, for every soul that ho dies prematurely will finish His will on earth then pass through Christ to the FATHER. (6.) For those who died prematurely of the world, shall be in the world as Lucifer is the god over them. (7.) For they were enemies to God that they loved only the earth, as ‘Sheol’ is the waiting judgment for the cursed souls until the Holy Judge comes; He will sift the goats from the sheep and throw them into fiery furnace in a lost place of sadists. (8.) But not attend to spirits who bring worship unto themselves, for they angels of the fallen who comes to decieve and make ye gods to yourselves.
(9.) Attend to the true spirits who brings worship to the Lamb and speaks of the Lamb, for He has come in the flesh. (10.) 

“The Anguish Of Iniquity”

I have died in guilt, 
My soul is heavy of thorns
My heart bleeds in agony; I am swallowed of sorrow I miss Him when He spoke,
No words poured from my veins;
The Lord’s grace still abounds but still my ways are astray and my heart has ran away. (11.)  Jesus, I give you all my weaknesses and my flaws, mold them and shape them as lilies before your altar. (12.) As I leave them there, takes these thorns that I have and keep them for your LOVE for your LOVE is gentle in my place. (13.) 

(14.) I am not happy for I am afar from you, but you keep near to me. (15.) I heard you in distress in frustration when you yelled out my name in my dome,
As these withered flowers beneath my feet-
My sins anguish me day and night. (16.) Please forgive me for myself O’ Lord and have mercy on a sinful sultan I am, 
a sinful prince.
(17.) Let your grace be an over shadow of my flaws, for your heart and your love is not separated from me; let not my flaws and my imperfections separate thy favor from me O’ God Of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, though Yeshuah I beg forgiveness; of my ways and for my future iniquity I repent! (18.) I am accountable for everything I do but, let your grace and your favor follow me as babies and little cherubim you kept for me.



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