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A one piece ski suit womens, also called a “freedom suit”, has again become an “in '' thing for skiers’ on-slopes fashion. These suits cover their arms, legs and entire torso. They usually have one zipper down the front line. Sometimes, two zippers are accommodated along the same front line of the suits. A few times, they have a clap with button or Velcro for closing and often flaunt off a belt at the waist.

Fashion & Revival

During the 80s, one-piece ski suits became a massive hit among the skiers. With the passage of time, they went out of fashion and until a few years ago, only skiers aged more than 55 used to wear it. You can still spot a few old timers in the same one-piece suit bought back during the 80’s era.

Most interestingly, these suits are not about “all white”. They were available in a variety of bright colours such as, green, pink, purple and many more. With years rolling away, these one-piece suits became unfashionable and came to be a favourite only with old-school skiers. And then revival started. Some rebellious fashionistas were hell-bent on bringing the old-school craze back to the slopes and it worked.

Hard-core snowboarders were at the forefront of mainstreaming the one-piece suits once again, with support from free skiers later poured in.  The skiers, with ‘who cares’ attitude, have won and the womens all in one suits are back in style.

These days, you can see a large number of both snowboarders and skiers looking chic and cool in these one-piece suits. These new suits are way different from their old-school counterparts from the 80s era. The modern-day varieties are loose-fitting. These can now boast of a completely different user profile.

Fashionable skiers and snowboarders now think it is cool to look uncool as long as they feel comfortable in their suits. There are some serious benefits of these one-piece things. Let us talk about that.

Benefits of One-Piece Suits
Warmer: In it, you can avoid exposing your mid rift to harsh elements while skiing down the slopes or doing aerial acrobats. They keep you warmer than a two piece thing (a jacket and pants). The top-to-toe singular dresses help every part of your body keep each other warm.

Good Value: These suits don’t feel cool on your pocket. However, you have a gamut of brands to take your pick from. And if you prioritise quality, which you must to protect yourself in sub-zero temperatures, these suits guarantee good value for your money.


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