“Twinkle Little Try” Read Count : 60

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Sub Category : Romance
Walking in these dark streets,again. did it past middle night already?,i’m not sure. All i know that i wana go bed badly!’
*Sia,had just finished her part time job at a bar,its hard to say but,shes struggling throw the life and trying her best,In the end,they kicked her ass off from the orphanage immediately after she turned eighteen. Why did no one adopt her?,she thought she suck at luck.*

*she had to struggle to just find a part time job,her luck was enough to get kicked from every single luck. Shes happy enough yo find a good bar to work at comfortably so she can rent a money to ho to college.*

*however,It was a Friday night,the street was completly silent as the night was dark without any stars,Sia was walking while holding her coat tight feeling the cold brushing over her skin under that unworthy coat.*

 ‘I should’ve asked for tips.. it cold on here! I even stepped on a dog’s pee! This day shouldn’t be less worse day.’
*Sia thought while she tries to walk faster wanting to gett home fast.*

*as she keeps walking,suddenly she stops her trucks as she past by a back abandoned alley*

‘No no,Sia,you must be dreaming!’
*she thought to herself as she kept walking taking a few steps forward,but no,she stops again and turns back to glance at the alley again,shes not dreaming,ITS REAL!*

*it was a man,laying on the floor resting his back against the cold wall,a strong blood smell,the man had his hand on hid stomach while had blood pouring from it,he’s defeintly wonded.*



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