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I keep praying, what is wrong with me?
Always letting go of things, first to apologize.
The pattern bleeds;
now all I want is a different symphony...

Working to a better place;
mind full of work to do.
Bring forth a collapse;
can't stand this thing I was taught to be.

Yeah, yeah, yeahhh,
can't you see??
The skill they say;
that's your heart you see...

Lining it down, let the words agree;
fight like you want it.
Be what you know you are;
what you know you can be.

Feel your pieces;
the charbroiled;
the blistered;
the fractured...

Reach inside the mind;
don't run from the fray.
Rewind, rewind, rewind;
because you have to, to find your fractured;
something not horrible,
to hold hope in pieces, in your hands again.

- theghostlypoet


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