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Yeah I know, I gotta go. Let off like a hose they forgot to change modes. Leave it in nodes, anecdotes, every last note. Break it all down, let it deep in the bones. You ain't too far gone, you've been dangling from ropes... 

Be limber, be swift;
and I don't mean quick.
Mindful and kindness, drink it down fast.
Courage up, the Bourbon needs a lick.

Milking it lickity split;
Looking to where the next paychecks at;
not stressing about demons keeping rent. 

Yeah, pitch a tent;
watch the show, make a dent.
I don't wanna front;
so take it in deep, 
soak in every one...
I'm not keeping my broken ass crown,
I'm reforging it, with high hopes for a win.

- theghostlypoet


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